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Apr. 11, 2013

MexiPass International Insurance Services, LLC

MexiPass is the leading MGA, Underwriting Manager & Risk Management Solutions provider for risks of American entities in Mexico.


Is it time for airport security to come full circle?
The Huffington Post
Airport security is devolving before our eyes. The latest slip is the TSA's surprise announcement that it would allow pocket knives to be carried on to a plane starting April 25. TSA says a committee reviewed its prohibited items list "based on an overall risk-based security approach" and decided the knives, as well as selected sports equipment such as ski poles and golf clubs, could be carried on board. This is as good a time to any to ask where this is all heading, and whether the last decade has done little more than make us feel better about aviation security.
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Top 10 loss control tips for 2013: Hazard awareness
By Dennis Truitt
When it comes to a specific plant or facility, we need to recognize that conditions are now subject to change — and so should your safety program. With that knowledge, we need to adjust our actions and communicate accordingly, with regards to Hazcom and Process Safety Management. Be cognizant of subjective criteria like work history, written policies and past performance that will vary based on the site or the plant's requirements.
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Industry Pulse: Does your facility have clearly posted warning signs and symbols?

Previous Industry Pulse: Does your company feature warning labels for potential falls and slips?

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Experts predict a bumper year for cat bonds
The Royal Gazette
The catastrophe bond market is set to have a bumper year in 2013 say experts with Bermuda at the forefront of the insurance-linked securities industry. According to an article in trade publication Intelligent Insurer, a strong cat bond issuance supported by high demand is already boosting the market in a year when very few bonds will mature.
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  LWG Consulting

Forensic Scientists & Engineers

Offices located worldwide


Managing the risks of social media
The benefits of social media to a business are far reaching in their scope. Social media presents businesses with an effective marketing tool and potential to promote brand awareness in a way that is likely to be cheaper and more accessible than traditional marketing methods. It can be an important communication channel that allows businesses to share information, both internally with employees and externally with consumers and for recruitment purposes. However, all these attractions also pose significant risks. Businesses are faced with managing two strands of social media-related risks — the online persona of the business itself and the use of social media by the employees of the business.
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3 steps to a compliance risk management approach (ebizQ)
Crisis management teams: None of us is as smart as all of us (Business 2 Community)
Risks involved in adopting BYOD (CloudTweaks)
The litigation and risk-management concerns meaningful use triggers (Government Health IT)

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Reduce Your Electrical Safety Risk

AVO® Training Institute, a Megger® subsidiary, celebrates its 50th year keeping people safe from electrical hazards. From equipment application and maintenance procedures to safe work practices, arc flash hazard analysis and engineering services; AVO is the complete one-stop-shop learning center. Our difference is our hands-on approach to safety training. MORE
Pharmacy Benefit Management

IPS has a comprehensive suite of PBM services structured to provide the highest quality prescription health services at cost containment prices while streamlining and simplifying the claims management process for adjusters. IPS also provides ancillary healthcare services to injured workers and policyholders in need of durable medical equipment and supplies, home healthcare, home therapy including physical, occupational, and speech, and transportation and language services through a single touch point. MORE
VRC - SIU Professional Services

Veracity Research Co. Investigations Special Investigations Unit (SIU) protects the interests of our clients and their insured. We are dedicated to the education, detection & prevention of exaggerated and fraudulent activities. As your SIU we are committed to providing a comprehensive investigation on every referral ensuring that we validate and verify, while exploring all leads. We are here to answer your questions and to ensure that our investigations enhance the claim adjusting process & resolution. MORE

Businesses should stay out of politically-driven boycotts
Politics get in the way of many things, and many a business have fallen foul of worsening relationships between governments. When these issues crop up, however, businesses should steer clear and not pick a side in order to bounce back quickly once political tensions dissipate. Such boycotts will negatively impact the sales and revenues of affected companies, but the main risk will be damage to their reputation.
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Spreadsheet risk and the threat of cyberattacks in finance
The Guardian
Spreadsheets. They must rank as one of the least discussed, yet most important issues in financial risk for big organizations. The simple truth is that spreadsheets remain at the very heart of modern businesses and financial services institutions. It is unsurprising to find financial institutions running hundreds of thousands, millions even, of active spreadsheets, and why? Because they are flexible, easy to use and practical. This dependence on spreadsheets, however, comes with risks — significant risks that key financial regulators are focusing on.
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SRM Is Your Global Recovery Partner

ServiceMaster Recovery Management is your single source solution for disaster readiness and rapid response. We are always ready. Now you can be too. MORE
INFORM - RMIS Reporting and Intake

INFORM offering RMIS, Claim Predictive Modeling, Claim/Incident Management, Litigation, Claim Audit, Policy/Exposure Management, Certificate of Insurance Tracking, OSHA, Loss Prevention, Safety Surveys, RIMS Booth #635

Emerging market bonds on the rise
Interactive Investor
The higher the yield, the higher the risk. This is, and always will be, an investment maxim you ignore at your peril. Just ask anyone who recently bought shares in insurers RSA Insurance Group or Aviva, for example, lured by what turned out to be a mirage of maintained dividends. It is said that investment fashions come and go, but general truths endure. However, perceived wisdom is being cast aside as more and more investors face up to the reality of relentless economic progress in the developing world — and dangerous leverage in the developed.
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What's one of the biggest risks to business? People of course
HR Magazine
Enterprise risk management. It's the type of phrase that is guaranteed to send an average HR director to sleep. But it's time to set the alarm bell, for HR cannot ignore enterprise risk management any longer. You see, ERM, as it's known, is all about identifying potential risk and prioritising it. And what's one of the biggest risks to business? People, of course. So why is human capital risk so low down the list when managing risk effectively in business?
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Find your weakest link
Supply Management
As businesses pursue new and rewarding strategies designed to increase efficiency, so the vulnerability of their supply chains increases. But are they doing enough to identify and manage these risks or are they simply paying lip service to their obligations, without taking the correct steps to protect and enhance profitability?

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Opportunities are the same as threats
By Dr. David Hillson
International risk standards and guidelines define risk as a double-sided concept. This includes the possibility of both upside and downside risks, with either positive or negative effects on the achievement of objectives. We use the word "opportunity" to describe an upside risk with positive impacts, and "threat" is used for downside risks with negative consequences.

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Top 10 loss control tips for 2013: Slips, trips and falls
By Dennis Truitt
While we all try to plan ahead, slips, trips and falls are often very difficult to foresee. In fact, they are so prevalent you do not even need to be in the industrial, chemical or process-driven work environments to see incidents in this category. The most common cause of fatalities in the home is directly related to falls — which illustrates the concern that slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere.

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3 ways to complement your supply chain lean initiatives
Business 2 Community
Lean practices require examination of every process in the supply chain and identifying areas that are using unnecessary resources, which can be measured in dollars, time or raw materials. With a lean strategy, inventories are low and replenishment is done more often thereby reducing waste and making sure that operations are streamlined and efficient. However, there are risks to this approach – any glitch in replenishment can cause production lines to stop. Therefore, it is important to consider strategies and ideas that complement the lean approach.
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Beef up your cyber security
When it comes to cyber security, small businesses risk losing not only their own data, but jeopardizing their partners' data, too. Hackers are now targeting small businesses as the weakest links in larger supply chains, raising the stakes for any small company that gets breached.
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Challenges facing the infrastructure market
The Economic Voice
Due to the long term/international nature of private infrastructure investing there are a number of challenges within the infrastructure market facing investors today. One challenge that faces the sector is rising asset prices, especially for core brownfield assets. A second challenge is the divergence in expectations of returns that core brownfield infrastructure will provide to a portfolio. Thirdly, regulatory risk is also alive and well in the sector.
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