The Intersect
May 4, 2010

Pew Report: Department of Defense embracing clean energy
The U.S. Department of Defense has initiated ambitious programs to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut global warming pollution by enhancing energy efficiency and harnessing clean energy technologies, according to a new report by The Pew Charitable Trusts. "Reenergizing America's Defense," describes the goal of the US military-whose usage accounts for nearly 80 percent of the government's energy consumption-to produce or procure 25 percent of its electric energy needs from renewable sources by 2025.More

End of missile program may force littoral combat ship overhaul
Navy Times
An Army plan to cancel an over-budget, poorly performing missile would cost the Navy's littoral combat ship one of its main weapons, leaving the surface fleet scrambling for something to take its place. Top Army acquisition officials want to cancel the Non-Line-Of-Sight missile, a small, short-range surface-to-surface weapon that was planned for use by soldiers on land and the LCS at sea. The missiles are too expensive and missed several targets in early tests, so the Army wants to cut its losses and has asked the Pentagon to kill the program.More

Coast Guard will start burning some Gulf slick oil
The Associated Press via Las Vegas Sun
Racing against a threat to environmentally sensitive marshlands, authorities planned to begin burning some of the thickest oil from a rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana. Petty Officer 2nd Class Prentice Danner says fire-resistant containment booms will be used to corral some of the thickest oil on the water's surface, which will then be ignited. It was unclear how large an area would be set on fire or how far from shore the first fire would be set.More

4 bases considered for unmanned aerial vehicle training
Air Force Times
Four bases are in the running to host five new squadrons of airmen who operate unmanned aerial vehicles. On the list: Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D.; Langley Air Force Base, Va.; Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho; and Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. Factors considered in choosing the bases included mission requirements, communications infrastructure, reserve component recruiting, facilities, support capacity, timing and cost.More

Naval Academy superintendent nominee has wide experience
The Baltimore Sun
Rear Adm. Michael H. Miller, the president's nominee to be the U.S. Naval Academy's next superintendent, flew combat missions into Libya, led aircraft carrier groups to the Persian Gulf and worked four years in the White House before taking his current job as the Navy's chief of legislative affairs.More

FEMA administrator visits AF Reserve Hurricane Hunters
Air Force Reserve Command
Craig Fugate, Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, visited Reservists of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron April 29, to address hurricane preparedness as the June 1 storm season approaches. Response by emergency management services, such as FEMA, is directly affected by the weather data the Hurricane Hunters collect to increase forecasting accuracy, said Fugate.More

Improvements to discontinued Humvees may last another 20 years
National Defense Magazine
The darling of the infantry, the 25-year-old humvee, increasingly is being relegated to sitting in motor pools inside forward operating bases because its flat-bottom crew compartment is vulnerable to roadside bombs. But with a replacement truck still years away, Army and Marine Corps officials are planning to upgrade the humvee fleet — particularly its armor protection — so it can stay in service for another 20 years.More

National Guard (In Federal Status) and Reserve activated as of April 27, 2010
U.S. Department of Defense
This week the Army, Navy and Marine Corps announced a decrease in activated reservists, while the Air Force and Coast Guard announced an increase. The net collective result is 473 fewer reservists activated than last week. At any given time, services may activate some units and individuals while deactivating others, making it possible for these figures to either increase or decrease.More