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Due to a technical issue, last week's edition of TESOL English Language Bulletin was incomplete. Because the information presented in each edition is timely and important to TESOL members, please click here to view last week's edition. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Returning Peace Corps volunteers celebrate Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary
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On the occasion of the Peace Corps's 50th Anniversary, returning Peace Corp volunteers, or RCPVs, as they call themselves, remember their service in a TESOL Blog post hosted by Professional Development Manager Sarah Sahr. These RCPVs are also TESOL members, and many recall how the Peace Corps gave them their first teaching gig, which led them to careers in English language teaching. More

TESOL seeks convention volunteers, Convention Program Chair
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Sign up to volunteer at the 2012 convention and you could save on the registration fee. Deadline for applications is March 18. For more information, contact Debbie Ousey.

Would you like to be considered for the Convention Program Chair, 2014 TESOL International Convention in Portland? The CPC, who is a member of TESOL, works with the Convention Committee to assemble a dynamic, well-balanced academic program for TESOL's annual convention. The individual will serve as the incoming CPC on the three-member Convention Committee with the current CPC and the past CPC. The position entails a three-year commitment. For more information, please read the Open Call for the 2014 TESOL Annual Convention Program Chair.

TESOL International Association comments on draft of ESEA
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TESOL has submitted comments to the leadership of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on its recent draft of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. To read the full text of TESOL's comments, please visit TESOL's Web site. More

TESOL Core Certificate Program accepting applications
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The TESOL Core Certificate Program offers 130 hours of online training in the theory and practice of English language teaching. No prior training or experience is necessary. If you would like to participate, however, you must act quickly. Applications are due Monday, Oct. 31. For more information, please contact More

280,000 nationwide teaching jobs in danger following Senate vote
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The Senate blocked a part of President Barack Obama's jobs plan that would have provided $30 billion to retain and hire new teachers. The Senate voted 50-50 to bring the bill to the Senate floor — 10 votes shy of the 60 needed to stop a filibuster. The defeated part of the legislation was designed to protect the jobs of some 280,000 K-12 educators who were in danger of being laid off and to hire new teachers, especially those teaching science, technology, engineering and math, according to a White House press release. More

ELL programs get overhaul in New York and Los Angeles
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Acknowledging that they are not meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of students learning to speak English, the nation's two largest school systems announced plans to improve instruction and services for English language learners. Pressed by federal and state officials, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the New York City Department of Education will adopt broad changes to their programs and services for students learning English. More

MATESOL degree in One Year!

Commonly cited as one of the top programs in the country for preparing language educators, the Monterey Institute offers an Advanced Entry MATESOL degree.

In Miami, school aims for 'biliterate' education
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VideoBrief In the fall of 1963, in the throes of the Cold War, Coral Way Elementary in Miami took in the children of political refugees fleeing Fidel Castro's Cuba. The goal was not just to teach them English, but to make sure they remained fluent in Spanish and held on to their culture. Cuban-Americans thrived in Miami, and so did Coral Way's bilingual immersion model. More

Rejuvenating Malaysia via English
The Malaysia Star    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Malaysia: The pleas for the teaching, learning and use of the English language must not be made into an issue when it is done in the interest of our future generation and for the sake of our nation's progress and its future well-being. As we strive to achieve Vision 2020, it is essential for us to adopt a practical and open-minded approach towards any language that can contribute to the nation's progress while remaining firm and steadfast in ensuring that Bahasa Melayu is the country's official and national language. More

Accessible Content for English Learners

Science, Social Studies, and Math resources at the right levels for ELs in Grades 3-8+. Engaging material develops academic vocabulary and content understanding.
Free sampler.

Prime Minister: Mastering more than 2 languages will not affect identity
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Malaysia: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak suggested that students of higher learning institutions continue dignifying Bahasa Melayu and strengthening the English Language without adversely affecting their identity as Malaysians. The Prime Minister said the mastery of two languages such as Bahasa Melayu and the English Language was important so that they could compete in the world of globalization. "Every individual should have an edge by speaking proficiently in two languages. How good it is, indeed, if they have the ability to master three languages such as Mandarin or Japanese because this will become an asset.” More

Nearly half of states link teacher evaluations to tests
The Wall Street Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Nearly two-thirds of states have overhauled policies in the last two years to tighten oversight of teachers, using techniques including tying teacher evaluations to student test scores, linking their pay to performance or making it tougher to earn tenure, according to a report issued. At least 23 states and the District of Columbia now evaluate public-school teachers in part by student standardized tests, while 14 allow districts to use this data to dismiss ineffective teachers, according to the report from the National Council on Teacher Quality, an advocacy group. Eleven of these states use the test-score evaluations to decide if teachers get tenure, the report said. More

English language experts to be engaged for Chinese independent schools
The Borneo Post    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
China: There are plans in the pipeline to engage English language experts for Chinese independent schools to help elevate the standard of English. Sarawak United Association of Private Chinese School Management Board president Temenggong Vincent Lau Lee Ming said they are mulling such an option to complement the existing effort to strengthen the use of English in Chinese independent schools. "We are definitely looking into the possibility of engaging foreign English Language teachers, similar to that of government or aided schools for Chinese independent schools to make students more conversant in the international language." More

California study: Kindergartners may be wrongly identified as English learners
The Santa Cruz Sentinel via San Jose Mercury News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
In 2010, more than 1,200 kindergartners in Pajaro Valley, Calif., schools were tested for their skills in English. Nearly all were classified English learners. A new study by UC Berkeley researchers calls the results into question. The state-mandated California English Language Development Test is so challenging, researchers say, that too many California children are being labeled as English learners more because of a lack of maturity than language skills. More

Exciting Career Opportunities at ELS

ESL teaching and administration career opportunities available at many of our 55+ centers located throughout the USA and Canada (50 located on university campuses). 

Parents: Hispanic kids being bullied in law's wake
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It was just another schoolyard basketball game until a group of Hispanic seventh-graders defeated a group of boys from Alabama. The reaction was immediate, according to the Mexican mother of one of the winners, and rooted in the state's new law on illegal immigration. Spanish-speaking parents say their children are facing more bullying and taunts at school since Alabama's tough crackdown on illegal immigration took effect in September. More

Researcher: Texas schools fail English-limited Hispanics
The Monitor    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
Texas State University researcher Omar López has uncovered what he calls a systemic injustice that English-limited students face in Texas public high schools every day. Educators across the state deprive thousands of Hispanic English language learners of any chance to beat the odds and graduate on time, López revealed at the Texas Association of Bilingual Education's conference. And he released data chronicling a long-known overrepresentation of Hispanic ELLs in special education classes and a vast underrepresentation in gifted and talented, or GT, programs. More

Most Confusing ESL Academic Words

Lie vs. lay? Who vs. which vs. that? These are the Top 20 Most Frequently Confused Academic Vocabulary Words.

Study: Student progress can be tied to teacher education
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The academic progress of public school students can be traced, in part, to where their teachers went to college, according to new research by the University of Washington Center for Education Data & Research. But the center's director, Dan Goldhaber, cautioned that the study is just a first step toward determining what kind of training — not where the training occurred — best prepares teachers for excellence in the classroom. Even so, it's the kind of information U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan would like every school to have access to, and that's why he recently announced a new program to use federal dollars to pay for similar research. More

English-learning students far behind under English-only methods
The Hechinger Report via The Huffington Post    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The end of the school day in Patty Sanchez's kindergarten class at Geddes Elementary School is not so different from other kindergarten classes around the state. Children gather on a rug as Sanchez holds up a storybook about a coyote and a turtle and reads out loud. What's different is that Sanchez is reading in Spanish. Nearly all of the children in the room are Hispanic, and many are English-language learners. The few who are new to Spanish are expected to follow along with the story, too, and respond in Spanish to Sanchez's questions. More

Spanish-speaking K-2 Reading Assessment

Fountas & Pinnell's Sistema de evaluación de la lectura is the new one-on-one assessment featuring culturally-authentic materials for the K-2 Spanish-speaking reader.

English language teachers and professionalism
AmmonNews    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Jordan: It is easy for anyone to develop good visions, missions and goals, but it is difficult to put objectives into practice within many teaching and learning organizations. The best way of improving the situation is to ensure that the professional development programs leading to the improvement of teaching and learning in the classroom. Thus classroom and research are the tools, which can be used to improve ideas that can consequently improve our practices and they can bridge the gap between theory and practice. Improving our ideas means that we improve our self professionally because thinking and reflecting our practices leads to improving our self professionally. More

A case for using social media with learning
KQED    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
We are witnessing the emergence of something profound: Humans, historically divided by geography, culture and creed, are beginning to connect and collaborate on a scale never seen before. The driving force behind this creative wave are digital tools and networks that allow new forms of collaboration and knowledge creation. What starts out as social networking is evolving into social production. We’ve witnessed how self-organizing groups, leveraging social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia, have launched revolutions throughout the Arab world and created the most important reference work in the English language in less than 10 years. More

Is gaming the new essential literacy?
KQED    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
"When people learn to play video games," said James Paul Gee, "they are learning a new literacy." This is one of the reason kids love playing them: They are learning a new interactive language that grants them access to virtual worlds that are filled with intrigue, engagement and meaningful challenges. And one that feels more congruent with the nature and trajectory of today's world. As our commerce and culture migrates further into this emerging digital ecosystem it becomes more critical that we develop digital literacy, of which video games inhabit a large portion. More

SpeakingPal: An English tutor on your iPad
USA Today    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The best way to master a new language is through continuous practice, experts say, and a new app aims to help you improve skills through role-playing sessions and feedback. Called SpeakingPal, the app consists of multiple bit-sized video scenarios you can watch and repeat with the onscreen text, and are given immediate feedback based on how clearly you repeat each phrase. Consider it a tutor for your touch-screen tablet or other device, such as iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphones. More

Reading Level Gains Guaranteed!

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Surveys for Conversation

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On Our Way to English K-5

On Our Way to English
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Classes are available online, on-site or on-campus.

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