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In this age of positive technological disruption, digital, social, and mobile systems have transformed the market landscape. Laguna College of Art and Design's (LCAD) distinctive MFA program in Art of Game Design is designed to outpace these market trends by connecting your ideas with diversified teams across varied technologies. Today, the power of game engines is harnessed to improve performance in a variety of fields; so, to whichever field you apply your skills, our program will provide you the leadership and the tools to cross platforms, to transcend technologies, and to achieve your professional goals. And to ensure that your efforts yield the most meaningful and most in-demand outcomes, our supportive faculty members are industry leaders who are selected for their passion to teach skills that are applicable to and desired in an array of professional fields.


The application deadline for LCAD's MFA program in Art of Game Design is March 01, 2018. Portfolio reviews begin November 2017. Merit Scholarships will be awarded to the first 10 applicants. We are offering a $1,500 Enrollment Grant for 2018-19 to new and accepted MFA in Art of Game Design students who deposit by February 1, 2018.