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Make it better
with Purolite.

Purolite ion exchange and adsorbent resins
remove undesirable—even harmful—compounds.



Everything, from the water and beverages we drink,
to the food we eat, is made better with Purolite.



  Improve Safety

Removing regulated and emerging contaminants in drinking water keeps people safe and boosts confidence in the community. Purolite has resins to remove harmful compounds from drinking water— including PFOA and PFOS.

Purofine® PFA694E resin gets levels of perfluoroalkyl substances in municipal water systems down to non-detect levels. Compared to carbon, Purofine® PFA694E reduces capital costs and empty bed contact time. It can also be used in commercial and industrial POU/POE systems.
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  Improve Taste

Purolite ion exchange and adsorbent resins remove odor, color, bitterness and toxins from beverages and foods—improving the quality of coffee, beer, wine, tea, juice, cheese, sugars and sweeteners.

Talk to us about removing unwanted compounds in food & beverage production so that everything you spend time making tastes even more delicious.
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Purolite is the leading manufacturer of ion exchange,
catalyst, adsorbent, and specialty resins. Industries
served include food & beverage, industrial, commercial
and municipal water, and many others.

Questions? To speak with your local representative
call 1-800-343-1500.

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