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NEXCOM cellphone policy

Personal cellular telephones/smartphones use restrictions:
  1. In the interest of Premier Customer Service and data security, cashiers are not permitted to have their personal cellphones/smartphones out or on their person when operating a register. These same restrictions should apply to cash cage office associates and all other associates, as determined locally, who may have access to customer PII or credit/debit card account numbers. We are taking this action to alleviate any customer concern or perception that their Personally Identifiable Information or credit/debit card account numbers could be compromised.
  2. We already take IT hardware and software security measures to minimize the threat of a breach or compromise of this data but we also need to strengthen other potential areas that could increase our vulnerability. Personal cellular telephones/smartphones may appear innocuous but could be used as hand-held skimmers.
  3. During work hours the use of personal cellphones/smartphones is permissible when on a break in the break room or outside. Under no circumstances should associates be using personal cellular telephones/smartphones on the sales floor or in other customer contact spaces. This applies to voice, text, games, etc. The same applies to our vendors who provide sale floor/merchandising assistance. Vendor personal and or business calls should be conducted away from customer spaces/view.
  4. Associates should provide family members an NEX emergency contact number to use.
  5. Thank you for your cooperation on the above and working with us to ensure we are protective of our customers' PII and credit/debit card account numbers. This action also helps focus our undivided attention on providing premier customer service.
Prepared by:
Senior Retail Operations Specialist
Policy and Procedures
Operations Group

Approved by:
Director, Retail Operations more

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