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Following Up with Former Clients and Prospects for New Business

As a new year barrels down and you again get nervous thinking about the need to get new clients, take a step back and look into your past.

This should be a no-brainer but how many of us bother calling an old client to see how they're doing? It's a shame if we don’t, because there are always windows of opportunity to bring former clients and lost prospects back to life. Let me outline few of them below for your consideration.
  • Assuming that you didn't part ways on a negative note, past clients will most likely take your call or respond to your email if you reach back out to them. At the very least, most people are curious to know "what you've been up to."
  • If you did a great job for them in the past and haven’t contacted them in a long time, it's likely that they'll be delighted to hear from you. If practical, an invitation to lunch might just get the ball rolling again.
  • Perhaps the former client decided to use someone else based only upon fees and rates, and they got the inadequate service they paid for. Knowing that you’re still around and thinking of them may be the impetus they need to start using you again, especially if you provided superior customer service.
  • Often after a long period of time, there's been a change in management and where the old guard did not continue to use your services, the new guard may be open to a long overdue change.
  • When you've given quotes to prospects that haven't materialized into clients, here too are opportunities to revisit that company to see "how they're doing." They may ask you to submit another proposal for your services, provid1ing a chance perhaps to be more creative with your services and fees.
Hopefully the effort to reach back to your former clients and lost prospects will renew a business relationship and bring in more business!

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