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Message from the President Beth Chapman

from PBUS

The greatest and most enduring stain on the rich and honorable history of this great country is that of the dark years of slavery. Our nation was brought to its knees in the eradication of the act and would have failed but for the grace of God and the righteousness of the honorable cause. Now, for a hundred and fifty years, we as a people have tried to grow, learn and truly embrace the moniker so widely known and often forgotten, that all men are created equal. Since the birth of the United States of America countless have suffered and died in defense of that great truth.

Let there be no mistake, the rise of hate groups hoisting the banners and torches of race supremacy is the greatest insult to the principle foundation of our nation and an evil affront to the divine purpose of God for mankind. Simply put, white supremacy and Neo-Nazi ideologies are un-American and those pressing for the proliferation of those beliefs are even more so. They seek to deform and bastardize a beautiful dream that so many wish to attain.

It has been a generation since the civil rights movement of the '60s and never did we think we would see those activities again. Never could we have dreamed that our children and grandchildren, attending their universities, would be met with the torch fires of hate and racism and public displays of hostility that have toppled nations and nearly our own. There is no greater threat to the peace and prosperity of a blessed nation than the singular thought of superiority based on the look of a man.

Those who fought and continue to fight for the equal rights of all citizens are the heroes of my generation and we grew up with their stories like a bright legacy rivaling even those of the founding fathers. The defense of the principles of American freedom is a cherished act and those who step to the plate in defense of those who stand against these heinous ideologies and actions are to be praised.

Within hours of the actions in Charlottesville, our great partner against the injustice of bail reform, Nexus Services, took the challenge and has offered to cover the cost of bail and legal defense to those who stood against the hate groups. I could not be more proud to stand with Nexus and their actions further solidify that our cause against bail reform is a just cause. The misguided idea that releasing criminals to further victimize law abiding citizens is a cause of civil rights is absurd. It is particularly absurd when the communities which will be negatively affected the most are minority and poor communities.

Why would this surprise us though? The main purveyor of bail reform has stated that his purpose at least since the 70’s was to destroy what America is and remake it into a global open state. George Soros, who is funding bail reform across the country, hates the idea of what America is and believes it needs to be remade. Everything he does is to attain the goal of fundamentally deconstructing our country. Bail reform is just one of many tools he is using to do that.

Just this week a news story was out from Palisades Park, NJ where a Guatemalan National was released after sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl. He was released under New Jersey’s new bail reform law on his own recognizance and with no accountability. The next day, a man named Joe Gentile from Burlington County New Jersey, in a letter to the editor, recounted how his son was stabbed several times in an attempted robbery and lost his spleen after spending nearly two weeks in the hospital recovering. His attacker was caught two days after the attack and released within two days of his arrest without bond and with no accountability. These stories are from the past two days and this is what George Soros, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Kamala Harris will unleash onto more

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