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Message from the President Beth Chapman

from PBUS

Dear members and colleagues,

Higher crime rates, skyrocketing costs, and the victimization of law-abiding citizens are the results seen in states and jurisdictions which have enacted bail reform. California will see similar results by implementing bail reform through SB10.

Proponents of SB10 assert that bail reform will only result in the release of non-violent offenders with a low probability of re-offense. Hypothetically, this reduces the costs of pre-trial detention. Reform sounds good, but the data proves otherwise.

Risk assessments have been proven to be incapable of gauging the risk to the community and the probability of appearance at court. In New Jersey, a convicted child predator enticed a 12-year-old girl to his home for sex in exchange for a gaming system. The risk assessment released him. Removal of judicial discretion in favor of risk assessment was declared a "dangerous slippery slope" by Justices of the 5th Circuit Federal Court in the case of O'Donnell v. Harris County, Texas and should not be a determinate of release.

Crime rates increase in bail reform jurisdictions because the deterrent of having an offender's bond revoked and going to jail is no longer present. According to crime data provided by the FBI, 18% of property crimes result in an arrest. When considering violent crimes, only 45% result in an arrest. Disturbingly, only 36% of rape/sexual-assault result in arrest. In Washington D.C., 1 in 79 people will be the victim of a violent crime while 1 in 21 will be the victim of property crime this year. In New Jersey, the crime rates have increased nearly 20% since the implementation of bail reform in 2017.

Proponents of bail reform disregard the costs to implement and maintain non-monetary release. The economist, Dr. Darius Irani, revealed a $215 million cost increase to New Jersey for instituting bail reform. Washington D.C. spends over $65 million a year on their system with a measly 700,000 citizens. Extrapolated to California's population and we see the costs to taxpayers topping $1 billion for bail reform.

Bail is a tool to hold criminals accountable for their actions. Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak of New Jersey, once a supporter of bail reform, sent a letter to California Speaker Rendon stating that bail reform was an "absolute disaster" that is "victimizing law-abiding citizens."

Reform is necessary to address specific problems, but a comprehensive change from a system that has successfully operated for over 200 years is dangerous and impetuous. more

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