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Do you stay on script during calls?

“I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.” This modified iconic line from The Godfather is one that collectors may have wanted to use from time to time when trying to motivate their debtor to pay.

Although collection scripts probably won’t win any Oscars, they can significantly help navigate the collector through awkward communication moments. Let’s take a look at why they work, and why at times they don’t.

What they do well

A script can be a keystone for successful training of a new collector by helping them to structure their interaction with a debtor. Scripts are effective at:
  • Ensuring collectors don’t omit necessary steps, such as identifying themselves, their company, and whom they represent
  • Helping to maintain a consistent collection approach
  • Preparing the collector to respond to common excuses or complaints
  • Avoiding comments that could elicit legal challenges
  • Keeping the tone of the call positive and encouraging
These are all critical points of a substantial collection call, and for new collectors, a script containing these ideas can set them on the right path for success in the industry.

Beware the drawbacks

While scripting collector interaction can have its benefits, especially for new collectors, over time it may begin to be more of a hindrance to their professional growth. Sticking to a predetermined dialogue can be detrimental when it:
  • Takes away the experienced collector’s ability to be flexible when the situation requires it
  • Allows collectors to become complacent with the same old expressions and phrases
  • Leads employees to feel that they are not trusted to do the job correctly using their abilities
  • Lowers the satisfaction that an employee gains from their performance
It might be advisable to move from a set script to more of an outline or list of key points for the collector to use as they grow more experienced and confident. This is an especially important consideration as each collector’s style, approach and communicative ability evolve.

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