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Study: Women more proactive in maintaining oral health
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The differences between men and women are extensive, especially when it comes to taking care of one's health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, compared to men, women are better about seeing their physician for routine checkups and are more likely to schedule a doctor visit when feeling sick or injured. And now, new research published in the Journal of Periodontology reveals another area where women are more proactive than men: in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. According to the study, women are almost twice as likely to have received a regular dental checkup in the past year. In addition, women were more likely to schedule the recommended treatment following the dental checkup. Women in the study also had better indicators of periodontal health, including lower incidence of dental plaque, calculus and bleeding on probing; all of which can be used as markers of periodontal disease. More

The potential of ceramic materials for their use as biomaterial
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Hydroxyapatite is one of the ceramic materials most commonly used to substitute bone tissue in orthopedic and dental implants. Its chemical composition is similar to the inorganic constituent of bone tissue and it possesses mechanical properties similar to those of mineral bone as well. Nevertheless, a prosthesis made of pure hydroxyapatite is limited to supporting light loads due to its inherent fragility, so its mechanical properties must be modified if we wish the implant to be able to handle heavier weights. A method that is frequently used to achieve this consists in obtaining a composite of hydroxyapatite and biocompatible oxides (for example, TiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2 or Y2O3), which allows us to obtain a harder composite with greater strength under compression and resistance to breakage than pure hydroxyapatite. More

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Why your lungs love dental floss
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Any way you like it — unwaxed or extra-slippery, minty or plain — make a daily date with your dental floss. This fast, cheap investment in good health just got even better for you with the news that preventing gum disease helps you sidestep serious lung problems. Gum disease is way more common than you might think. Half of all adults have gingivitis, an early stage marked by red, swollen, bleeding gums. One in 12 adults has periodontitis, chronic gum inflammation and infection. Diabetes, smoking, chronic stress, pregnancy, menopause, nighttime tooth grinding, genetics and aging all make gum trouble much more likely. But the main culprit is plaque, that gooey, colorless mix of food particles, saliva and bacteria that clings to teeth. More
Objective implant stability measurement
Osstell ISQ helps you make optimal implant loading decisions. Measure at placement for a baseline value and again before final restoration to assess the degree of osseointegration. Osstell offers the only objective quality assurance system that gives you an early warning if osseointegration isn't progressing as expected.
Think all toothpastes work the same?
Colgate Total® is the only toothpaste approved by the FDA and accepted by the ADA for helping to prevent and reduce plaque and gingivitis. Formulated with triclosan, a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, Colgate Total® provides 12-hour antibacterial protection for both hard and soft tissues.
Introducing enCore™ Combination Allograft
An idea so simple yet so novel - harnessing the synergy of space-maintaining mineralized bone and osteoinductive demineralized bone matrix together in a combined allograft. Create the optimal environment for vital bone regeneration with the combination that many other specialists already use - now in the convenience of one bottle.

Voice reminders can reduce no-show rates    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Voice message reminders for dental appointments are more effective than text messages in preventing no-shows, and Medicaid patients are no more likely to miss appointments than self-pay or insured patients, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Caregivers of young patients who received text message reminders were more than twice as likely not to keep their appointments than those who received voice message reminders, according to researchers at the University of Washington Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Younger caregivers were more likely to miss appointments than were older caregivers, and attendance improved as caregivers got older, the researchers noted. (May require free registration to view article.) More

UCF plans to open dental school in 2014
Orlando Sentinel    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The University of Central Florida plans to open a dental school near its College of Medicine in the heart of Lake Nona's Medical City. UCF officials have announced they're looking to open a College of Dental Medicine in 2014 that would graduate about 100 dentists a year. But some state officials and administrators at other universities already have begun questioning the need for more dental schools in Florida. There are only three accredited dental schools statewide: in Gainesville, Bradenton and Fort Lauderdale. UCF is one of at least three public universities discussing plans to either build a new dental school or expand an existing program. More

Louisiana Society of Periodontists July 8-9,
New Orleans

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What your teeth say about your health
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Research has shown that there is an association between periodontal diseases and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, treating inflammation may not only help manage periodontal diseases but also may help with the management of other chronic inflammatory conditions. But on the flip side, symptoms of disease may present in the teeth and mouth. The mouth often is used to diagnose, make a prognosis, treat or intervene on a number of diseases. Healthy gums should look pink and firm, not red and swollen — and your teeth should feel solid. If you have problems with your teeth and gums, it's important to see a dentist, and possibly your general physician. The following is a list of some health problems that can sometimes show up in the teeth or gums. More

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