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Executive Briefing

President's Message

The budget ax is being sharpened:

Pentagon seeks biggest military cuts since before 9/11
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The New York Times, Thom Shanker and Christopher Drew
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said recently that the nation's "extreme fiscal duress" now required him to call for cuts in the size of the Army and Marine Corps, reversing the significant growth in military spending that followed the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Pentagon faces the knife
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The Wall Street Journal, Nathan Hodge and Julian E. Barnes
In an early salvo in Washington's battle over the deficit, the White House ordered the Pentagon to rein in its budget, a move that will force a sizable cut in overall troop numbers for the first time in two decades.

Struggle forecast for Pentagon and deficit hawks
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The New York Times, Christopher Drew and Thom Shanker
Now that the Obama administration has forced the Pentagon to gradually freeze its budget in response to economic pressures, the question in Washington is: How long will the deal hold up?

Gates attacks cost of military health care
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The Associated Press via Denver Post, Anne Flaherty, Associated Press
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is betting that Americans' frustration with a ballooning deficit will finally allow him to trim one of the government's most politically protected entitlement programs: the military's $50 billion-a-year health care system.

A dangerous game of poker:

A warning on raising federal debt limit
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The Caucus via The New York Times, Carl Hulse
Preparing for a potential showdown over raising the federal debt limit, two senior House Democrats want to remind lawmakers resistant to a debt increase that they may be putting troops overseas in jeopardy.

New leaders at the top:

General recommended for Army post
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The New York Times, Thom Shanker
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates recently announced that he had recommended Gen. Martin E. Dempsey to be nominated as Army chief of staff.

Families remain a top priority:

Casey: End strength, family support, modernization top priorities
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Defense News, Kate Brannen
U.S. Army chief of staff Gen. George Casey said there are three things that need to be protected in the Army's budget: the size of the force, programs that support families and the service's efforts to modernize.

Patrick B. Nixon
President, ALA

Washington Update

Joint chiefs chair warns of disconnect between military and civilians
CNN U.S.    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The nation's top military man recently warned of a potentially dangerous gulf between the civilian world and men and women in uniform. Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen said most Americans know "precious little" about the military. "To the degree we are out of touch I believe it is a very dangerous force," Mullen said in a speech to a conference on military professionalism at the National Defense University in Washington. More

Commander: JFCOM will shut down in about 10 months
Norfolk Virginian-Pilot    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Dismantling U.S. Joint Forces Command should save the military more than $400 million a year and will likely mean the loss of about 1,900 jobs in Hampton Roads, Army Gen. Ray Odierno said recently. Odierno, JFCOM's commander, said he hopes to have specifics of the command's shutdown approved by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in 30 to 45 days and will then share details with employees and the public. More

Hawaii key in US plans for Pacific region
Honolulu Star-Advertiser    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
At the same time the Pentagon recently announced big budget cuts, the head of the U.S. military in the Pacific said that "Hawaii is of extreme strategic importance" to the United States because of its mid-Pacific location facing Asia — the "economic engine for the rest of the world." Navy Adm. Robert F. Willard, in charge of U.S. Pacific Command headquartered at Camp Smith and 320,000 military members in the region, spoke at the 10th annual Hawaii military partnership conference organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. More

US will defer to Japan on moving Okinawa base
The New York Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Striking a conciliatory tone on an issue that has divided Japan and the United States, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said recently that the Obama administration would follow Tokyo's lead in working to relocate an American air base on Okinawa. During talks with Japanese leaders in Tokyo, Gates said he also discussed a sophisticated new antimissile system that the United States is jointly developing with the Japanese, and the two nations' response to North Korea's recent military provocations against the South. More

Defense budget cuts: Roughly half of JFCOM will remain
Newport News Daily Press    Share    Share
on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Defense Department has found "a number of missions" at Norfolk-based Joint Forces Command that should be kept in Hampton Roads, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said recently. While details remain to be worked out, Gates said that roughly half of JFCOM's capabilities "will be kept and assigned to other organizations." That plan now has the official backing of Gates' boss. More

Commissary News

Walgreen to bring fresh food to 'food deserts'
Reuters    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Walgreen Co. plans to add more fresh food to about 400 stores in areas where access to produce and other goods is scarce, as it tries to position itself as a one-stop shop for health and daily needs. The drugstore chain already has added fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and a variety of other fare to 10 stores in parts of Chicago where grocery stores are hard to find. More

A global scare in food prices
Bloomberg Businessweek    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
World food prices are back at levels last seen during the 2008 food crisis, when riots spurred bans on food exports in the most afflicted countries. The question now is whether the price surge of late 2010 will spill into 2011. More

Whole foods introduces veggie blends
Supermarket News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Whole Foods Market developed eight frozen vegetable blends under its Health Starts Here program, which focuses on the benefits of whole, nutrient-dense foods. "At Whole Foods Market, we believe that focusing on these four pillars of healthy eating offers the greatest health benefits, no matter what dietary path you follow." More

Green consumers skeptical of 'natural' label
Progressive Grocer    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Eco-consumers are as committed as ever to shopping organic in 2011, but they're not buying those all-natural product labels. That's according to a survey by Mambo Sprouts Marketing, the leader in natural and organic product marketing and promotions. The company surveyed the organic buying habits of 1,000 natural-product consumers to get an outlook for the coming year. More

Strawberries tight for Valentine's Day
The Packer    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Strawberry volumes will start to return to normal as the Oxnard, Calif., deal picks up steam, but Valentine's Day supplies still could be tight. Harvests on both coasts were running about two weeks late the week of Jan. 10, said Dan Crowley, sales manager for Watsonville, Calif.-based Well-Pict Inc. "Oxnard just got under way," Crowley said. "We should start to see shipments by next week." Strawberry volumes in December were very light on the East and West coasts because of cold in Florida and rain in California, Crowley said. More

Market Street's NuVal system considers micronutrients as well as fat, protein
The Dallas Morning News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The NuVal system is based on the Overall Nutritional Quality Index, developed by the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center at Griffin Hospital in Derby, Conn. "Of all the ones out there, I'm most pleased with the NuVal system," dietician McDonald says. "It has a lot of depth. It's well established. I would really like to add NuVal scores to the Supermarket Savvy newsletter and the products we review." More

Commissary Announcements

Commissary Web Posts

The following commissary items were posted to the ALA Web site since 10 a.m. Jan. 6 and as of 10 a.m. Jan. 13:

  • DP #4, CONUS Shipper and promotion quantities.
  • DP #6, Far East Shipper & Promotion Quantities.
  • DP #7, WW Promotion Package, Green Days of Savings.
  • 2011 Sun Care, Far East & Alaska Quantities.
  • Winter Club Pack, March CONUS Quantities.

None received.

  • Adds/Changes/Deletes for Week 11-01, two Corrected Copies and Week 11-02.
  • Guard & Reserve On-Site Sale Schedule updates.
  • 2011 Reset Schedule, Update #2.

The annual ALA/DeCA Appreciation Day Golf Event has been scheduled for Ft. Lee, Va., golf course for May 10. Watch for more information.

Exchange News

Mobile shopping: Emerging trends
Chain Store Age    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
The use of mobile phones in retail is increasing dramatically, according to a survey released at the National Retail Federation's Annual Convention & Expo in New York City. The study, conducted by ForeSee Results and titled "Explosion in Mobile Retail Provides Huge Opportunity for Retailers," found that shoppers are using mobile phones to access websites and apps more than ever before. The results indicate that "any retailer who is not wholeheartedly embracing the mobile trend is leaving money on the table for competitors," said Kevin Ertell, vice president of retail strategy, ForeSee Results. More

Resolve to help troops stay connected, supplied in the new year
Military Avenue    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Any American can give the gift of connection now and throughout the new year to troops far from home with All Services Exchange phone and gift cards. Both are available through the All Services Exchange online catalog 24 hours a day. Individuals and organizations can purchase up to 100 cards with just a click of the mouse or quick phone call. People who don't personally know a deployed military person but want to help can purchase and send cards through the exchange online site at by selecting the "Support Troops" tab and clicking "Gift Certificates and Cards for Our Troops" or "Help Our Troops Call Home." More

Proactive culture
Supermarket News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Probiotics — friendly bacteria that can have health benefits such as supporting the immune system and promoting digestive health — have gone mainstream, moving from specialty stores to food retailers in the form of enhanced yogurt, live-cultured foods, cheese, drinks and supplements. "Probiotics are a big part of our supplements offering, for general use and for specific use by men, women and children," said Wendy McLain, health and beauty aids merchandiser at PCC Natural Markets in Seattle. More

Convenience stores well positioned to take advantage of restaurant rebound
Convenience Store News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Consumers are returning to restaurants — albeit cautiously — and convenience stores are well positioned to capture share of stomach given the food quality upgrades and increased marketing that's occurring throughout the channel, according to the authors of the just-released "AlixPartners North American Restaurant & Foodservice Review." "A lot of convenience stores have taken advantage of quick, low price and healthy, and that's a good combination for today's consumers," Eric Dzwonczyk, co-author of the study and director in the Restaurant & Foodservice Practice of Alix Partners, told CSNews Online. More

Popcorn poppers, espresso makers post growing sales
Gourmet Retailer    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
What do espresso and popcorn have in common? They may not be good together, but popcorn makers and espresso makers are two small kitchen electric categories that are showing growth in a challenging economy. According to NPD's Retail Tracking Service, sales of espresso makers have grown by 18 percent in both units and dollars in the 12 months ending November 2010, compared to the previous year. Popcorn makers also have been on a hot streak for a couple years now, with double-digit unit growth since 2008. More

Fast-food restaurants full of deals on meals
USA TODAY    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
You know it's January when fast-food deals are as common as snowflakes — and diet ads. Virtually every major fast-food chain — from Burger King to Wendy's to Taco Bell — is wheeling and dealing with specials, promos, even freebies to thaw sales in what is typically the toughest quarter of the year for the $170 billion industry. More

Here we go again: How will US consumers react to rising gas prices?
Nielsen Wire    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
The summer of 2008 seems like a distant memory given all that has happened in the past two years. But one thing most Americans are unlikely to forget about that year was the average price of gas reaching $4.11 per gallon. Fortunately, the price level settled back to $1.61 by the end of that year. But just two years later, the average price of gas has crept up to $3.05 per gallon, and some analysts expect the price to continue to rise to near 2008 levels. More

Exchange Announcements

AAFES Executive Announcement
Promotions & Assignments

On behalf of the Commander, I am pleased to announce the following executive promotions. Please help me in congratulating these deserving associates:

Michael Kaucher, PB 5D Director Finance Accounting & Systems Support, Finance and Accounting Directorate, Exchange HQ to the position of PB 5E Vice President of Finance Programs, Finance and Accounting Directorate, Exchange HQ in January 2011.

Michael Smith, PB 4F Business Program Manager (Telecom), Sales Directorate, Exchange HQ to the position of PB 5A Telecom Business Manager — OCONUS, Sales Directorate, Exchange HQ in January 2011.

Mark Verdeyen, PB 5C Division Merchandise Manager-Power Zone, Sales Directorate, Exchange HQ to the position of PB 5D Director Telecom-ATI, Sales Directorate, Exchange HQ in January 2011.

On behalf of the Commander, I am pleased to announce the following executive assignment. Please help me in congratulating this deserving associate:

Audrey Alston, PB 5A General Manager, Fort McPherson, Eastern Region to the position of PB 5A General Manager, Patrick AFB, Eastern Region in March 2011.

William Williams, PB 5A Services Program Manager, Pacific Region to the position of PB 5A Business Program Specialist (Services), Sales Directorate, Exchange HQ in May 2011.

To whom it may concern,
   Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Atlanta Distribution Center closes Jan. 28. Effective Feb. 1, the Southeast Distribution Center replaces ADC as our shipping point to our stores.

Please be sure to ship all merchandise to the facility indicated on the purchase order.

In the event you have any systemic hard coding in your system for ADC, please update information accordingly:

Was - ADC
Facility name: ADC Atlanta Gen Merch
7 digit facility number: 1059903
FRC: 5300132
10 digit facility number: 001695568
EDI reference code: 6203

Now - SEDC
Faciltiy name: Southeast DC
7 digit facility number: 1059912
FRC: 9623885
10 digit facility number: 0769910100
Dun and Bradstreet number: 001695568
EDI reference code: 7112

Army Air Force Exchange SVC
7139 Southlake Pkwy.
Morrow, Ga. 30260-3076

Washington Update
   Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
More than 90,000 members have signed up to receive e-mail messages and special offers from is a website designed for all members of the military community, whether active, reserve or retired. The site provides information about discounts and offers specifically for the military community, online coupons and commissary promotions for each display period. Companies interested in sending email messages to the military community should contact Military Media Inc. at

MWR philosophy
   Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Soldiers are entitled to the same quality of life as is afforded the society they are pledged to defend. Keeping an Army ready to fight and win takes more than hard work and training. Soldiers need a balance of work and play. The FMWRC mission is to create and maintain "First Choice" MWR products and services for America's Army, essential to a ready, self-reliant force.

Army boot camp embraces new-age fitness
NPR    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
During the past decade, the U.S. Army has faced what it regards as a serious internal threat: young recruits entering in terrible shape. In a radical shift, the Army is overhauling the way it trains, cares for and feeds new soldiers. So, as fad workouts increasingly borrow Army terms like "boot camp," actual basic training is starting to look a bit like a new-age fitness camp — but with harsh words, severe haircuts and firearms. More

A vision for the future: Installation Management Community
U.S. Army MRW    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Like many others this time of year, Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch has been reflecting on the past twelve months and looking forward to the new year: "In my professional capacity, I am focusing on the future of the Installation Management Community. Specifically, what should the Installation Management Community look like a year from now? I have been asking this question of Installation Management personnel during meetings, town halls and garrison visits. After all, the dedicated professionals at the garrisons and headquarters are doing the work on a daily basis; they know what it takes to deliver the facilities, programs and services that support our Soldiers and Families." More

Air Force to slash more jobs to save cash    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Just two years after the Pentagon put an end to personnel cuts in the Air Force, that service can once again expect to see their overall numbers shrink over the next few years. Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said up to 550 Airmen will be eliminated as part of the Air Force's effort to trim its budget. The job losses will occur as service commands and numbered Air Forces merge over the next several years, Donley said during a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Air Force Association in Virginia. More

Grunt Apparel, Inc.

Grunt Apparel specializes in original military inspired designs in silk screen & embroidery at low prices. Licensed by all military branches.
More info

Hubert Company

Stimulate Holiday sales and create a festive atmosphere with Bountiful Thanksgiving kits and fall prop and décor. More

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Tyson Foods is dedicated to bringing you quality, service, and support you need to drive sales. More


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