GBA - Newslog - December 1, 2021

December 1, 2021

Vol. 50  No. 42


Register Now – Winter Leadership Summit

GBA’s Winter Leadership Summit is an annual gathering where the Board of Directors and Committees convene to discuss opportunities and issues that are impacting our members and the greater geoprofessions. It is a chance for our volunteers to network, collaborate, and complete assignments together for our current fiscal year and to identify actions to focus on for the next fiscal year.

All committee members are invited to attend, participate, and connect on important issues with their peers. Please join us!


GBA Launches Emerging Leaders Class 5!

GBA is launching its fifth class of the Emerging Leaders program in 2022. The class will include up to 20 GBA member-firm geoprofessionals from across the United States and Canada. The class will meet regularly for approximately 2 years with the intent to expose participants to GBA and its host of benefits, including business-education resources associated with leadership, risk management, and business performance optimization.

GBA has had four previous Emerging Leaders classes in the past, and each has contributed greatly to the organization. This is a great opportunity for an Emerging Leader in your firm to meet, interact, and engage with other professionals to better your firm, themselves, and our profession.


New Podcast: GBA DEI Episode #3 – Allies in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this episode of the DEI series, we will be discussing allies in diversity, equity, and inclusions with Charlie Head, PE, PG, F. GBA (Sanborn, Head & Associates). Allies can be essential to drive systemic improvements to workplace policies, practices, and culture. But what does it mean to be an ally? How can allies impact the recruitment process? What effect does allyship have on the retention of employees? And what can we do to create more allies?


Important IPC Change You Should Know About Now

Geotechnical Business Committee

New language in the 2024 International Plumbing Code (IPC) will explicitly mandate how under-slab plumbing is to be protected from expansive soil, reducing professional liability risk for geotechnical engineers. Rather than wait for local building codes to adopt the 2024 IPC (which will take several years), the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) recommends that member-firms address this issue now for project sites with expansive soils and start referencing the new 2024 IPC language now in their geotechnical reports.



Our most popular article from our last issue of GBA NEWSlog was the publication of a new GBA Best Practices, available to all our members.

NEW! Best Practices: Software Validation

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Future GBA Events: Mark Your Calendars Now!

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Kleinfelder Completes Acquisition of Century Engineering

The Kleinfelder Group, Inc

Acquisition strengthens Kleinfelder’s service offerings and growth opportunities in strategic

The Kleinfelder Group, Inc., a leading engineering, design, construction management, construction materials inspection and testing, and environmental professional services firm, announced today that it has acquired Century Engineering, Inc. (Century) and all affiliates. The transaction, which closed on November 15, 2021, reinforces Kleinfelder’s commitment to improving U.S. infrastructure and strengthening its existing service offerings in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Century provides a full suite of engineering services, including transportation planning, design, and inspection; information and spatial solutions (GIS); water and environmental resources engineering and permitting; electric and gas utility engineering; land planning and site development engineering; right-of-way and traffic engineering; structural engineering; surveying; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering; water/wastewater engineering and design; geotechnical engineering; and landscape architecture.

Century is focused on delivering technical excellence and innovative solutions to its end-user clients, which include Federal, state, and local governments, transportation and DOT agencies, utility providers, universities, healthcare systems, and commercial clients.


Nobis Group Achieves 100% Employee Ownership

Nobis Group

Nobis Group is pleased to announce that the firm has achieved its longstanding goal of becoming a 100% employee-owned company. An award-winning engineering and environmental services company, Nobis Group was founded by Nannu Nobis in 1988 and has been providing expertise and solutions for public and private sector clients throughout the United States for over 30 years.

“This is a very exciting and important moment, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Nobis Group,” noted Ken Koornneef, PE, President & CEO of Nobis Group. “As employee-owners, we’re all in it together to continue the growth and success of the company and we’re so proud to be able to carry forward Nannu’s lasting legacy. We’re all very grateful for the vision Nannu had back in 2003 when he first established our employee stock ownership plan, and for his steadfast commitment throughout the years to stay the course towards achieving 100% employee-ownership.”


Eustis Engineering 75th Anniversary Celebration – Volume 2 of 3

Eustis Engineering

Eustis Engineering continues the celebration of our 75th Anniversary with Volume 2 of 3 of our video trilogy.

We hear from Bill Gwyn, former President, about his start with Eustis Engineering and the unique challenges faced while building the New Orleans Aquarium on the Mississippi River. This project was a point of advancement not only for Eustis Engineering but for the industry as a whole.


Air-Quality Monitoring Leader AirLogics Unveils New Technology, Executive Team

AirLogics, a leading national provider of air quality monitoring solutions, today announced an expanded suite of technologies and measuring capabilities, a revamped company website, and new senior executive leadership.

AirLogics leads the industry in providing actionable, real-time data to clients that can help them immediately identify potential emissions and begin corrective action to reduce liability, manage risk, and improve community relations.

GZA Senior Principal Marc Hudock has taken the role of Operations Manager for AirLogics, succeeding AirLogics founder and patent holder Adam Fasano, who has retired. William McLellan, who has been with AirLogics for 23 years, continues in his role as Senior Technical Specialist and Field Operations Manager.


EnVISIONing a World with ZERO Traffic Deaths: How Complete Streets Can Help Us Get There


Road fatalities spiked in the first half of 2021, representing the largest increase ever recorded in a six-month period. More than 20,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes on US roads, a nearly 20 percent increase from the same period in 2020. Read more on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Research indicates that vehicle speed is a contributing factor to the survivability of a crash. Thus, implementing strategies to reduce vehicle speeds is one way we can create safer spaces for all roadway users.

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a strategy that seeks to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while promoting mobility and accessibility. At first glance, such a mission might sound impossible, but we believe that every life is valuable, and every person deserves the chance to travel from one location to another without losing their life or suffering an incapacitating injury. To set a target of even 1 fatality or injury in a given year is not acceptable.


Advanced BEC Testing Reveals What Can’t Be Seen With Visual-only Inspections

Geotechnical Consultants, Inc.

New building envelope testing technology can reveal pinhole-sized leaks in roof membranes and wall waterproofing. When armed with these test results, building owners, contractors, developers, and investors can make better construction, property management, acquisition, renovation, and investment decisions. This article highlights several of the newer BEC tests and how they’re being used to assess building envelope elements during construction and throughout the building lifecycle.


Golder Helps Make Groundwater Education Available Around the World


Groundwater makes up 99% of the liquid fresh water on Earth. Not only is groundwater a vital water supply for humanity, but it also sustains rivers, lakes, wetlands, and ecological systems. The United Nations World Water Development Report of 2016 projects that the world could face a 40% global water deficit by 2030.

The Groundwater Project is a Canadian not-for-profit administered at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario. Its mission is to provide free, high-quality groundwater educational materials online to all who want to learn—from children to groundwater professionals in both developing and developed countries. It publishes peer-reviewed books, translated in various languages, and encompasses nearly the entire scope of groundwater.

“Golder has contributed to The Groundwater Project’s efforts, which will be matched by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada,” says Chris Coggans, Vice President, Global Industrial Market Leader.

From 2020 through early 2021, 14 original books were published on their website, with traffic showing over 43,000 downloads in 160 countries. A further 200 books are currently being translated, which are intended to be published in the next year and beyond.



Utah Digs Deep and Finds “Design Defect” Includes Pre-Construction Geotechnical Reports


The Supreme Court of Utah recently found that an incorrect pre-construction geotechnical engineering report is a “defective design.” Thus, actions arising from an incorrect geotechnical report are appropriately governed by Utah’s Economic Loss.


Professor Aims to Integrate Diversity Issues into Engineering Education


Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a topic that in recent years has come to the forefront at learning institutions across the country. School administrators, educators, and instructors alike are trying to determine ways to increase underrepresented groups’ access to high-quality education, ensuring classrooms have a better mix of students from different races and backgrounds.

But how do we actually make diversity a reality in higher education — engineering education specifically?


Much to Do


Breaking down the infrastructure bill’s environmental elements.


Making the Grade


How does the recent infrastructure bill compare to the 2021 ASCE report card?


Your New Old Project

Construction Dive

Stepping into an existing project is a challenge. 5 ways to protect yourself when taking over someone else's project.


Home Sweet Office


On the other side of the pandemic, there's a chance work will rotate more around people's lives instead of the other way around.


Engineer Became Highest Ranking Native American in Union Army

U.S. Army

Ely S. Parker overcame adversity to attain the highest rank of any Native American in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Parker, whose tribal name was Hasanoanda, was born on the Tonawanda Reservation in Indian Falls, New York, in 1828. He was a member of the Tonawanda Seneca tribe.  His father, William Parker, was a chief in that tribe and had fought in the War of 1812 for the United States.



"There's zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas."

- Susan Cain


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