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What does it mean to you to serve on the CPRS State Board?
Darin Budak, City of Bakersfield

"Service on the CPRS State Board Directors is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to proactively engage in the future of the park and recreation profession. The development of new and lasting relationships, critical thinking experiences and opportunities to address personal and professional challenges have been greatly enhanced through service on the CPRS Board. The invitation to serve is yours for the taking. I have no regrets, only appreciation."

If you have an interest in serving on the CPRS State Board of Directors for 2013-2015 Board, please click here to read the complete job description of the board positions, the "Invitation to Join the Board of Directors Sheet" that gives some information/requirements and to access the 2013 Board Interest Form. Also, please feel free to contact Mark Mariscal, CPRS Vice-President, regarding any interest you or another potential candidate may have, 310-548-7643.


  • Aug. 14, CPRS Development & Operations Section Sacramento Area Educational Forum, click here for flier
  • Aug. 16, CPRS District 10 Americans with Disabilities Act Update, click here for flier
  • Aug. 23, CPRS District 13 Meet & Greet
  • Sept. 12, CPRS Region 4 Mini Conference, click here for flier
  • Sept. 14, CPRS District 1 Annual Golf Tournament
  • Sept. 14, CPRS District 2 Equipment & Expo Show, click here for flier
  • Sept. 19, CPRS District 9 Golf Tournament
  • Sept. 24-26, Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course & Exam, click here for registration form
  • Oct. 14-16, Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course & Exam, click here for registration form
  • Oct. 24-26, CPRS Aquatics Section California Aquatic Management School, click here for brochure
  • Nov. 2, CPRS District 4 2012 Bay Area Institute
  • Nov. 5-9, CPRS Save the Date! Administrators Section Financial Sustainability Workshops
  • Nov. 12-16, CPRS Maintenance Management School, click here to register
  • March 4-6, Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course & Exam, click here to register
  • March 5-8, California & Pacific Southwest Recreation & Park Training Conference, early-bird registration now open


    Gov. Jerry Brown wants to use new-found California parks money to encourage more donations
    The Sacramento Bee    Share   Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Gov. Jerry Brown asked lawmakers Friday to spend $20 million in new-found parks money on repairs and a matching fund to solicit future donations rather than return money to donors who gave when they believed the system was broke. The governor's announcement came as his Department of Finance determined that none of California's other 560-plus special funds contain hidden assets akin to what the state parks department tucked away, based on an audit compiled in the past two weeks. More

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  • Discovery of California parks fund provokes backlash from donors (Los Angeles Times)
  • Cities demand donated Parks Department money back after secret funds discovered (KABC-TV)

  • Let us simplify your Recreation Insurance needs
    Liability – Accident – Vendor – Special Event – Contractor – Director & Officer - Tulip

    Contact us to customize an insurance package for your agency

    Ken Nichols 803-517-168
    Gary Duncan 760-238-1491 800-849-0293

    Healthier parks through partnering with public agencies, private providers
    City Parks Blog    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Creating a health-promoting park system requires greater expertise and resources than any park agency can provide alone. What's needed are partnerships with other public agencies, as well as with private foundations, corporations, citizens' groups, and volunteers. Partnerships can be immensely powerful by leveraging the strengths of one partner with those of another — financial capacity with legal authority, for instance, or communication outreach capability with large numbers of participants. More

    Find your park personality
    The Trust for Public Land    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Have you ever wondered what type of park fits you best? The Trust for Public Land has created an online tool that helps you learn about your park personality. If you take their quiz, share your park personality with us on Facebook.

    Parks part of our healthcare system
    Sustainable Cities Collective    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    "Parks are a part of our healthcare system," said Dr. Daphne Miller, a professor of family and community medicine, University of California-San Francisco, at the Greater & Greener: Reimagining Parks for 21st Century Cities, a conference in New York City. She said these green spaces are crucial to solving hypertension, anxiety, depression, diabetes — "the diseases of indoor living." The more someone spends outdoors, the less likely they are to suffer from mental or physical disorders. But she said parks officials and the medical profession still needs more data to take aim at the many "naysayers on the other side" who don't believe in what every landscape architect values. More

    California Land Management
    We have been providing a cost effective alternative method of providing security and maintenance services in city and county parks for over 30 years. Current and past clients include a wide variety of local, state and Federal agencies, private companies and non profit land trusts. For information call 6500-322-1181 or email
    Playground Safety Products & Services
    We offer “COMPLETE” inspection tool kits to do the job right!; Warning & Information LABELS to comply with ASTM, CPSC, and ANSI laws; 3rd party safety audits w/advice on inexpensive modifications to comply with ASTM and CPSC laws; Expert Witness services for litigations; Design/Planning services; Safety Manuals; Safety Courses.
    The KidBuilders® line challenges you to put your imagination to the test with an impressive array of climbing, sliding, crawling and whoa-I’ve-never-seen-that-before options, and then some. What’s more, all KidBuilders® playgrounds are completely ramp-access compatible so each and every kid can join in the fun. KidBuilders® is available in all-steel, Superhero-like strength for ultimate durability.

    Salt Lake County Council Republicans reverse course, put parks bond on November ballot
    The Salt Lake Tribune    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    The second time was the charm for Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon to persuade the County Council to put a parks and trails bond before voters in November. The Republican majority reluctantly swallowed Corroon's pared-down proposal of $47.5 million to develop new parks and spruce up existing ones, voting with Democrats to unanimously approve putting the question on the ballot. More

    Kansas City voters overwhelmingly pass sales tax increase
    The Kansas City Star    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Kansas City, Mo., voters have heeded City Hall's appeal for more money and overwhelmingly approved a half-cent sales tax increase to bolster parks, community centers and streets. The vote, by a 63 percent to 37 percent margin, means the city will be able to keep community centers open longer and provide more programming, improve park and playground maintenance and — for the first time — create a specific street maintenance fund. More

    Marin County officials put park tax on ballot
    Marin Independent Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    A measure calling for a quarter-cent sales tax increase to raise $10 million a year for parks, open space and farm programs was placed on the Nov. 6 ballot as Marin supervisors called on voters to preserve the county's cultural legacy. The tax proposal, boosted by a diverse coalition of park, conservation, farming and bicycling interests, drew unanimous support from the county board. The plan will require a two-thirds vote of approval, a test that consultants believe is within reach after a survey of voter sentiment. More

    Innovative Yet Low-Risk Park Design
    In today’s world, Richard Fisher Associates believes it’s vital for Municipalities to hire Landscape Architectural firms that create complete and accurate Park Design Construction Documents. MORE
    Got Surfacing? Safe*Resilient* Accessible
    Playgrounds are designed to meet age appropriate challenges. Playground safety is paramount and ReadyPlay can be part of your safety program. Installation services available.

    Renovations continue despite 'tyranny of the few'
    The New Fillmore    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    It's summertime, but the living is not so easy for those in a San Francisco neighborhood who take their dogs — or themselves — for a walk in the park. Two of the area's four-block hilltop greens — Lafayette Park and Alta Plaza Park — are mostly brown this summer. Both are undergoing renovation. More

    A tale of 2 downtown parks
    UrbDeZine    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Just about everyone has been talking about Los Angeles' Grand Park these days. The first two blocks of the new downtown park opened in late July with three days of celebration, including an official dedication ceremony and inaugural events that gave the public a chance to dance and enjoy music outdoors. Angelenos should be very excited about this park. After all, Los Angeles is one of the most park poor cities in the country and needs more attractive, accessible public spaces, especially in downtown. More

    Parks, playgrounds use synthetic grass to increase activity levels for preschoolers
    PRWeb via Games Critic    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 5 play outside as much as possible, an April 2012 study led by Seattle Children's Research Institute found that nearly half of U.S. preschoolers did not have even one parent-supervised outdoor play opportunity per day. Recognizing that the lack of convenient outdoor spaces contributes to this trend, a growing number of parks and preschools are choosing synthetic grass for their playgrounds to allow more opportunities for young kids to be active. More

    Designing spaces to enrich communities
    Providing landscape architecture and park design services to public agencies for over 20 years. MORE
    TrueLine Game Court Building & Renovation
    TrueLine now does complete renovations and building of courts. See our splashpad surfaces! We continue to offer tennis court, basketball and other game court surfacing. MORE

    Time to rethink how pool operators protect swimmers?
    Athletic Business    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    The pool of excuses for not knowing how to swim shrinks every year. This summer, the third annual World's Largest Swimming Lesson™, held at more than 100 aquatic facilities across the United States, attempted to teach an estimated 20,000 people to swim — for free. Meanwhile, the National Swimming Pool Foundation in May embarked on a 10-year initiative to add as many individuals to the swimming population as possible, with the goal of reducing drownings and creating a healthier society. More

    America's Great Outdoors rivers initiative celebrated
    Sustainable City Network    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    U.S. Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary for Water and Science Anne Castle joined officials from Nevada's Clark County and the town of Laughlin to open the Colorado River Greenway Heritage Park and Trails to the public. This recreation area offers outdoor opportunities on approximately 1,191 acres of open space along the Colorado River just south of Davis Dam. More

    Sweden plans new superhighway for cyclists
    Co.Exist    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    In the past several years, some of the cities most aggressively promoting cycling have built so-called bike superhighways. Unlike the simple bike path of the 20th century, these superhighways are wide, span long distances, and are often physically separated from the street with limited exits. They're made with the cycling commuter in mind, not just the recreational weekend biker. More


    Each week CPRS will be sharing a new idea of an easy way to implement the branding campaign in your agency. Make it a point to discuss the Parks Make Life Better!® branding messages and the brand promise with your co-workers during an informal conversation.

    Jessica Vincent, Recreation Supervisor, City of Manhattan Beach, with Olympian Vishnu Vardhan who is the Parks Make Life Better!® spirit. Vardhan won the Manhattan Beach Open Tennis Tournament.

    The County of San Diego used the slogan as part of their job announcement for a Land Use/Environment Planner, stating that "Every position and function with the DPR system plays a part in upholding the Department's motto that 'Parks Make Life Better!'" Click here to view the announcement.

    Send any samples of how you or your agency is incorporating the brand promise and key messages to Jane H. Adams,

    The CPRS Forums are the place for members to exchange ideas and to ask questions. The forums area currently has 200-plus threads. The value of forums increases when you share your knowledge and resources. Increase the value of your membership by answering or posting a question in the forums. Visit CPRS Forums. You can also pose your own question.

    Licensing of Recreation buildings/Early Childhood Recreation programs
    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Anna Bielecki, City of Gilroy, asks, "A situation has just recently come to our attention regarding contractual instructors who are teaching children ages 3–5 years, being required to get licensing for the Recreation buildings/facilities where the classes are being instructed. In the past this has never been an issue, as we have been 'exempt' because the classes have been deemed recreational. Has anyone come up against this type of situation/possible requirement, and if so, how have you handled it?" More

    Transgender bathroom use at public facilities
    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Allison Van Guilder, City of Turlock, asks, "We are researching to see what the best practices are in terms of managing this issue. When single-stall unisex or family restrooms are not available and the only option is a multistall men's and women's, how have you determined who can use which facility? Do you base it on what sex the individual identifies with or their biological make up? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you." More


    Calling all Recreation & Park Professionals who would like to "Build a Better Tomorrow" through education, advocacy and mentoring: We are looking for dynamic speakers and enthusiastic educators to teach a 45-minute session at the District 8 Conference in Santa Maria, Calif., on Nov. 2. Help us educate the leaders of tomorrow and give our leaders of today new ideas to bring back to their agencies to provide success in this tough economy. Questions can be directed to Jeri Armstrong, D8 Vice President, at or 805-482-1996, ext. 18.

    The Partnership for a Healthier America is offering cities and towns across the country funding to implement a new initiative to fight childhood obesity in their neighborhoods. A total of 10 winning localities will receive $50,000 to support technical assistance, design/creation of Play Streets — a program which closes roads to traffic and opens them to the community to bring physical activity back into the lives of children.

    Experience Your America Right Outside Your Door: 10 Ways to Keep Your Family Active Every Day
    This kid-friendly booklet offers ten tips for families to incorporate fun outdoor physical activity into their everyday lives. It provides resources to help families find local outdoor recreation opportunities in their own communities. Click here.

    Cool Tool Tuesdays! CPRS and NAYS webinars
    Join us Sept. 18 and Oct. 2 for a webinar series on "Positioning Youth Sports Administrators as Professionals" and "What's Happening on Your Fields." Click here to learn more.

    Maintenance Management School Regents invite you to register
    Curriculum planning has begun for our first year, second year and grad forum focusing on personal development. The school takes place the second week in November at Lake Arrowhead. Registration is open for the 2012 Maintenance School. Scholarship applications are due Sept. 1. Click here for the scholarship application. Regent contact information can be found our Web pages; just click on the year you are interested in and give the lead regent a call!

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