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Performance Digest
Feb. 23, 2010
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How Gen X Leads
from Harvard IdeaCast via BNET
Gen X-ers are the workhorses of many companies because they've spent years in the trenches. Now's the time to leverage that experience and seniority. Tammy Erickson, author of "What's Next, Gen X?," discusses how this generation can boost their careers in these difficult financial and economic times. More

Steps to Shared Services Success
from Human Resource Online
Compared with black-and-white functions such as finance and IT, human resources is a little on the gray side. That is, in the world of business processes, HR is often a little less "business" and a little more "people" -- which can make it difficult to standardize and centralize processes. As a result, the implementation of HR shared services -- the internal consolidation of activities to reduce costs, improve performance and/or transform the way a function delivers value -- can be very challenging. More

Performance Architecture: Build It and You Will Succeed
from ISPI
Do you find yourself reacting to solutions? Are you reactive problem solvers or proactive design performance design architects? Join Roger on his journey of discovery in the performance landscape. We will begin by using a systemic approach to ensure the integration of the worker, work and the workplace; review a few models and use a simple and powerful map to diagnose and prescribe performance solutions. More

Give E-learning a Second Chance
E-learning has been disparaged for not living up to the hype. Now, says Martin Addison, with recent advances in technology, it could be time for a rethink. More

Lean and the True Root of Motivation
from Reliable Plant Magazine
Employee participation in lean initiatives is something that most companies crave. Lean and continuous improvement theory teaches that shop floor personnel are powerful resources. They have the ability to explain issues, propose possible solutions and assist in changes. It is essential that they be involved in planning and implementations. Although plausible and encouraged, this phenomenon is rarely witnessed. Many companies work for it consistently with modest results. They struggle to involve employees, sometimes even pleading for participation. Somehow, no matter how many attempts at begging occur, the low participation numbers continue and the bland kaizens keep rolling in. More

Workplace Creativity Shrivels on the Vine
from The Globe and Mail
More work, longer hours, lower pay, fewer resources. Employees have endured a lot over the past 18 months. Now add stifled imaginations to the list.More

How to Diversify Your Workplace
from AbileneBiz eMagazine
In today’s economy, employers look for employees that have the ability to adapt to different situations and circumstances, employees that are creative and have the ability to solve problems. Do you realize that on a daily basis, people with disabilities must think creatively about how to solve problems and accomplish tasks? In the workplace, this resourcefulness can translate into innovative thinking, fresh ideas and varied approaches to confronting business challenges and achieving success. More

Game Helps Employees Learn About Operational Waste
from Reliable Plant Magazine
Eliminating process waste is essential to reducing operating costs. There are many ways to train employees about operational wastes and how to recognize them out on the shop floor. Training for waste elimination can be a fun exercise that employees from all levels of the organization can use in their everyday lives, making the workplace a little more effective each day. More

How HR Managers are Learning from Movies
from The Economic Times
When the irrepressible Rancho mocks at his professor in the movie Three Idiots with his definition of a book: "Instruments that record, summarize, and explain information which are illustrative, non-illustrative, hardbound, paperback...," someone was taking notes. Shivendra Madhusudan, manager sales development-management training at Max-New York Life Insurance later held a screening of the movie for his sales team. The message: Jargon-free communication skills for sales personnel involved in selling insurance polices. More

Ten Surefire Ways to Rein in Millennials
from Hotel News Now
Millennials. Generation Y. Echo boomers. The fickle hoard of twenty-somethings making waves in the hospitality industry is known by many pseudonyms, perhaps none more so than one unflattering designation: disloyal. More

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