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4 good questions for churches about cash reserves
Church Law & Tax
Churches often have questions about cash reserves. A general rule of thumb is for churches to maintain a minimum of three months of cash on hand related to expenses. Michael Batts is the managing partner for Batts Morrison Wales & Lee, a national CPA firm serving nonprofits and churches, and he offers his thoughts about adequate levels of cash reserves, plus a couple of questions about demonstrating the need for reserves to senior church leadership.
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  Attract Families to Your Church Community
PLAYTIME play areas can help draw new families into your community and broaden your congregation. Our unique, imaginative creations differentiate your church or religious center, reinforce cultural values, traditions and the importance of community. Learn more about our indoor or outdoor playground systems. (More)

Is your church jumping the shark?
By Mark MacDonald
When a decline starts for a product or TV show, the writers or manufacturers lose their minds with wild ideas that they'll attempt to correct the decline. What was known for amazing creativity, now turns into a disconnect with over-the-top, pie-in-the-sky, wild thinking. This has been called "jumping the shark." Sometimes gimmicks work to attract a big crowd. Until you jump the shark. How about your church? How do you know when you're jumping the shark?
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TeleWeb today: How to build volunteer team who'll go the second mile
Our culture is obsessed with "busy," not serving, so the church is swimming against the current when we ask for volunteers. So how do we capture not only our congregation's attention but their hearts as well? How can we get to the point where we're no longer begging people to serve but simply connecting them with the opportunities? Today at 2:30 p.m. EST, Deborah Wipf leads a meeting full of practical tips you can take back to your church and start implementing right away.
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Be careful when using unpaid interns
By D. Albert Brannen
The federal Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division has become much more aggressive in identifying and seeking damages against employers who fail to pay interns for the work they perform. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, covered, nonexempt individuals who are "permitted" to work must be compensated for the services they perform for an employer. Unless an internship in the "for-profit" private sector meets a set of six criteria, the internship will most often be viewed as employment.
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4 myths many churches believe to be true
Church Central
Wouldn't it be great if everything we believe to be true were true? Most churches have some beliefs that just can't be verified by any standard measures. The wonderful gift of disillusionment might help us get a little more real.
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  Make Personal Connections With Your Technology
Whether a first-time visitor or long time attendee, establishing a connection and encouraging interaction with the church’s ministry areas is one of the most vital areas of the follow-up process. To help your church focus on the personal aspects of connection and getting people involved, download the ACS Technologies ministry guide Key Elements to Connection Success today.

Pastors and sin: 9 ways church elders are held accountable
The Christian Post
Each year we see new stories of Christian leaders who get entangled in scandalous sin. Our experience tells us that this has happened before and will happen again. Often we ask, "Who was holding this man accountable?" And, "If I can't trust this seemingly godly man, who can I trust?" It is common and appropriate to also ask, "How are we supposed to hold leaders accountable?" If they are local church elders, the Bible speaks directly to the question.
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Churches must talk numbers to stay relevant
The Durham News
Most mainline churches are reluctant to talk about numbers. Like how many new folks joined their ranks during a past year, for example. Some preachers say, "Numbers don't mean everything" or "The church is more than mere numbers of people." Then there are others like retired United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon who have some different thoughts on the subject.
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  Let Your Light Shine

Since 2007, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa has been accommodating youth, family and couples retreats. Paired perfectly with the majestic backdrop of the Shawangunk Mountains, Honor’s Haven provides an engaging and educational environment, ideal for unlocking your congregation’s potential. Contact us today and book a retreat you can have faith in!

How to welcome a new pastor to your church
Associated Baptist Press
When a new pastor is being introduced to your congregation as our new pastor, what can you do to make the transition easier? Many pastors would be too humble to give you this list. Over the decades, this great question has been given a lot of thought, and here are some responses.
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3 ways to grow your church by subtraction
Church Leaders
Maybe you've heard the term "addition by subtraction." It is explained that quite often an organization or department can add to its effectiveness by actually taking someone off the team and not replacing them. What an awesome idea. Here are three things you may need to subtract from your church if it's not moving.
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  Hosting A Church Superbowl Party?

Church leaders are just recovering from all their Christmas musical events, and now it’s time to prepare for one of America’s most sacred holidays... the 48th National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl.

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Need for speed: Improving website load times can boost your business
By Stephanie Studer
People are impatient. A sweeping statement? Sure. But consider that Google engineers noticed in 2012 that a delay as short as 400 milliseconds was enough to drive visitors away from a website. To put that in perspective, that is roughly twice as long as it takes to blink. No matter what you hope to gain from your online presence, whether it's sales or SEO, you can't expect to get it if your page loads at a snail's pace. So let's speed things up with a few simple tricks that are easy to implement.
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9 steps to more concise business writing
By Joe Latta
In today's world of ultratasking and information overload, being concise is more important than ever. Your audience typically doesn't have the time or desire to search for information. They don't want to read six lines for what could have been said in six words. They want to get in, get information and get out. If they can't, your message is lost.

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Do you see your church in the latest multisite trends report?
Worship Facilities
The multisite experiment became the primary way healthy churches accommodated their growth during the recession. Even as the economy improves, the multisite model will continue to be the prevailing choice for growth in healthy churches. Here are some additional developments emerging among 2014 multisite trends.

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Are you working for God or with God?
By Deborah Wipf
There's an interesting dynamic that occurs when you earn a paycheck in ministry. Your work, and particularly, your performance on the job becomes tied into your relationship with God. When I worked for a ministry, I struggled with viewing my relationship with God through the lens of how I felt I was performing on the job. Looking back, I realize how dangerous that mindset can be to our faith.

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Choosing the wrong Web host can sink your site in the search engines
When trying to get your website ranked well in the search engines, did you realize that the Web host you choose can make or break your rankings? There are five ways your Web host can help or hurt you in the search engines.
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Digital disciples: Engaging youth through social media
Faith & Leadership
Twenty-six teenagers dillydally on smartphones, sending instant messages, scrolling through news feeds, liking statuses and posting updates on social media sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram while intermittently gazing at farmland images beaming from a digital projector. New Age tunes echo through the room courtesy of online music service Spotify. Despite the tech-rich environment, these youths aren't meeting at an urban cybercafe or taking a class at an Apple store. They are congregating at the Upper Dublin Lutheran Church fellowship hall in the Rev. Keith Anderson's weekly catechism class.
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The Steve Jobs way to motivate employees
Fox Business
If you ask 10 executives or business leaders what really motivates employees to do great things, you'll probably get 10 different answers. Likewise, if you ask thousands of people what motivates them, you'll get some common responses. So, instead of the usual boilerplate fluff, here's how someone like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page or Steve Jobs somehow manages to build a cult-like culture of people who love their work and truly believe they can make a dent in the universe. And how you can do the same thing.
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Your employees want the negative feedback you hate to give
Harvard Business Review
Would you rather hear positive feedback about your performance or suggestions for improvement? For the last two weeks, we've been compiling data on this question and on people's general attitudes toward feedback, both positive and corrective. What our assessment measures is the extent to which you prefer to give and to receive both positive and corrective feedback.
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The Episcopal Diocese of Iowa — Des Moines, Iowa
A successful applicant will have a degree in accounting or equivalent experience in a not-for-profit organization of similar size. Experience in risk management, investments and securities ...

Director of Operations and Administration
Kingsland Baptist Church — Katy, Texas
Kingsland Baptist Church, a dynamic 4,700-member church in a growing Houston suburb, seeks qualified applicants for the position of director of operations and administration ...

Administrative Assistant
Confidential — Illinois
Minimum three-plus years of administrative assistant experience; expertise in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Outlook; knowledge of computer systems and technology ...

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