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The interactive church
Church Marketing Sucks    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Our broadcast world is quickly giving way to an interactive world. One-way broadcasting is being replaced with multi-way conversations. People no longer passively consume media, they interact with it. They talk back, through Twitter, Facebook, text messages and more. Widespread events are especially prone to this kind of treatment, from this week's State of the Union to the upcoming Super Bowl, and anything that’s experienced by a large group, whether it’s national elections or natural disasters, or something closer to a home like a blizzard or local conference. Hashtags spring up on Twitter. Facebook has started collecting statuses about a popular topic. How will your church service become more interactive? More

Create a More Personal Web Experience
The church Web site is often a visitor’s first interaction with the church. One of the easiest ways to provide a more personal experience is to tightly integrate the Web site content with the church management system. For more information, download the ACS Technologies ministry guide Developing An Effective Web Strategy. more

Keeping Super Bowl church events compliant
Copyright Solver    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
One of America’s most sacred holidays is fast approaching. The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away and many churches are preparing for one of their biggest evangelistic opportunities of the year. The Super Bowl has the largest economic impact of any regular human event with literally every demographic engaged in this annual national fervor. While churches won’t be looking to make money on the big game, they will be promoting events to view the classic clash between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Feb. 5. More

Megachurch revival reignites discipleship vs. evangelism debate
The Christian Post    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
What's more important? Reaching the lost or growing the reached? Over the past two weeks, the ongoing debate between discipleship and evangelism took center stage during one megachurch's Code Orange Revival. Elevation Church, a seeker-friendly church in Charlotte, N.C., hosted a 12-night "old-school revival," that ended Sunday night, featuring presentations from well-known pastors like Ed Young, Perry Noble and T.D. Jakes. The event drew thousands of attendees but it also attracted critics, who raised important questions for the evangelical church. More

Church fundraising to secure Tim Tebow appearance
Zanesville Times Recorder    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Attendance has increased each year of The Restoration, a faith-based event sponsored by the New Hope Gospel Church youth ministry program Extreme Fire. Bringing Tim Tebow could provide a big bang for this year's fifth annual event. Organizers are asking for donations and commitments to help bring the Denver Broncos quarterback to Zanesville to speak on opening night -- March 2. More

What stats should matter to churches?
Dave Ferguson    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
In the movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt plays the part of the Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane. While most of the baseball old timers and scouts had a set of stats they used to look for young prospects, Billy Beane understood that the only stat that mattered was runs scored. Through statistical analysis he changed the game of baseball forever and was credited with indirectly bringing a championship to the Boston Red Sox for the first time in 85 years. In much the same way churches should not confuse a variety of different stats like attendance and offering with the one stat that matters most. More

Hire power
Church Law & Tax    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Looking to hire a janitor or a secretary? Maybe a senior minister? While some hires might involve a few more steps than others, it's all pretty basic, right? You've got the résumé, two or three references, and you know what the job requires. You work with people all of the time, so you have a good, intuitive sense of who will fit in and who won't. It ought to be a no-brainer. Not quite. Many things can go wrong. There are specific steps you should take, and pitfalls you should avoid. More

9 healthy ways to deal with leadership loneliness    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Leadership means loneliness in some ways. With every step in leadership we make, comes the inevitable increase in loneliness. The higher we climb in leadership, the more responsibilities we get, the lonelier we become. We can’t share everything we experience in our youth ministry with our team because some of it isn’t beneficial to them. We can’t be completely open about what we encounter or wrestle with towards parents or church member because there’s a confidentiality issue. And yet at the end of the day, we’re the ones who have to make the decisions. The buck stops with us. More

93 Years. 35,000 Churches.

GuideStone is one of the nation’s largest providers of Christian-based employee benefit plans. We share your values and provide only caring, patient customer service.

Leading new people to active involvement
Outreach Magazine    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
How do we lead new attendees along a path from first-time guest to regular attendee to active participant embracing and engaging in the vision and mission of the church? It’s a huge challenge for any and every church. In “church speak,” it’s connection, retention and assimilation. The process is anything but simple. Even the terminology is a hurdle. In this article, five pastors talk about turning people from spectators to active participants More

6 things you don't/do want said about your church
Church Central    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Churches want, and rightly so, for their extended communities to speak well of them. These days, a lot of time and money goes into promulgation of good PR about the local church—particularly the “humungo” local church. While all that is going on, though, there are some things you might not want said about your church. More

5 signs you are part of an unhealthy church
The Christian Post    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
There is no such thing as a "perfect" church. Honestly, there will never be a perfect church because the people who occupy the church are imperfect. The only thing perfect in church is the message and purity of the Gospel. Though there is no perfect church, there are healthy and unhealthy churches. The author of this article has been in church literally her entire life, so she has seen the great, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. After witnessing and having endless discussions about the church culture, she has compiled a list of 5 signs that signal you are a part of an unhealthy church. More

How to prepare W-2s for church employees, including ministers
Managing Your Church    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Form 1099s are due on Feb. 29, for the 2011 tax year, and churches that need to issue these forms should take note this year: a failure to send them on time has doubled from $50 per form to $100 per form. If you do not have all the information needed to complete a Form 1099 (such as a Social Security number), you can still file it incomplete by Feb. 29. As long as you secure the missing information and file the amended Form 1099 before Aug. 1, then no penalties will apply. More

In St. Louis, 75 new churches is goal
Baptist Press    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
With more than 2.8 million people in the metro area, St. Louis is among North America's great unreached urban centers. Less than 15 percent of the city's population is affiliated with an evangelical church and nearly half of the population is unaffiliated with any religious group -- Christian or otherwise. Through Send North America: St. Louis, local Southern Baptists plan to start more than 75 churches in the city during the next five years. More

The future of faith-based films
Charisma News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
As Christian films become more popular, will the temptation to partner with Hollywood studios lead to a compromised message? Or will churches and other independents continue to make their own films—the kind intended to improve the culture more than the bottom line? At issue is a scenario not unlike the early days in contemporary Christian music. Then, artists made records for independent labels and emphasized ministry, playing at churches and coffee houses for offerings or a chance to sell records. But some people argue that as the genre became popular and corporations bought many of the labels, the message was diluted to appease radio and shareholders. More

Rick Warren and church tackle obesity
CNN    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The epiphany occurred at a baptism. With more than 800 people waiting, Pastor Rick Warren took them one by one and immersed them in the church's baptism pool. During this spiritual rite at Saddleback Church, the pastors hold the people briefly underwater, and then pull them out. "On that particular day, I was baptizing 858 people," Warren told his congregation last fall. "That took me literally four hours." "As I'm baptizing 858 people, along around 500, I thought this ... 'We're all fat.' " Warren turned his realization to himself. "But I thought, I'm fat," he said. "I'm a terrible model of this. I can't expect our people to get in shape unless I do." Warren, considered one of the most influential pastors in the country, delivered the inaugural prayer for President Obama in 2009 and wrote the best-selling book "The Purpose Driven Life." Now, he was embarking on a new mission: Curbing the obesity epidemic at church. More

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