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Volunteers or contractors? When to bring in the professionals
Worship Facilities
Volunteers are amazing. From day-to-day operations to leadership roles, there is no limit to where volunteers can help. Or is there? In building projects, one of the key areas where churches save money is getting volunteers to help offset the costs. This allows the church's money to do more — but where is the line?
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  RiverGlen Christian Church in Waukesha, WI Installs Toddler Playground to Foster Community and Ministry

“RiverGlen is very much about outreach and family,” says Anne Brooks, Director of Elementary Ministries. “Our church playground is definitely a safe environment where kids can play and parents can drink coffee and minister to each other.” (More)

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Church storytelling tips: Social media edition
By Mark MacDonald
We all love a good story. Churches have discovered the need to tell more stories. About themselves, their community, their congregation. It attracts people's attention. Of course, you must use that attention to point to a greater truth. Hopefully you're using video, drama, spoken word and other forms of storytelling in your services. But what about social media? How do you do that?
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IRS announces 1-year delay in health coverage penalty for midsize employers
Journal of Accountancy
The IRS is delaying the so-called shared-responsibility requirement under Sec. 4980H for employers who have 50 to 99 full-time equivalent employees in 2014 (T.D. 9655). These employers will now have until 2016 to offer health care coverage to their employees or be subject to the shared-responsibility payments. However, these employers will still be required to report on their workers and health care coverage in 2015.
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The case of the declining congregation
Associated Baptist Press
It is becoming a consistent scenario: Anxious congregations overreact to symptomatic issues and cause great harm to people and ministry. In its simplest form, it looks something like this: a congregation begins to notice that attendance at weekend Bible study and/or worship is declining. Assuming that a decline in attendance means their church is in trouble, desperate measures seem called for. A move to change ministerial leadership is carried out. Following a bruising internal conflict, the attendance decline accelerates as the church implodes.
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10 simple ways to cut business expenses
Fox Business
There's no avoiding the fact that running a business costs money. While you can't fully eliminate your costs, you can significantly reduce them with a few simple changes to your business operations. Holly Perez, senior manager of personal finance software company Quicken, shared these 10 cost-cutting solutions to help you reduce your business's budget.
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  Positive Impact Through Strong Web Ministry
Churches that build strong Web ministries often experience positive impact on all of their ministry efforts. For more information on how to build a strong, effective Web ministry that improves communication in all ministry areas, download the ACS Technologies ministry guide 5 Key Principles to Effective Web Ministry today.

How to hire winners, not whiners
By Mel Kleiman
If you're a manager, who do you want on your team — a bunch of whiners who moan and groan about everything little change or challenge, or the winners who know what they have to do and are willing to meet every obstacle as an opportunity? Of course, you'll say you want the winners, but I bet you have a few whiners on your team right now anyway. If you are wondering how you ended up with a team of both winners and whiners when you used the same methods to interview and hire everyone, you may have made a common, but understandable, tactical error.
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The state of theological education in leadership and business
Church Executive
While church business management training has increasingly become part of MDiv curricula, the need isn't entirely met — yet. Theological education has undergone something of a renaissance during the last decade. In addition to the expected course offerings, most of the nation's larger seminaries now have robust programs that extend from these basics — and no more so than in practical theology.
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  Let Your Light Shine

Since 2007, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa has been accommodating youth, family and couples retreats. Paired perfectly with the majestic backdrop of the Shawangunk Mountains, Honor’s Haven provides an engaging and educational environment, ideal for unlocking your congregation’s potential. Contact us today and book a retreat you can have faith in!

7 warning signs of affairs for pastors and other church staff
Thom S. Rainer
The conversation is always sad, always tragic. The pastor who left his church after a two-year affair with another church member. The student pastor who has been out of vocational ministry since he had a brief sexual encounter with his assistant. And after dozens, perhaps a few hundred, of these conversations, I see patterns. These patterns become warning signs for any of us, lest we be so naïve to think we have no vulnerabilities.
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Build for efficiency to avoid an annual budget nightmare
Church Law & Tax
How does the church administrator, working with his designers and builders in developing a new church design, work through the labyrinth of possibilities and make the right decisions balancing up-front costs with long-term energy and maintenance costs? It's not easy, but worth all the time and effort you'll put into it. Experienced church designers and builders have a lot to say on this subject, in terms of both general principles and specific tips.
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  Costs Are Down and Value Is Up
Don't let your set list be limited by your streaming license song catalog. WORSHIPcast is the only church streaming license that covers internet performance rights for 17 million Christian and secular songs from the catalogs of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

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Step aside, millennials — Here comes Generation Z
By Greg Witz
Born from the late 1990s to now, Generation Z is the current generation, and its oldest members are starting to enter the workforce. They are known as "digital natives," and we joke that the "Z" stands for zombies as they are rarely away from their devices. Now is the time to be proactive in preparing our organizations for Gen Zers.

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Who owns the pastor's sermon?
Christianity Today
In the late 1970s, Sealy Yates was sitting in his law office when Chuck Swindoll paid him a visit. Swindoll was then a relatively unknown pastor at First Evangelical Free Church. He had run into some legal trouble and wanted Yates's advice. At issue: Who owned Swindoll's sermons — Swindoll or First Evangelical? Nearly 40 years later, disputes over the copyrights of pastors' sermons aren't likely to go away.

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7 steps for a more productive church staff
By Deborah Wipf
One of the challenges in ministry is that there's always more work to do — and it's unlikely you can hire a small army anytime soon. A high-performing, productive team won't happen by accident. Lead the way by providing your team with tools and information they need to do their job with excellence. It requires a bit of an upfront investment to change old habits or implement new tools, but that investment will pay off.

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Members of a Virginia congregation worship in the nude
Members of a small Virginia congregation don’t wear robes or collars when they worship God — they wear their birthday suits. In Southampton, Va., at the White Tail Chapel, congregation members mostly attend church in the nude, although some people choose to go topless. "There's not a feeling that you have to be better than one another, physically," Pastor Allen Parker said. "We're humans, we have scars, we have what we have ... it's learning to love and accept that."
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A New Way to Manage Church Purchases
You, staff and volunteers can now make purchases wherever Visa is accepted, without using your credit. MORE
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Can clergy regain respect?
USA Today
The United Nations' scathing denunciation of the Vatican last week over its mishandling of sexual misconduct by priests is symptomatic of a larger credibility crisis for clergy. In a single generation, clergy have gone from being some of our most revered community leaders to some of our most reviled. Why such a precipitous fall from grace for America's spiritual leaders? At least three possible causes spring to mind.
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How religion in the US today tracks closely with geography
The Christian Science Monitor
Tell me where you live, and there's a good chance I'll know your religion. Mississippi or Alabama? Protestant. Rhode Island or New Jersey? Roman Catholic. Mormon? That's easy: Utah, although a substantial minority in Idaho is Mormon too. Vermont or Oregon? You could well be "unchurched." Demography isn't exactly spiritual destiny. But for most Americans, their religious identity tracks closely with where they live.
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How are your vendors doing? Tell us in The Ultimate Guide to Church Suppliers.

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Are smartphones productive tools or distractive devices?
By C. Fredrick Crum
Many businesses provide leaders with smartphones or reimburse employees for their use of their private phones for business use so that productivity is increased. I have always wondered if this practice actually increased productivity or if having the world at your fingertips was a distraction. A group of researchers at Kent State University seems to have provided an answer in a study that has gained international attention.
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4 simple ways to boost accountability
"How do I boost accountability on my team?" This is the most pervasive question being asked by leaders in both startups and in Fortune 500 companies alike. Nearly every mention of the word accountability is about other people. Accountability is like rain — everyone knows it's good for you, but nobody wants to get wet. Start by being more accountable yourself. Set the example, and you will be on your way to building a more accountable team.
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Plano Campus Facilities Manager
Prestonwood Baptist Church — Plano, Texas
Growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Previous experience in facility maintenance, prior supervisory experience, ability to use computer software programs, good communication and ...

Event Coordinator
Columbus Avenue Baptist Church — Fort Worth, Texas
Job description: Columbus Avenue Baptist Church event coordinator will provide seamless, administration, leadership and management of all operational and financial ...

Church Business Administrator
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church — Dallas
The ideal candidate for the church business administrator position would possess the following attributes and experience: a bachelor's degree, preferably in business ...

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