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Vision Budget

What is wrong with this comment from a church leader?

“You cannot tell the mission of our church by looking at our budget.
We say our mission is evangelism, but our budget for evangelism is miniscule.”

The church’s budget is the protector of the church’s mission! Regardless of what the Mission Statement says, that which receives the church’s funds reveals what is the true mission and vision of the church! For most churches, there is a significant disconnect between their mission, money, and ministry, and exposes an inefficient reality.

The VisionBudgetTM is a church development process that connects the development of the church’s mission with the development of its ministries in a purposeful way, all in a structure that ensures their proper funding. It is an 82 page download that is written with sufficient detail without losing sight of its overview perspective. The VisionBudgetTM creates efficiency and effectiveness in the church!

Find out more at and plan to attend the VisionBudgetTM workshop at the NACBA Conference in Houston, which is led by its author Dr. Robert S. Hallett, president of TLC Ministries.

Take the Budget Efficiency Quiz now to see how efficient your church budget is.

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