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April 4, 2008
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Ethics Ideals for Nonprofits
from the Houston Chronicle
In its Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice report, the Washington-based coalition of charities and foundations lays out a blueprint of what nonprofits must and should do to avoid legal and ethical improprieties. Six of the 33 rules are required by law. The other 27 are up for discussion within the nonprofit industry. More

Build-Masters Group LLC

Church Financial Health Can Reduce Skepticism and Cynicism in an Older Church
from LifeWay
As churches grow older sometimes they forget what it was like when they were young. Churches need to remember a few of the qualities that characterize the financial indicators of a young healthy Kingdom-Focused Church. More

Churches with Gas ‘Buy-Downs,’ Ease Neighbors’ Pain at Pumps
from Associated Baptist Press
When it comes to ministry in Jesus’ name, relieving "oppression" takes many forms -- including the oppression of today's gasoline prices. As gas prices hit record levels across the country, a growing number of churches are sponsoring gas "buy-downs" -- paying part of the cost of each gallon as a way to help their neighbors. More

Video: Religions Raise Ecological Sensitivity
from MSNBC
A move to make environmental concerns part of a spiritual focus in some religious congregations is becoming increasingly popular in today’s church environments. For some religious leaders, going green is now a matter of faith. More

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   Developing an Effective Web Strategy

Do you have an effective Web Ministry? Are you communicating with your members via e-newsletters? Managing your small groups online? Organizing and recruiting volunteers on your Web site? Whether you are, or aren't, you need an effective Wed strategy to move your ministry forward! For great tips on developing your strategy, download the ACS ministry guide, Developing an Effective Web Strategy. More

Religion at the Register
from The Indianapolis Star
Once scared to speak out about religion in business, more and more companies are coming out of the spiritual closet. The business philosophy of companies such as Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby is based largely on biblical principles -- including the decision to remain closed on Sundays. More

Best Faith-based Website Trends Detailed in New Report from Web Marketing Association
from PR Web
The Web Marketing Association recently released the Internet Standards Assessment Report (ISAR) to help the faith-based industry learn to create more effective and engaging websites. "Faith-based sites are where users turn for information about their or another's faith. In addition, it is also another example of how the Internet has built communities through online networks. Many faith-based sites are strong in social media, offering user generated content to their advantage," said William Rice, president of the Web Marketing Association, Inc. More

Youth Ministry is Worth Community's Support
from the Jackson Sun
The Greater Gibson County Youth Fellowship Ministries was created to bring young people together for positive activities. It is a community-wide effort. This ministry is unique because it is so wide-ranging in scope. This isn't just an effort to offer after-school help to kids, or to reach out to troubled youth. It is an effort to help participants find their hidden talents, then to encourage them and help them grow. More

Protect My Ministry

Is God Silenced on College Campuses?
from USA Today
College students are becoming more open to conversation about Christianity. Such is the state of affairs at the nation's colleges and universities, where religion is experiencing something of a renaissance, although not necessarily in the shapes and forms older generations are used to seeing. More

Local Christian Ministry Joins Angel Food Effort to Deliver Discount Food
from The Ledger
Acts Ministries Inc., a nondenominational, nonprofit organization whose basic premise is to provide $60 worth of food to the consumer for $30 each month, began offering Angel Food Ministries starting this month in areas in Florida. Residents can get hearty food at almost half-price without having to submit an application or meet need requirements. More

After Three Strikes, Pastor Still is Not Out
from SouthtownStar
Phill Martin, deputy chief executive officer of the National Association of Church Business Administration, said building back trust is a big part of recovering from large thefts. With embezzlement not all that uncommon in churches, Martin said parishioners can have faith that a victimized church will bounce back. More


Building churches without heavy debt
There are three major aspects to most church building projects - designing, financing and fund raising. A successful capital campaign can save a fortune in interest, as well as... More

Willet-Hauser Architectural Glass

Church Financing Specialists
Churches and religious schools of all denominations turn to the financing specialists at Ziegler.


Ben Maitland, Director of Advertising Sales

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