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April 25, 2008
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How to Improve Your Church Staff Meetings
from LifeWay
Profitable weekly church staff meetings are a necessity in a dynamic church. In a good staff meeting, two elements that are present are listening and delegation. Before one can delegate, he must listen to determine to what extent delegation is needed. More

Build-Masters Group LLC

Straight Talk About Money
from Today’s Christian Woman
Churches -- both their leaders and members -- seem to have a hard time speaking plainly about finances. But direct discussion about money matters can only help a church. More

Best Church, Business Leaders have Some Similar Qualities
from Associated Baptist Press
The same leadership skills that make many of the best business leaders successful also can enable church leaders to fulfill their potential, some Christian business experts note. More

The Seven Foundations of Jesus’ Leadership
There’s no better teacher on leadership than Jesus. What made him such an effective leader? Lots of reasons. And in this article, the author gives you seven reasons and how drawing from Jesus’ example, you can become a better leader in your church. More

   Product Showcase:
   Setting the Stage for Good Stewardship

Time and money are two of your most valuable ministry resources, but you may find yourself struggling to manage them efficiently. For great tips on how to streamline your operations and be more effective as a church, download the ACS ministry guide Setting the Stage for Good Stewardship. Download today!

Church-closing Rate Only One Percent
from The Christian Century
A new study finds that only 1 percent of U.S. religious congregations go out of existence each year, "which is among the lowest mortality rates ever observed for any type of organization," according to an article to be published in the June issue of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. More

Evangelism Must Begin Beyond the Sanctuary
from TransWorldNews
Unchurched adults interested in finding a congregation aren’t nearly as likely to visit one in person as a church member who is shopping for a new congregation. That means effective evangelism must begin outside the sanctuary in relationships between Christians and unbelievers, according to research from several recent studies from LifeWay Research. More

Passion for Kids Appeals to Parents
from Baptist Press
Why are kids waking up early on Sunday mornings to nag their parents, "We have to get to church!" And why does a church in a declining small town continue to grow? One reason: Reaching children is one of the top priorities at Osborne Baptist Church in Eden, N.C. More

Protect My Ministry

Are U.S. Churches Doing Enough to Fight Poverty in America
from Christian Newswire
Two-thirds of Americans surveyed in a new poll say their churches are doing enough to help the poor despite the latest United States Census Bureau statistics showing consistent year-to-year increases in the numbers of Americans living in poverty. This, combined with poverty indicators such as rising food stamp usage, points to increased demand for a complacent church to do more to help the poor. More

Christian Coalition Backs Net Neutrality at FCC Hearing
from Christian Post
Organizations that don't have "deep pockets" should have the same access to the internet "without snooping or blocking or slowing down" by internet providers, the vice president of a conservative Christian advocacy group said Thursday at a meeting on network management. Michele Combs of Christian Coalition of America received some of the loudest applause at the Stanford Law School gathering for airing her supportive views of net neutrality – the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally without regard to the source or subject matter, according to Tech Policy Central. More

Web-Based Church Management Software Helps Churches Build Community
from Christian Newswire
Church Community Builder '2.0' launches new user-interface that includes enhanced group management features, upgraded process and workflow management, easy website integration, and more. More


Building churches without heavy debt
There are three major aspects to most church building projects - designing, financing and fund raising. A successful capital campaign can save a fortune in interest, as well as... More

Willet-Hauser Architectural Glass

Church Financing Specialists
Churches and religious schools of all denominations turn to the financing specialists at Ziegler.


Ben Maitland, Director of Advertising Sales

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