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Top 10 reasons people don't tithe
Church Leaders
Tithing is a spiritual discipline many Christians practice. In its simplest form, it means giving back to God 10 percent of what you make. Pastor Charles Stone practiced it for years as a regular part of his giving, but throughout his 35 years of ministry he has seen many who do not tithe. Here are 10 common reasons he has heard that church people give for not tithing.
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Early-Bird Deadline for Top Church Management Conference one week away
The Church Network
The Church Network's national conference was named one of the top church management conferences for 2015 by Church Law and Tax Report. The conference will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, July 13-16. There will be 70+ sessions that will help you tackle you church administration challenges, 500+ church administrative leaders with whom to share and gain ideas and best practices, and 100+ exhibitors who are experts focused on the unique needs of churches. The early-bird deadline is May 14. Don't delay! Register today!
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Oh yeah, it's Mother's Day!
By Mark MacDonald
Church communications is not an easy task. Many people think it's as simple as telling everyone what's going on in your church — which isn't always simple — but it's more than that. Effective church communicators are leaders who intently love, know and understand the people who come to your church. But it doesn't stop there. If you found yourself this week saying, "Oh yeah, it's Mother's Day so we better do something for the moms," you've started to think like a church communicator.
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Why Americans just won't take time off
Paid leave, whether in the traditional structure of vacation and sick days or as the more general bank of hours paid time off policy, makes up nearly 7 percent of total compensation in private industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But employees rarely use all the time allotted. Workers, on average, fail to use nearly five vacation days a year, the U.S. Travel Association found. As a result of all these unused days off, one study puts the liability taken on by U.S. businesses at $224 billion, due to workers’ rolling over unused paid time off. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that when people don’t take time off to reset, their resulting stress and burnout can be detrimental to both workers and their employers.
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4 ways tension will make your church a better congregation
Baptist News Global
In case anyone forgot to tell you, life in church is filled with tension. The Riverside Church senior pastor Amy Butler believes this with all her heart. In fact, she's always said that if you leave a worship service in which she's led and you don’t feel uncomfortable, she has failed. This, she admits, is not the best church growth strategy, but tension is absolutely necessary in any congregation that wants to welcome the future.
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Study: Nonprofits lose an average of $15,000 a year due to spam filters
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Nonprofits annually lose an average of nearly $15,000 because of fundraising solicitations intercepted by spam filters, according to a new study. Donations made in response to emails accounted for about a third of online fundraising revenue in 2013, but one in eight emails never reaches an inbox — a percentage almost as high as the share of emails that are opened, the report says. Nonprofits could boost email fundraising revenue by around 14 percent by reducing their spam rate.
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Church communication on a shoe string budget
Center for Church Communication
Many churches do church communication on a shoestring budget and the best way to deal is to learn how others do it. Churches were asked, "Does your church have a budget and what percentage is for communication?" The responses ranged from "change in my pocket" and "operates on Doritos and barbecue" to churches that actually have line items for budgets. Of those that had budgets, a low range of .02 percent to 3 percent was reported. So a discussion about church communication on the cheap is surely relevant to most of us.
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Momentum Summit Seminars for Ministry Leaders Coming to 15 Cities this Spring
[Building God's Way]    Share   
More than 900 church leaders attended Momentum Summit events in 2014. In addition to popular sessions on leadership, building expansion, renovation and funding, this year’s events will also shed light on the power of integrating for-profit enterprise to sustain and expand ministry in the 21st century. More

Measuring ministry impact takes years
Faith & Leadership
How long does it take to know whether a new ministry is effective? According to Dave Odom, it's three years to get the initiative properly established and aligned. Seven years to start seeing signs of its influence. Fifteen years to see the full flourishing of the work. But the participants in Foundations of Christian Leadership did not like his answer. They lead services offered by Christian institutions and are under great financial stress, whose supporters want immediate results. Yet if leaders give in to supporters’ or critics’ short-term thinking, they end up focusing our evaluation on the day-to-day work.
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Want millennials back in the pews? Stop trying to make church 'cool'
The Washington Post
Church attendance has plummeted among young adults. In the United States, 59 percent of people ages 18 to 29 with a Christian background have, at some point, dropped out. In response, many churches have sought to lure millennials back by focusing on style points: Cooler bands, hipper worship, edgier programming, impressive technology. Yet while these aren’t inherently bad ideas and might in some cases be effective, they are not the key to drawing millennials back to God in a lasting and meaningful way. Young people don’t simply want a better show. And trying to be cool might be making things worse.
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Ministers, patrol officers to be paired in sheriff's new program to guide youth of Jacksonville
The Florida Times-Union
A new initiative in Jacksonville, Florida, will pair ministers with law-enforcement officers in an attempt to change the paths of some of the at-risk youth in the area. With eight area ministers on board, Operation PIE will target 10- to 15-year-olds. “We are going to identify individuals that are at-risk and who are prolific offenders, and we have a criteria that we have developed to establish that,” said Sheriff John Rutherford.
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North Carolina church receives heartwarming note with 18-cent donation
ABC News
Sunday's service was business as usual for First United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. But it was one offering that warmed the hearts of everyone at the congregation, and it wasn't the amount of money that moved them. "After the service we have a couple of people called counters who process the offerings and put them in our safe," Pastor Patrick Hamrick told ABC News. "The secretary called me over and in the envelope was a dime, a nickel, and three cents. That was the 18 cents. We flipped it over and the note was there."
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Forgive us our debts: Family Christian turns to the law for grace
Christianity Today
Blame it on the economy, the digital revolution, and a huge debt. These are the culprits that Family Christian Stores (FCS) — the nation’s largest Christian retail chain, with 266 stores in 36 states — said pushed it into bankruptcy this year. When FCS filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February, it owed $57 million to lenders and $40 million to suppliers and vendors. "I wish that we had alternatives, but we do not," said president and CEO Chuck Bengochea.
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Pastor embarks on 200-mile journey to raise money for homelessness
Christian Headlines
A pastor in Michigan is currently on a 200-mile walk to raise money for homeless people in his community. Rev. Dave Pennell has committed to walking from the Mackinac Bridge to the Abundance Life Mission in Menominee, a 200-mile journey that he hopes will raise $100,000 for the homeless. Christian Today report Pennell is making the journey while carrying a 30 pound wooden cross. He plans to finish the walk by May 9.
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Banking on faith: Cost-sharing ministries offer Obamacare alternative
The Seattle Times
More than 10,000 people in Washington cover health costs not through traditional insurance, but through faith that fellow Christians will step forward to pay the bills. Healthcare-sharing ministries have grown sharply in the era of Obamacare, organizers say.
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Say goodbye to leadership overload
Gifted for Leadership
"What you are doing is not good." Jethro said it to Moses in Exodus 18. God said it to Deborah Brunt at a time when she was experiencing major leadership overload. As she read Jethro's counsel to Moses, she realized it was God’s counsel for her and more importantly, for anyone experiencing leadership overload. In the years since, God has consistently affirmed to Deborah that by walking out the following three principles, anyone can say goodbye to leadership overload.
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Managing your expectations and workload during strategic planning
By William D. Pawlucy
Every day there are many nonprofits in the world moving through the beginnings of a strategic plan. In every one of these sessions, nonprofit boards are creating the road map for their organizations, which is exciting. But there are many executive directors who are dreading the possibility of overloading their staff with too many initiatives. How can an executive director effectively manage expectations during the strategic planning session without putting a damper on the board's enthusiasm?
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How to keep your employees engaged
As leaders, how do we help employees feel joy at work? Chief executives can keep their employees engaged by creating dynamic cultures where employees and leaders test and implement ideas for achieving operational excellence. It's within these cultures where non value-added activities – the activities that waste the company's time and money while eroding employees’ motivation to work – get converted into true value.
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Don't let emotions screw up your decisions
Harvard Business Review
Think about a time you were weighing an important decision at work or considering a big expense such as a buying a house, making a hefty financial investment, or a starting a new business. Such decisions are inherently complex, and — no matter how much experience we have making them — working through the pros and cons of each choice can be overwhelming. Our emotional reactions to these choices may be useful in directing our attention and energy toward what we feel are the most important aspects of the decision. Yet intense emotions may lead us to make misguided decisions or outright disastrous ones.
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Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Church Administrator
Denver, Colorado
Trinity United Methodist Church
This position's responsibilties include: Building administration, including church calendar management, coordination of building maintenance, insurance and building staff management; management of the church membership database (Shelby)...

Human Resources Manager
Alexandria, Virginia
Alfred Street Baptist Church
This position is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of the human resources department and providing human resources expertise and guidance to support the church's human resources functions. Key areas of responsibilities include policy administration...


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