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NACBA Weekly Update
May 15, 2009
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Churches Get Religion on Marketing
from Advertising Age
Marketing may or may not have played a role in American's increasingly fickle relationship with religion, but it's certainly playing one today as organized religions scramble to get consumers' attention. Call it modern-day malaise or attention-deficit religion jumping, but the "nones" are on the rise as more as more people are labeling themselves as having no religion. More    E-mail article

GuideStone Financial Resources

Many Churchgoers and Faith Leaders Struggle to Define Spiritual Maturity
from The Barna Group
America may possess the world’s largest infrastructure for nurturing human spirituality, complete with hundreds of thousands of houses of worship, thousands of parachurch organizations and schools, and seemingly unlimited products, resources and experts. Yet, a new study from the Barna Group identifies an underlying reason why there is little progress in helping people develop spiritually: many churchgoers and clergy struggle to articulate a basic understanding of spiritual maturity. More    E-mail article

TLC Ministries

An Upstart Church Movement Wrestles with Growing Older
from The Wall Street Journal
On a recent Saturday morning, musician Rob Mathes was in London's Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded, working with rock band Dashboard Confessional. But he rushed back to the U.S. for what he sees as an equally important gig: playing Sunday morning services at Trinity Church in Greenwich, Conn. More    E-mail article

Religious People are Better Citizens, Study Says
from Religion News Service
First, the silver lining: people of faith are better citizens and better neighbors, and America is “amazingly” religious compared to other countries, says Harvard University professor Robert Putnam. Now, the cloud: young Americans are “vastly more secular” than their older counterparts, according to Putnam. More    E-mail article

Twittering Churches: Churches Connect Through Social Networking
from The United Methodist Portal
Online social networking didn’t mean much for a while at First United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. The congregation launched a Facebook page early this year, and used it mostly to announce plans for Holy Week and Easter. Then on Palm Sunday, the church kitchen caught fire. To get the word out quickly, the staff posted updates on its Facebook page, urging all members who use that networking site to call anyone who hadn’t heard the news. Hours later, some 400 people showed up for an impromptu 6:30 p.m. service. More    E-mail article

   Product Showcase:
   Keeping Children Safe during VBS

Child security is one of the biggest issues churches face. By implementing a cohesive check-in process churches save time and money while ensuring that their most precious resource is safe. To learn more about implementing a comprehensive security process download the ACS ministry guide How Secure Is Your Children’s Ministry. Download now

Churches Eye Revival among Recession
from The State
First Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C., is in its best monetary shape in six years. Members are tithing and contributing to missions and outreach efforts toward “the least of these” because they believe they must answer to God for all their income, not just the traditional 10 percent tithe. More    E-mail article

Be a Good Sport about Safe Recreation
from Church Executive Magazine
Church is no longer just a place to gather and worship. It seems an increasing number of churches are finding new ways to involve young adults, teens and children in the church community. To accomplish this, some churches are sponsoring “extreme” sports activities by taking church groups to facilities that offer inline skating, BMX biking, skateboarding, rock climbing, paintball and more. More    E-mail article

Dan Beirute Law

Culture Test – What Makes A Great Staff?
from Church Solutions Magazine
Staff culture is an incredibly powerful thing. Most likely, your church spends 45 percent to 55 percent of its resources on human capital. That’s a huge investment. The author discusses the eight C’s of staff culture that have really helped him in hiring, evaluating and retaining his 100-plus employees. More    E-mail article

Dodging the Ministry Leadership Mind Trap
from Ministry Marketing Coach
In today’s distressed economy, bleak unemployment rate, and the ups and downs of simply living life, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you don’t have what it takes to be a leader in ministry today. You see, that’s the funny thing about our thoughts. If left unattended, they slowly become our beliefs. More    E-mail article

   New HDTV Receiver Also Receives Analog & Digital
    Off-Air & Clear Cable Religious Channels

In many cities, there is more religious programming on local digital TV than satellite or cable. Tune in with the Contemporary Research 232-ATSC HDTV Tuner. Take control via RS-232 or IR. Tunes off-air and clear cable channels, analog or digital, and outputs HDMI, RGB, Component, and analog video.

Contact: 888.972.2728 –

Tips for Small Groups
With the dramatic growth of small group ministry in local churches, leaders are scrambling for insights that will help them improve every aspect of groups in their churches -- from recruit¬ing members to enhancing the teaching that takes place. As a result, more and more resources are being developed for the purpose of helping small group leaders. More    E-mail article

A Fundraiser with Spark
from The Stonington Times
The Girl Scouts have cookies, and now the Pleasant Valley Community of Prayer and Praise in Groton, Conn., has fireworks. The church is in its fifth year of a fundraising partnership with TNT Fireworks, which, along with 5,000 organizations nationwide, will share tent-sale profits of sparklers with TNT to support the charity’s mission. More    E-mail article


Solar-powered Baptisms at Church
from BBC
Heaton Baptist Church's Life Centre has had solar panels installed on the roof, which will be used to warm the water for people being baptized. The panels will also be able to provide heating for the baptistry of the adjoining church. More    E-mail article


Website "How-To" Guide: Free E-book!
by PinPoint Creative Group
Download this easy-to-follow PDF and it'll help your church website be the best it can be! "In this world of complex websites, Commandment 3 gives the church hope!", Mark MacDonald, Creative Director, exclaims. Because, when a Church makes their... More

Dallas Baptist University

Olan Mills

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Is Your Congregation at Risk of Fraud?
with Verne Hargrave
May 28, 2009
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