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June 6, 2008
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Few Churchgoers Tithe, Study Says
from Religion News Service via USA Today
A recent poll by pollster George Barna shows that only 5 percent of Americans say they tithe, or give at least 10 percent of their income to religious congregations and charitable groups. According to other studies on church giving, congregants give an average of 2.58 percent of their income to their churches. That's down from 3.11 percent of their income in 1968, according to studies published by Empty Tomb, a ministry that studies church finances. More

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Churches Feeling Economy's Pinch
from the Miami Herald
A study released earlier this month by LifeWay Research shows that 72 percent of Southern Baptist pastors indicate that difficulties in the U.S. economy are negatively affecting their churches, and 27 percent indicate that their congregations will not meet their budgets if current trends continue. The story is the same for other congregations. More

A $10 Mosquito Net Is Making Charity Cool
from the New York Times
Donating $10 to buy a mosquito net to save an African child from malaria has become a hip way to show you care, especially for teenagers. The movement is like a modern version of the March of Dimes, created in 1938 to defeat polio, or like collecting pennies for Unicef on Halloween. More

Thousands of Young Christians Adopt 'Humble Orthodoxy'
from the Christian Post
Over the past week, some 3,500 young adults engaged in the study of Scripture while leaving the self righteousness at home. The young Christians traveled to Louisville, Ky., for the 2008 New Attitude conference to focus on "God's Word" and take up "humble orthodoxy" – believing, living and representing biblical truth with humility. More

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Where Do Sermons Go?
from The Christian Century
Gordon Atkinson says preaching for an extended time in one community requires its own set of disciplines. You must have both a long and a short memory: some things you must remember forever; others must be quickly forgotten. More

Five Steps to Overcoming Ministry Obstacles
Ever notice that when God is blessing your ministry the most, troubles follow? Your church is growing, but you desperately need a new building. New people are coming to Christ, but you now need to disciple them. You’re tackling some of the greatest evil giants of your community, and now they’re starting to tackle back. More

How to Deal with Difficult People in Your Church
from LifeWay
Do you know difficult people in your church? Chances are, you've met your share of members who are hard to get along with and appear to be intent on being unhappy. So how can you deal with difficult people in a Christ-like way? More


Developing a Racially Diverse Leadership Team
from the Leadership Journal
The leadership at the church in Antioch (Acts 11:19—25; 13:1) serves as a model for enlisting diverse leadership within a local church setting. Luke was compelled, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, not only to mention the names of the men involved as prophets and teachers at Antioch, but their countries of origin as well. More

Pass the Popcorn: Christians Struggle to Decide How Best to Engage Culture
from Associated Baptist Press
If Christians don’t learn to engage the popular culture that surrounds them, they will drown in it, experts insist. More

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