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NACBA Weekly Update
June 19, 2009
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Churches Are Not Exempt from Theft, Violence Problems
from the Lodi News-Sentinel
Although people generally feel that church is a place to pray and literally serves as a sanctuary from society's ills, it's becoming increasingly apparent that criminals and violent people can destroy that sanctity a church affords. More    E-mail article

TLC Ministries

A Child Turns to the Fold
from The New York Times
In April, Bob Sweeney’s son, Ryan, 13, suddenly announced he wanted to start going to church. While Mr. Sweeney had been quite religious once — in his 20s he'd taken an oath of celibacy with plans to spend his life as a Roman Catholic brother — he’d stopped attending church 40 years ago, and he and his wife had raised their son without religion. "I said O.K., fine," Mr. Sweeney recalled, assuming this was a whim. "We let the conversation end without coming to conclusions or decisions." But later that week, on the ride home from middle school, Ryan said, "You know what we’re doing this weekend, Dad? We’re going to church." More    E-mail article

All Star Church Restorations

Room Dividers Aren’t Just for Sunday School Anymore
from Church Executive Magazine
In the early 1990s church administrators sought to find better, faster, easier ways to make Sunday school classrooms in their open multipurpose rooms. They found the answer in a new line of portable room dividers. These partitions are versatile, easy to use, sound absorbing and can be rolled anywhere needed on ball bearing, self leveling casters. While these are great for Sunday school, the uses for this unique line of products has expanded beyond its original intent. More    E-mail article

Keep the Faith
from the Battleboro Reformer
The members of the United Church of Putney, Vt., did not want to simply close their doors. Over the past few years, it became increasingly apparent that the church was not going to exist very long in its present state. So when the church council voted in March 2009 that after 237 years it was time to call it quits, a decision was made to give the Putney institution a proper sendoff. More    E-mail article

   Product Showcase:
   Effectively Managing Contributions

Efficient use of contributions and making wise budget decisions are two areas that churches often struggle with. For suggestions on ways to reduce unnecessary spending and raise money more effectively within the congregation and community, download the ACS ministry guide Setting the Stage for Good Stewardship. Download now

No Slow Summer: Churches Reach Out, Create New Worship Opportunities
from the Abilene Reporter-News
The start of summer signals the exit of college students and the beginning of travel plans for many families, and often, local churches must change gears, too. Some churches say they are focusing on families or changing worship times. Others are reaching out to the unchurched or focusing on other special ministries during the summertime, when regular attendance may dip and even church staff may be absent taking vacations. More    E-mail article

Charitable Giving: Agencies, Churches See Donation Drop
from The Advocate-Messenger
Several local charitable organizations and churches have been receiving fewer donations over the last several months, and their leaders are putting most of the blame on the recession. Although most say the decreases have not been overly dramatic, the downturn has forced many of them to cut some expenses, including payroll. More    E-mail article

Christian Community Credit Union

Ministry in Motion: Churches Use New Approaches to Reach Out
from The Morning News
There's no stained glass, no pew, no steeple. But on Wednesday nights, a former automotive garage is transformed into a house of worship. Pontiac Church blends tradition with a contemporary purpose. More    E-mail article

Crazy for You(th)
from Ministry Today
You will never be able to keep a youth pastor if you don’t lead and challenge him or her. Great youth pastors will not settle for passionless ministry or passionless leadership. They know that church staff members who are “mailing it in” can become barriers to church growth, and that senior pastors who aren’t willing to take risks harm the future of the church. More    E-mail article

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Three Ways to Escape the Process Trap in Your Ministry
from Ministry Marketing Coach
In our ministries - how often do we fall into a process trap? There is certainly a place for processes in our ministry. They create order from chaos and can provide a road map for others to follow that ensures everyone is working toward the same outcomes. But how often do we find a formula or solution that works for us and then (often unintentionally) adapt that idea to the point it becomes "the way we do things…always!" More    E-mail article

Top Weaknesses of Effective Pastors
from Church Central
An effective church attracts the unchurched and grows as a result of its outreach. A study conducted by Thom Rainer and his team conducted a few years ago focused on the strengths and weaknesses of leaders of effective churches. The leaders’ best practices – as well as their admitted deficiencies – are worth noting as you examine your own gifts and shortcomings. This article touches on a few of their top weaknesses. More    E-mail article

GuideOne Insurance

Evaluate Your Mid-Year Ministry Progress
from LifeWay
Looking at progress you've made and where you need to readjust every now and then will help you move toward the ministry goals God has given you. A mid-year ministry evaluation is the perfect opportunity. More    E-mail article

Let Everyone Join the Song
from Ministry Toolbox
If worship is the work of the people, something we do together, something we share, then it might make sense that the more we can involve all the people in all the aspects of worship, the better it is. This is definitely true with your worship music. We want the greatest possible involvement of all the people in the making of music and in the receiving of what music has to offer. Here are a few ideas about how your music program can perhaps become ever more connected to the rest of worship. More    E-mail article

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   Gain Electronic Access Control at the Door without Wiring

Gain electronic access control and an audit trail simply by replacing the mechanical cylinders in your door and cabinet locks with CyberLock electronic cylinders. No wiring is required. Both the lock and key record openings. Missing keys can be quickly inactivated, eliminating “lost key” worries.
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