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July 18, 2008
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Economy May Affect Churches in Ways Other than Giving
from the Associated Baptist Press
The bottoming markets, soaring gas and food prices and a steady stream of home foreclosures may be affecting other sectors of the economy, but that doesn’t mean church budgets will necessarily feel the pinch. But local congregations may well be affected in other ways, according to experts on the subject. More

Generis Partners LLC

This week, NACBA held its 52nd national conference in Nashville. For the next few weeks, the NACBA Weekly Update will feature Conference Wrap-up articles. If you would like to order audio recordings from the conference, click here. To learn about future conferences, click here.

Releasing Today's Generous Givers
from the NACBA Weekly Update
When Dave Ramsey speaks, people listen. The syndicated radio host, who has provided tips for people to get out of debt, opened Monday’s General Session with a powerful punch. And attendees at this year’s NACBA Conference were listening. More

14 Core Competencies of Church Administration
from the NACBA Weekly Update
Dr. Judy Stamey, FCBA, has served churches for over 30 years in North Carolina and Texas. So she was a natural fit to illustrate the 14 core competencies of church administration to attendees of a packed seminar Monday. The seminar was conducted in conjunction with the NACBA Annual Conference held this week in Nashville. NACBA, through its Committee on Professional Training and Standards, has determined that there are 14 core areas of study that church business administrators need in order to do their work more effectively. More

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   Setting the Stage for Good Stewardship

Effectively Managing Your Contributions Churches often struggle with more efficiently using contributions and making wise budget decisions. For practical suggestions on reducing unnecessary spending and more effectively raising money within your congregation, download the ACS ministry guide Setting the Stage for Good Stewardship. Download now

'Marriage Tune Up' Helps Keep Marriages on Right Road
from the Knox News Sentinel
When Jeff and Debby McElroy got married, they didn't plan on developing one of the most unique marriage and family ministries in the country. Their plan was more conventional. The couple head Forever Families, a Knoxville-based ministry that presents conferences and programs for marriage and family enrichment across the United States and in Russia. Their conferences are unique in that Jeff and Debby don't just talk about marriages but present comedy skits, sing and add drama to their programs to get their message across. More

Youth Empowered to Find their Voice, Push for Better Future
from the Christian Post
World Vision's Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is an intense five-month series which has trained some 70 students in nine cities across the nation this year to learn how to be activists, voice their concerns and proposals for change and be a part of the civic process in their local communities, among other impacting efforts.Although World Vision is largely recognized for its international relief and charity efforts, the Christian organization has lately focused on domestic and youth issues and launched the Youth Empowerment Project last year. More

Difficult Sermon? Call in a Team
from the Leadership Journal
Some pastors may avoid Bible passages such as 1 Samuel 15:3, where God commands Saul to wipe out the Amalekites: "Totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep." This passage was one that some college professors use to separate naïve students from their childhood faith. So instead of avoiding it, the author of this article started on it six weeks early. More


Embracing a Silent Revolution
from Ministry Today
Coaching continues to build up steam in today's business world, but it's also gaining popularity among traditional Christian organizations. Groups are implementing it into their core value systems and putting it into practice from the boardroom to the break room. Denominations are exploring coaching methodologies to better undergird their pastors and ministers for 21st-century effectiveness. Christian leaders worldwide are also embracing it for new and better methods of training and equipping. More

How to Start More Small Groups Quickly
At the risk of oversimplifying the issue, there are two keys to a successful small group ministry – figuring out how to start a bunch of small groups and figuring out how to keep them going once you’ve got them started. More

Evangelicals Honor Audio Bible
from USA Today
The 2008 Evangelical Book of the Year isn't a book at all. For the first time in the awards' 30-year history, top honors go to an audio Bible —The Word of Promise, a 21-hour New Testament read by performers including Jim Caviezel as Jesus, the role he played in Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ. More

How to Calm Sunday Morning Chaos
from LifeWay
Your youngest kid is screaming at the top of his lungs about jelly. Your teenager has commandeered the bathroom and won’t let anyone in. Your other child is walking around with only one shoe, and his hair looks like it was licked by a cow. To make matters worse, your Bible is nowhere to be found. Don’t you just love Sunday mornings? More

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e.service Deposit RC™ is Vanco's feature-filled version of remote deposit capture which allows you to simply scan paper checks and approve a deposit right from the church office. Checks deposited by this method never have to be physically presented at the bank or endorsed on the back. It's perfect for churches that handle a large volume of checks each month. More

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Building churches without heavy debt
There are three major aspects to most church building projects - designing, financing and fund raising. A successful capital campaign can save a fortune in interest, as well as... More

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