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NACBA Weekly Update
July 24, 2009
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Religious Groups Signing on to Trendy Social Media
from the Ledger Enquirer
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word has moved to Facebook. True of congregations in other parts of the country, many in the Columbus, Onio, area are experimenting with social media. Want to set up a fan page for your pastor? Get out prayer requests to thousands at the push of a button? Announce a funeral? You can alert the masses, instantly. More
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TLC Ministries

Survey: Megachurch Leaders See Themselves as Teachers, Not Pastors
from The Christian Post
Megachurch pastors are not likely to see themselves as that – pastors. They're more likely to view their role as preacher or teacher, according to a new survey. In newly released findings from the Leadership Network's Large-Church Senior Pastor Survey, 81 percent of senior leaders in churches with more than 2,000 attendees view their role as "preacher/teacher" while only 16 percent see themselves as a "pastor, shepherd or spiritual guide." More
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All Star Church Restorations

Facing Reality is First Step to Rebirth for Dying Churches
from the UM Portal
Older chruches have a choice: continue as is, allowing the church to die a natural death, or find another way to move forward. That’s a question facing a significant number of United Methodist churches every year. According to the General Council on Finance and Administration, an average of about 220 churches have closed each of the last three years (2006-2008). An additional 90 or so per year closed as part of mergers with one or more other congregations. More
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Video: Church Pays Congregation's Bills
from WSET-TV
A Church in Brookneal, Va., has decided to reverse the traditional system of tithing. It is now giving charity to its entire congregation. Starting this week, Burning Bush Church of God in Christ is giving every active member- all 40 of them- a check to pay one past-due bill. More
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   Product Showcase:
   Further Spiritual Development With Volunteer Management

When people join the church they are often eager to volunteer but after a time enthusiasm decreases. To keep volunteers actively participating and to help them continue their growth within the church, download the ACS ministry guide Raising Your Volunteer Numbers today. Download now

Following a Call to Serve: Church Group Takes Action
from the Miami County Republic
Residents of Southeast Kansas are in better situations, thanks to the help of missionaries from the Lighthouse Presbyterian Church in Paola, Kan. The church sent a group of members to the Pittsburg area after 100-mile-per-hour winds uprooted trees and damaged property. More
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Developing a Vision for Emerging Generations
Moral Therapeutic Deists. In 2005, University of North Carolina sociologist Christian Smith coined that phrase to describe the core religious values held by the vast majority of the next generation of the church in America. Summing up four years of research for the National Study of Youth and Religion, his study gave definition to some of the greatest fears already sensed by thousands of discerning ministers and churches across the evangelical world. More
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   Grounds For Play:
   Visit our booth #146 at the upcoming NACBA Conference

Stop by our booth #146 at the conference and pick up a token of our appreciation for visiting. While you’re there let’s discuss your current play environment and your satisfaction with it. Do you have outdoor music or art currently? How about Nature items? Stop by and let’s chat. More info

Manage In-House Conflict at Your Church
from Church Solutions Magazine
When it comes to risk management, the greatest threat to a church is the deterioration of relationships due to poorly managed in-house conflict. Typical risk-management issues such as playground safety, transportation concerns, insurance needs and employee policies are important in that they protect the physical well-being of the organization and its people. If managing risk stops here, however, the church remains vulnerable to the greatest risk of all: internal antagonisms that tear at its very fabric. More
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A Gentle Revolution Arises Among the 'New Elders' in the Church
from Church Executive Magazine
It is part of our daily lives, highlighting the fact that nationally 40 percent of Americans are 50+ in age. What is true in this country is happening elsewhere in the world as well. And this percentage is growing every day. Longevity’s gentle revolution has come home to the church. Regardless of where we fit in the grand scheme of Christendom, aging in the church is a topic that is no longer a leader’s option. More
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Christian Community Credit Union

Demographically Divided Small Groups
from Threads Media
A popular question in young adult ministry is: Should I divide my Bible study groups into demographics? This is a valuable question, especially since most young adult ministries span the ages of 18-34 and may include college students, single adults, and young married couples with or without children. Like so many issues in the church, this one isn’t easily answered. The best way for you to answer this question is to specifically evaluate your ministry. In that process of evaluation, however, there are a few general principles to keep in mind. More
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We're a Tough a Good Way
from Ministry Today Magazine
Resilient. That's a fitting description of most churches these days amid tough economic times. It's also what is proven in a recent Christian Leadership Alliance study that shows just how the economy is impacting Christian nonprofits. The "Economic Outlook Survey" of a wide range of churches and parachurch organizations found that 48 percent of those responding said donations had decreased, while approximately the same percentage indicated their reserves were down. More
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GuideOne Insurance

Watch the Film: Using Statistics to Guide Sunday School
from LifeWay
By watching game film and reviewing statistics, football coaches better analyze and correct a team's weaknesses. Reviewing past performance aids preparation for the next practices and games. The winning Sunday School leader will also be careful to check vital statistics. In your Sunday School ministry there are some important numbers you should systematically review. More
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Product Showcases

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