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Protect your Ministry from Unnecessary Risk

Your ministry does important work. But is it affected by unnecessary risks? Checking your corporate documents and your management structure can weed out risk before it affects your ministry.

Review Your Corporate Documents

Your corporate documents are your ministry’s framework. They include:
  • Bylaws and Constitution
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Minutes and Corporate Resolution

Since some of these documents have to be filed with the State, they present unique risks. Let’s review each one.

1. Bylaws and Constitution
Your ministry’s bylaws and constitution define the structure of the ministry and how it’s run. Some also include expected results and a staff conduct code.

Has your ministry made decisions that go against its bylaws and constitution? If so, the ministry could be at risk. For example, it could be risky if a congregant disagrees with a decision the board makes. Sometimes this kind of risk happens because policies are old and out of date.

You can prevent this risk by reviewing your policy regularly. Consult your bylaws before making big decisions. Follow the bylaws’ requirements for holding meetings and voting. Review and amend the policies as needed. That way, your ministry will have up-to-date policies to protect it.

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