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Aug. 22, 2008
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Proven Fund-Raising Principles
from Ministry Today
A stewardship-driven church is a successful church. The underlying principles of stewardship are the foundation for the whole structure of raising funds to run the church. Fund raising is only one side of the equation, however. How the church spends the funds it raises is equally important. More

Generis Partners LLC

It’s Not the Size of Your Programs or Number of Staff That’s Holding Your Church Back
from Ministry Marketing Coach
Many churches want to beef up their programming, add additional staff members and build a larger church since it is assumed the unchurched are more likely to be looking for larger churches with bigger programs. However, smaller churches need not feel they have to become larger before they can reach the unchurched. In fact, smaller churches actually have an advantage in reaching the unchurched if they organize themselves and follow-up on people who visit. More

Being a 'Safe Church' Doesn't Happen by Accident
from the Western Recorder
Nothing puts a damper on ministry like a lawsuit - or worse - an injured child. Church leaders first must set standards of conduct and safety that translate into policies and procedures that will be followed by each staff member and ministry volunteer. Standards are crucial, even for missions or churches with only a few members. More

Program Helps Ease Economic Worries
from the Pensacola News Journal
As the sluggish economy takes its toll on families throughout the country, one church in Pensacola, Fla., is taking steps to help to stem the fear and anxiety in its congregation. Unity Church of Christianity, through its month-long series, "Prove Me Now — Living an Abundant Life," is using the program to teach its members about the many ways to achieve "abundance" even in difficult situations. More

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   Raising Your Volunteer Numbers

Reach Your Volunteers and Keep Them Involved. It’s often easy to get volunteers initially involved in your ministry but it’s much more difficult to keep them involved. If you’re looking for great ways to build a volunteer ministry that spiritually develops your members and keeps them involved, download the ACS ministry guide Raising Your Volunteer Numbers today. Download now

The 7 Characteristics of Exceptional Volunteers: What to look for When You're Looking for Help
from Youth Worker Journal
The author interviewed exceptional volunteers from all over the country—spanning demographics—to find common traits to help recruit, train and encourage more leaders. These are not just "good" leaders. These volunteers have an exceptional history of God using them. More

Developing Multi-family Small Groups in Your Church
Seventy percent of Christian kids are dropping out of church by their sophomore year in college. That means, on average, only three out of ten of the kids in your youth group will be involved in church just two years into their college experience. There are a lot of theories as to why there is such a great exodus of Christian kids out of our churches. But there is one cause that overshadows all the others. These young people haven't seen Christ lived out at home. More

God vs. Doctor: 1 in 2 Say Prayer Saves the Dying
from The Associated Press via MSNBC
When it comes to saving lives, God trumps doctors for many Americans. An eye-opening survey reveals widespread belief that divine intervention can revive dying patients. And, researchers said, doctors "need to be prepared to deal with families who are waiting for a miracle." More


Overcoming the Challenge
from UM Portal
When the Rev. Evy McDonald saw the first TV spots for the United Methodist ad campaign, “Igniting Ministry,” a few years ago, one thing bothered her. “No one in those ads was disabled,” she said. “They all looked too perfect. It’s like we were saying, ‘Our church is only for perfect people.’” McDonald, pastor of Grace UMC in Newburgh, N.Y., knows that isn’t true. More

Some Churches Have 'It,' Some Don't
from The Christian Post
Already in its second printing, a newly released book by one of the country's most innovative pastors is fast-becoming a must-read for church leaders who really want to have it. After seeing his church grow from a two-car garage worship experience to now services at 13 different campuses in six states, Craig Groeschel, founder of, talks about a transformational agent he calls "it" in his new book It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It. More

States Push Laws To Require Paid Sick Days
from The Associated Press via CBS News
Some 46 million U.S. workers lack paid sick days, but lawmakers in 12 states - including California, Connecticut, Minnesota and West Virginia - have proposed legislation in the past year that would require businesses to provide them. More

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   Enhanced Website Donation/Registration Pages
Vanco Services, LLC for Your Electronic Giving Needs

Equip your website to accept donations or registrations
Increase donations and appeal to those members of your congregation who prefer to make payments and donations online. Vanco makes it easy to add a "Donate Now" or "Register Here" button on your website. We make it especially easy to create a "Disaster Fund" on your website where you can immediately direct donors when an urgent need arises in your community. It's easy, affordable and very effective. More

Protect My Ministry


Building churches without heavy debt
There are three major aspects to most church building projects - designing, financing and fund raising. A successful capital campaign can save a fortune in interest, as well as... More

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Church Financing Specialists
Churches and religious schools of all denominations turn to the financing specialists at Ziegler.


Ben Maitland, Director of Advertising Sales

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