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Sept. 5, 2008
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Integrity Matters
from Ministry Today
Someone has said that integrity is what you do when you're out of town and nobody's watching. Integrity is essential for strong ministry over the long haul. We must not ignore the threefold cord of ministry: integrity, faithfulness and honesty. Integrity. Without integrity, a minister doesn't have a prayer of finishing strong. Some statistics suggest that more than half of those in ministry today will not be in ministry 10 years from now. More

Guidestone Financial Resources

Godly or Gimmick?
from MSNBC
Churches nationwide are making similar offering gas promotions, ranging from gas card raffles to 99 cent gas sales at local stations, to boost attendance during the vacation season and attract new members. But some Christians question whether a financial incentive should be used to draw people into church. More

Hiring a Worship Leader
from the Christian Post
Face it. It’s bound to happen at some point. Maybe your church is beginning to grow and the needs cannot be properly fulfilled by a volunteer. Perhaps you have a staff transition and you find yourself in need. Maybe that talented high school student is graduating and moving away to college and you find yourself looking for a new leader. More

Growing Numbers Say Diet Must Reflect the Divine
from Religion News Service
When Marilyn Lorenz of Alma, Mich., talks about living out her Catholic faith in daily life, she starts by describing what's inside her refrigerator.The produce is grown on nearby farms, and the milk is organic and hormone-free. Meat comes from a local farmer who lets his animals graze freely and doesn't use antibiotics. In bringing faith to bear anew on diet, Lorenz is among a growing movement of believers from various traditions who are exploring how to better reflect their moral values in the ways they eat. More

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   Planning For Big Success with Small Groups

Improving Communication in Your Small Groups Small groups help keep your members engaged in their spiritual growth, but they can often be difficult to administer and organize. For great tips about improving the direction of your ministry and improving communication at every ministry level, download the ACS ministry guide Planning For Big Success with Small Groups. Download now

Reaching Imprisoned Dads
from Leadership Journal
Several nationwide prison ministries report the current inmate crisis in America—that 1 in every 99 adults is currently incarcerated and that the recidivism rate is over 70 percent. But another aspect of this crisis is largely overlooked: the children. Today 2.2 million kids under age 18 have a parent in prison, and those children are seven times more likely than their peers to end up in jail. Local churches are finding among these kids a new ministry field. More

Ingredients for a Great Youth Sunday School
from LifeWay
If you were to make a documentary film on the ideal youth Sunday School, what would it look like? Remember, you're trying to provide a model for others to follow - a blueprint for everyone else who is working with teenagers in Bible study. What would you show? How about a few suggestions? More

Varying Lessons: Rotating Activities Raises Kids’ Biblical Literacy
from The United Methodist Portal
In 2000, State Street United Methodist Church in Bristol, Va., launched rotational Sunday school classes for kindergarten and elementary grades. The rotation model, created 10 years earlier at a Presbyterian church in Chicago, teaches one Bible story per month. Age groups rotate each week to a new workshop setting—where the lesson may be taught using games, music, arts and crafts, biblical costume dramas, videos or computer software. More

TLC Ministries

Transcending 'Young' and 'Old': Intergenerational Youth Ministry and the Solution to Volunteers
from Youth Worker
"Intergenerational youth ministry" may sound like an oxymoron, but think about it. What can be more normal than other generations being a part of ministry to young people / teenagers/students/adolescents/whatever? I’m not trying to return to back-in-the-day days, nor am I trying to sound culturally relevant, even though anyone who knows anything about youth ministry would know being culturally relevant is a youth ministry mantra. So let’s sound culturally relevant while suggesting some back-in-the-day common sense. More

Lame Logo + No Website + People Focus = Fantastic Outreach!
from Ministry Marketing Coach
Recently, I was in a church that is really connected to their community. The church has a positive reputation (brand). Their neighbors say about them, “There’s always something good going on at this church!” It’s a good ministry and many people are coming to Christ because of their outreach! I’d love to show you their Web site. But they don’t have one. I would show you their logo—but, frankly, I hate it! They don’t have plasma screens, a coffee shop, or comfy chairs to sit in during the service either. All this aside, they have great church marketing!More

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Equip your website to accept donations or registrations
Increase donations and appeal to those members of your congregation who prefer to make payments and donations online. Vanco makes it easy to add a "Donate Now" or "Register Here" button on your website. We make it especially easy to create a "Disaster Fund" on your website where you can immediately direct donors when an urgent need arises in your community. It's easy, affordable and very effective. More


Building churches without heavy debt
There are three major aspects to most church building projects - designing, financing and fund raising. A successful capital campaign can save a fortune in interest, as well as... More

Christian Community Credit Union


Ben Maitland, Director of Advertising Sales

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