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Does Your Church Need To Build?

Does Your Church Need To Build?
How do we know for sure? What do we do next?

Our FREE booklet, “When Your Church Needs To Build”, is in a downloadable format. It has been created by our President, Dr. Robert S. Hallett, to answer these and many more of your questions.

This booklet was one of Dr. Hallett’s doctoral projects, and pastors and other church leaders are very appreciative of its approach. It spells out, in brief fashion, the 26 steps (A through Z) that are typically needed when churches embark on some type of building project.

It does not try to tell a church that it should build, nor does it try to discourage churches from building. It includes indicators and qualifiers so a church can determine for itself whether a building project is needed, and asks the tough questions that must be answered if the building project, and the funding for it, are to be successful. If the church decides that it needs to build, it describes the process necessary to accomplish that extensive venture so that key items are not overlooked, or addressed too late to be effective.

This booklet is in a workbook style, and includes highlights for each step of the building process, as well as other related issues. It also has a section for keeping the records so subsequent generations can be reminded of the details related to the who, what, when, where, how, and how much that were involved with the church’s building plans.

This is one resource that you will want for every member of your building committee.
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