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Sept. 12, 2008
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Economic Slowdown Likely to Put a Damper on Giving, Survey Finds
from Philanthropy News Digest
Against the backdrop of a slowing economy, 29 percent of individuals expect to cut back on their charitable giving this fall, with fully a quarter (26 percent) of those individuals saying they are done giving for the year, a new survey from the Grizzard Communications Group finds. More

TLC Ministries

Small Church Sees Big Results from Prayer
from Baptist Press
A small church pastor in Texas is encouraging other small churches not to limit God after his congregation committed themselves to prayer and then saw God bring substantial results. "God has planted that church there for a reason, and every pastor who carries the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a mega-church pastor," said Kenny Rawls, pastor of First Baptist Church in Nixon, Texas. "I want the smaller churches to realize they can reach people and make a difference to the Kingdom of God." More

Turning a Church ďWithĒ Small Groups into a Church ďOfĒ Small Groups
Becoming a church of small groups is a popular topic in some church circles these days. But what exactly does that mean? A church of small groups canít accomplish its mission without groups; and small groups are seen as a primary delivery system of the church mission. So how do you do it? How do you go from where you are right now to a church of small groups? The author provides nine steps in this journey. More

10 Ways to Prevent Embezzlement of Church Funds
from LifeWay
There are several things every church needs to do to help prevent embezzlement from happening to their church. The church must guard itself and help protect the church treasurer and other financial leaders from even a hint that embezzlement of church funds is possible. More

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When Do We Build?
It's exciting for pastors and church leaders to see people coming to Christ on a regular basis through the ministry of their church. Itís also a joy to have new people choose to join your church as they move to the area or experience other life changes that call for a new church home. But with growth come challenges: finding additional leaders for classes and programs, dealing with parking stresses, and the big question: when do we build? More

Bond Between Students, Church is Critical
from the Western Recorder
Sometimes churches think when students leave home and head off to college, the relationship it has had with students ceases to remain an influence. The home church needs to realize the important role it and its members have played in the lives of students during those very formative years. More

Clowning for Christ
from The Herald-Mail
Once the white pancake make-up has been carefully applied to the faces of the Real Life Community Church Clowns, all talking ceases. Not a hello. Not a whistle. Not a peep. Talking, members say, isn't needed. That's because, they say, you have to listen to pay attention to God's message. More

Guidestone Financial Resources

Entertaining Angels: Program Reaches Out to Elementary Students
from Anderson Independent-Mail
At Central Baptist Church in Anderson, S.C., Jason Vaughn created Godís Little Angels Learning Center, an after-school program implemented about six months ago. Itís a vision Vaughn has had for about two years. And itís no small feat because the program is an all-volunteer program free to parents and open to any child from 3 years old to fifth-grade level. More

Donít Dilute Your Church Advertising with Too Many Messages
from Ministry Marketing Coach
Recently I was coaching a ministry leader about a direct mail strategy he wanted to implement in his community that included five separate postcards. As good as the idea sounded at first, I advised the ministry leader to reconsider. The chances that anyone will notice the cards and mentally connect together the series of messages is pretty slim. While we ministry communicators might pay attention to the religious messages we see in advertisements that come to our homes, most people donít give them much thought. More

Institute to Teach Faith-Based Organizations to Prevent/Manage Tax, Legal and Financial Crisis
from Christian Newswire
While the spending habits of some large churches are under the scrutiny of a congressional committee, a small church grapples with legal dilemmas. As one pastor and congregation tries to heal after a tragic church shooting, another church attempts to understand the contracts and processes necessary to build beyond their current facilities. The 2nd Annual "Ultimate Financial and Legal Conference," held Oct. 27-28, at the Hilton Hotel in Arlington, Texas, will address these tough topics. More

Christian Community Credit Union


Ben Maitland, Director of Advertising Sales

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