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Now's the time to make your money work harder to help build God's Kingdom. With our Special Certificates, you can earn even more and save more money for your ministry! Plus, your money goes towards giving affordable loans to churches, ministries, and their members.
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*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. APYs are accurate as of 09/11/19 and are subject to change without notice. APY assumes that dividends remain in the account until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings. At maturity, the share certificate will renew into a 12-month (24 months for Step-it-Up), regular, term share certificate at the prevailing rate. A penalty will be imposed on early withdrawals from share certificates and no additional deposits can be made during the term of the share certificate except for Liquid Certificate. Rates, terms and conditions are solely within the discretion of the Board of Directors. We may limit the amount you may invest in one or more accounts to a total of $1,000,000.

±Liquid Certificate: $2,000 minimum; $250,000 maximum. New money only. Unlimited deposits are accepted during the term of the certificate. No penalty for withdrawals of up to 50% of the start-of-day certificate balance, minimum $500, if made after the certificate has been opened for a minimum of seven days. Withdrawal amounts in excess of 50% in one day will be subject to a 90-day interest penalty, not to exceed interest earned to date. Withdrawal of any amount in the first six days of the certificate being open will result in a penalty of seven days’ dividends. Deposits cannot be a transfer from existing funds with Christian Community Credit Union. Not available for IRA accounts.

Regulation D imposes a six transfer/withdrawal limit per month, which includes the following types of transactions: (1) Pre-authorized or automatic withdrawal arrangement for a transfer to the member’s other account(s) at the credit union or to a third party; Telephone transfers; or Transfers initiated by personal computer to another account at the credit union or to a third party during a calendar month. Transfers to a third party if made by check. (2) Transactions NOT included in the six transfer/withdrawal limit are as follows: Transfers or withdrawals the member makes in person, through an ATM, by mail or by telephone (which results in the mailing of a check payable to the member). Transfers from a credit union account to the same credit union for the purposes of repaying a loan. 
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