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Sept. 19, 2008
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Five Ways to Welcome Guests
Making guests welcome at your church is serious business. Church consultant Gary McIntosh knows the truth of that statement: after moving to Tulsa, Okla., and encountering a chilly reception in various congregations, his grandparents stopped going to church. They never regularly attended for the rest of their lives. What visitors perceive in our welcome will influence their feelings and response to church and the Lord for years to come. More

TLC Ministries

Power Line: Learning to Pray
from The Christian Century
Prayer serves many functions: it brings our attention to the fact that God is present. It makes the spot of ground on which we stand holy ground. It quiets and focuses the mind, clarifies intention and awakens the imagination, opening up the heart and lungs as we breathe more deeply and relax into this most intimate of encounters. As a communal practice, praying creates consensus and convergence of focus, teaching us how to be the body of Christ, and how to speak with one voice and one hope. More

Churches Aim for Disciples, Not Casual Christians
from The Christian Post
Cally Parkinson and a small team at the Willow Creek Association have recently made available to all churches what has been called a groundbreaking study that provides a "vivid picture of the 'unseen' hearts" of congregants and their spiritual growth. The Reveal Spiritual Life Survey serves as a "lens," as Parkinson explained, for pastors to be able to view where his or her congregants are spiritually. So far, more than 500 churches and half a million congregants have taken the survey and many have found the results surprising. More

Touched by an Angel?
from USA Today
A new survey of the nation's religious beliefs and practices finds 55 percent of all adults — including one in five of those who say they have no religion — believe they have been protected from harm by a guardian angel. More

   Product Showcase:
   Developing An Effective Web Strategy

Improving Web Site and Database Integration Want fresh ideas to improve integration between your Web site and your database? If you are ready to cater specific information to people without the extra work, download the free ACS ministry guide Developing An Effective Web Strategy. We’ve got great solutions for small groups, events, contributions, and outreach. Let’s get going! Download now

Revitalize Your Youth Group
from Ministry Today
Are your numbers dwindling? Are teens dying of boredom? After more than 15 years of working with youth groups, sifting through what works and what doesn't, the author has identified 20 tips to help churches effectively reach teens. More

Church Reaches Out to Skateboarders
from the Chattanooga Times Free Press
In the gymnasium at the Calvary Church Assembly of God in East Ridge, Tenn., a handful of shaggy-haired boys in baggy pants laughed Wednesday night and shouted as they rode their bikes and turned tricks on their skateboards. Since beginning his youth ministry two years ago, pastor Derek Eledge, 27, has reached out to the children others shun by creating a place for them to skateboard, hang out and develop a relationship with God. More

Purchasing Church Supplies
Many churches struggle with whether to have a particular staff member handle supply purchases or to allow church members to buy materials and be reimbursed. There are pros and cons to both options. With pros and cons in both purchasing scenarios, every church should determine its overall needs for handling church supplies and address the problem with a solution that best meets those needs. More

Guidestone Financial Resources

What Does the Future Look Like for Your Church’s Ministry?
from Ministry Marketing Coach
As a coach, the author has noticed the churches with the most effective outreach are the ones who have the clearest sense of their vision and mission. When ministries fail to make impact it is often due to the fact that they don’t have an idea about what they are trying to accomplish. Instead they are short-sighted, looking for program promotion success on a month-to-month basis. They want people coming to their event or involved in their church, but they don’t know where they are heading–they lack vision. More

Keys for Leaders to Make Changes without Waves
How can church leaders make needed shifts without making waves in the church family? When it comes to introducing and managing change most clergy are inexperienced, uninformed, or unwilling to introduce change in the church. After all, some of those key church families and leaders write the check that the clergy's family depends on. Many pastors do not have the gifts or the calling to be a leader. They usually come to a church under job descriptions that are particularly crafted by church leaders so the pastor would care for them, and teach, shepherd, and manage programs for them. More

"First and Ten Impressions" to Reach First-time Guests in Ten Minutes
from LifeWay
For every football fan, the phrase “first and ten” is something to celebrate. The “first and ten” is an opportunity for a new set of downs. It is a new opportunity to score a touchdown. It is an opportunity to keep a drive alive. For church leaders, "first and ten" needs do have a totally different meaning. These are strategic numbers if we are to reach those who attend our churches on Sunday. We know that first-time guests formulate their opinions of your church within the first ten minutes on your campus. This ten-minute period is the only opportunity your church gets to make a first impression. More

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   VIDEX's CyberKey

VIDEX will be introducing the new rechargeable CyberKey at the WFX Show this November. Stop by booth #1837 to see the newest addition to the CyberLock Electronic Lock System. The new environmentally-friendly key gives CyberLock users two choices of keys. Both keys can be used interchangeably with the CyberLock system. More info

Christian Community Credit Union


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