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Sept. 26, 2008
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Hurricanes Bring Wave of Opportunity
from the Baptist Press
Three hours after pastor Steve Folmar heard that shysters wanted to charge an 86-year-old woman $18,000 to cut up and remove hurricane-battered trees from her yard, a Southern Baptist chain saw crew did the work for free. "This is a great opportunity for us -– us meaning Southern Baptists -– to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing His love with people who have lost so much, showing them God's care through our actions," said Cyndi Sellers, a member of First Baptist Church in Cameron, La. More

TLC Ministries

Some Christians Keep Tithing Even as They Face Foreclosure
from Reuters via USA Today
While millions may lose their homes during the worst housing slump since the Great Depression, some devout Christians among them will do so in part because they will not give up tithing. "I've had home owners who face foreclosure sitting in front of me saying, 'I'll do anything, anything to keep my home," said Ozell Brooklin, director of Acorn Housing in Atlanta, a nonprofit which offers foreclosure counseling."But after we've gone through their monthly expenses and the only thing left to cut is their tithe, they say 'I guess this home is not for me' and they walk away," he said. More

Arizona Church Taps Solar Energy Power
from UM Portal
It isn’t exactly pennies from heaven, though the riches sprinkling down on St. Michael’s United Methodist Church in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., these days come from the same general direction: the sun. On Aug. 20, church members flipped the switch on a new $100,000 solar energy system that’s expected to cut the church’s $20,000 annual electric bill in half while sending unused electricity back onto the grid. More

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   Setting the Stage for Good Stewardship

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Don’t Lead Alone
As pastors, we take our role of shepherding the flock seriously. But as a church grows, it's impossible for a few staff members to oversee all the members' needs. Have you noticed that? That's where small groups come in. Building a healthy small group network at your church means you will never have to lead alone. The key is finding and developing good leaders. More

More than Just a Bible Study
from Christianity Today
Cindy was in the Bible study I led for three years. She always answered the questions and participated in the discussion. She accumulated a lot of knowledge, but her life never changed. She lived a defeatist life, looking to unhealthy relationships with men to meet her longings, never finding anything worth living for. I have puzzled a lot over people like Cindy. I've met quite a few over the years. It seems that some people never move beyond head knowledge to heart knowledge. There are numerous reasons for this. I'd like to identify three. More

A Steady Rhythm
from Today's Children's Ministry
Most of us know only one speed: full steam ahead. And we have been stuck in that speed for a very long time. If we do not establish saner rhythms in our own lives—life patterns that curb our unbridled activism and calm our compulsive busyness—we will not make it over the long haul. And neither will the people we are leading! More

Brotherhood Mutual

Keys to the Long Tenure of our Staff
from LifeWay
The author believes lengthy tenure builds a strong church. Long tenure has provided strength - strength for the church, strength for the staff, and strength for each individual staff member. Here are four keys to the long tenure of his church's staff. More

The Six Church Marketing Bad-Attitudes
from Ministry Marketing Coach
Each year, millions are spent in outreach in churches. Yet the effectiveness crisis continues year after year. Some researchers estimate 70 percent of churches are plateaued in growth. Yet marketing activities are up. Some churches are busting at the seams—with transfers from other churches. Where is the outreach to the unchurched? No wonder people are critical of marketing in the church. It seems to be contributing to the problem. More

Seeking Change in Law, Pastors to Endorse Candidates
from ABC News
On Sunday, Pastor Jody Hice of Bethlehem, Ga., a man who takes the Bible literally and has never committed a crime, will stand before God and the 1,300 members of his congregation and willfully break the law. Hice is one of 35 religious leaders from 22 states who this weekend will intentionally violate a ban on church leaders making political speeches from their pulpits, in hopes of forcing the issue into the federal courts. More

Guidestone Financial Resources

Walker Decries “Pulpit Freedom Sunday”
from Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
An effort to recruit dozens of pastors to endorse political candidates from the pulpit on Sept. 28 is a misguided idea and a brazen attempt to blend the worship of God with electoral politics, said a Baptist leader, constitutional scholar and church-state expert. More

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Our goal through Vision 2020 is to foster a new environment for ministries where they don’t simply ask for funding, but they cast vision and build long-term relationships with philanthropists, private foundations, key community partners and other ministries. Vision 2020 is much bigger than simply securing some funding for an organization. Rather, it is a convergence of churches, ministries, Christian philanthropists and private foundations to make a significant impact on lives worldwide. Take the first step to Rai$e Your Vision.


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