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Oct. 10, 2008
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Coaching Your Sunday School Leaders to Win
from the Baptist Press
Enlist, equip, encourage. Enlist, equip, encourage. That's the cycle of work for the Sunday School leader. It's a lot like being a coach. The following are a few ideas for coaching your Sunday School leaders to be a winning team. More

TLC Ministries

New Bible has a 'Green' Theme
from USA Today
A new edition of the Bible sets out to show that the seeds of environmentalism were first sown in the Garden of Eden. Just as "red letter" Bibles highlight the words of Jesus in red ink, The Green Bible, in stores this week, uses green ink to spotlight more than 1,000 passages extolling the goodness of creation and God's charge to mankind to care for it. More

Shaky Economy Brings Tough Times, Tithing Troubles
from News 8 Austin
The unstable financial effects of the economy are trickling down the chain but for some that just means Sunday is another day at work. That's because churchgoers are trying to tackle what could be a future of tithing troubles. More

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   5 Key Principles to Effective Web Ministry

Answers To Your Data Security Questions Church data is invaluable and issues that arise from loss, theft, or corruption affect everyone. To help churches keep data as safe as possible, we’ve written the ACS ministry guide How Secure Is Your Vital Information, which discusses simplified data security strategies and answers churches’ most frequently asked data security questions. Download now

Study: Religious People More Generous -- on Two Conditions
from Religion News Service via USA Today
Religious people are more helpful and generous than others — but only on two conditions, according to a new study published in the prestigious journal Science. More

The Business of Ministry
from Ministry Today
A former operations specialist for a major New York bank's lending division, A.R.Bernard is representative of a new breed of church leader: the entrepreneurial pastor. More and more, former business leaders are jumping into the pastoral ranks and bringing a new, more business-oriented outlook with them. While some question whether the sensibilities they bring to the job are good for the church, no one can doubt that entrepreneurial pastors are making an impact, particularly as they tackle a wide range of commercial and community development initiatives. More

Growing Groups by Meeting Developing Needs
We all have hurts and needs. We all have something in our past or current circumstances that causes us to depend on God and his love. When we look within our churches and community, we see opportunities to show God's love to people based on a situation, hurt, or need. It doesn't matter what they look like, where they've been, or what they've done. God has them with us for a reason. Here are some examples of how we've built small groups and support groups around needs at your church. More

Brotherhood Mutual

Faithful Need Only Click to Join Church's Community
from the St. Petersburg Times
Alex Hood, director of media and technology at Crossing Church in Tampa, Fla., and the church's pastors are taking a technological leap with a newly appointed Internet pastor — one of only about a dozen nationwide — and a slew of interactive features online. The goal isn't necessarily to draw people into the church building. It's to create an entirely new community that can reach people worldwide. More

Youth, Young Adults are Church of Today, Not Tomorrow
Young people want to send a message to United Methodists: They are not the church of tomorrow but are the church today. Youth and young adults decry the “youth are the church of tomorrow” mantra because they say that it gives adults permission to discount their voices. More

Special Pricing on Tourmaster Choral Risers
Give your holiday performance a lift with the number one choral riser in the world - featuring outstanding quality, reliability and convenience. Now available with new, great-looking color options to choose from. To take advantage of special pricing, orders must be received by Nov. 1, 2008. More info's Annual Review of the Year's Best Software for Preachers
Digital media is going to continue to bring information to us in convenient manner at an affordable price. And as we all know, these qualities are extremely beneficial in a ministry setting. This year's review contains several items that you will want to get your hands on. The trouble won't be trying to decide which one to get, but how to stay under budget. More

Men’s Recovery Home Possible Through CBF Grant in Illinois
from the Associated Baptist Press
Men with chemical dependency in Waukegan, Ill., now have a home to help them recover and build new lives -- thanks to a local church and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.First Baptist Church in Waukegan and CBF helped start the ministry, Blessed Above Measure (BAM), a faith-based, state-licensed facility for men. More

Guidestone Financial Resources

A Business Plan for the Church
from BusinessWeek
Three years ago, Geoffrey Boisi set out to improve the way the Roman Catholic Church was being run in America. The former vice-chairman of JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Boisi had become increasingly dismayed with how the church was losing members, squandering talent, and managing the $105 billion it annually spends. So he formed the Leadership Roundtable, a group of execs who are putting management skills to work on shaping up the U.S. Catholic Church. More

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VIDEX will be introducing the new rechargeable CyberKey at the WFX Show this November. Stop by booth #1837 to see the newest addition to the CyberLock Electronic Lock System. The new environmentally-friendly key gives CyberLock users two choices of keys. Both keys can be used interchangeably with the CyberLock system.
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Vision2020 is raising $1 Billion for Christian Ministries – How much could your Ministry use?
Our goal through Vision 2020 is to foster a new environment for ministries where they don’t simply ask for funding, but they cast vision and build long-term relationships with philanthropists, private foundations, key community partners and other ministries. Vision 2020 is much bigger than simply securing some funding for an organization. Rather, it is a convergence of churches, ministries, Christian philanthropists and private foundations to make a significant impact on lives worldwide. Take the first step to Rai$e Your Vision.


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Christian Community Credit Union


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