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 News from NAGC

From Where I Sit
Happy New (Academic) Year!!

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During this first year of my presidency, I have learned many, many new things. But one of the most valuable insights I have gained is the important role of volunteers to NAGC. We are fortunate to have very committed professionals at the NAGC headquarters in Washington DC, but they are a relatively small staff. We simply could not accomplish as much as we do for the field, for gifted children, and for parents and educators, without the efforts of our members who serve on the board of directors and as leaders and members of committees, networks, task forces, and work groups, and who write for our numerous publications and contribute in other ways. Many individuals serve multiple roles and many have been volunteering their services in different capacities for years. How incredibly generous are their contributions of time, energy and expertise!!! And, how fortunate is NAGC to have them!!! More

Academics Tailored for Gifted Students

At Laurel Springs School, we understand the unique abilities of gifted students. As an accredited online private school with over twenty years of experience, Laurel Springs is uniquely positioned to provide individualized academics that build on each student’s strengths and needs. Click here to learn more about our Gifted & Talented Academy.

Capital Update
Ask a Candidate: Share Your Ideas

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Of course we all know about the upcoming elections. Candidates for state and local offices, Congress, and the White House are all standing for election in 2012. Many NAGC members have been raising issues related to gifted students, excellence, and competitiveness at various candidate forums during this campaign season. The NAGC staff is interested in gathering your real or suggested questions. We'd like to know what's on your minds.

If you were in an elevator with President Barack Obama or Gov. Mitt Romney, what would you ask him regarding gifted students?

Teacher Corner
Getting to Know Your Students

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"Well the first days are the hardest days, don't you worry anymore." — Robert Hunter, Musician

The start of the school year can bring about feelings of exhaustion, apprehension, confusion, and difficulty for teachers and their students. I know for me, the first two weeks of school are the hardest to get through. Apart from not knowing the names of the students sitting before me, I'm unaware of their interests, how they like to learn, their work ethic, or what prior knowledge they possess. Curricular responsibilities, faculty meetings, and a host of other back-to-school tasks can often cloud the first and most important order of business in any educational environment — getting to know the students.

Voices and Viewpoints
Carolyn Callahan, Association Editor

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Welcome to this new Compass Points column. "Voices and Viewpoints" will feature NAGC members telling us a little about their "day job" while sharing how their work with an NAGC committee or network relates to the field. Our first NAGC member recently finished a five-year term as the editor of Gifted Child Quarterly and is now serving as Association Editor and chair of the NAGC Publications Committee. More

Become a great teacher with MAT@USC

To learn more about the MAT@USC visit us online. The MAT@USC is the top online Master's of Arts in Teaching degree in the country.
Robinson Center for Young Scholars

Challenging K-12 students in an intellectual community through early entrance and outreach programs:

  • Transition School
  • UW Academy
  • Saturday Enrichment
  • Summer Programs
For more information, visit our website

The Learning Curve
Get the Support You Need

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The Back to School/Back to Gifted 2012 WOW Series has been well-received and attended by new and returning teachers as well as parents. One attendee stated: "It was such a useful reminder of the basics and implementation strategies. So often we are inundated with so many 'fix-it' strategies, that we can get lost in the thicket." The beginning of school is a great time to take advantage of the support and guidance you can receive from leaders in the field. So clear your desks and make room for the two final webinars in the series that will provide you with supplemental learning and immediate ideas for implementation.

Here are two other WOW sessions you'll find in the NAGC Live Learning Center.
    Classroom Indicators of Giftedness
    This very first WOW session focused on how teachers can recognize the behaviors of gifted and talented learners and how they can differentiate curriculum, instruction, and assessment in order to respond to their unique educational needs. Mary Slade, a Professor at James Madison University, also discusses characteristics, traits, related needs, and the impact of the environment on the expression of giftedness.

    Survival Guide for First Year Teachers
    Carol Tieso, Associate Professor at the College of William & Mary, offers new teachers a variety of strategies, activities, and tools for creating a positive and dynamic learning environment. It is packed with valuable tips and insights on topics from connecting and mentoring gifted children to working within diverse classrooms.
Remember, there is still time to register for the balance of the live 2012 Back to School/Back to Gifted series PLUS have access to the archives for your professional development content library for one year.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm!
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Have you made plans to register for the 59th Annual NAGC Convention? Don't delay ... doing so could cost you $100! The "early bird" registration deadline is Friday, September 21. You will SAVE lots of worms ($100 of them) by registering before next Friday. Registering by the Early Bird deadline helps local volunteers and NAGC staff better plan for the Convention specifics and coincidentally means we have adequate space and materials for all attendees!

And don't wait too much longer to book your hotel room in the NAGC "room block." Staying in one the official 2012 convention hotels allows NAGC to keep convention costs down. Plus, the lobbies and restaurants in those hotels will be teeming with activity and opportunities to chat with your fellow Convention attendees.

September 21 is also the deadline for Action Lab registrations and registering your group of ten or more at BIG discounts.

Follow along with all the latest news on the NAGC Convention homepage, or the Facebook page.

See you in Denver! To find out more about the Mile-High City, check out our Denver page!

Free Gifted Sample Activities eBook!
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GT Neighborhood News
Get in the Zone

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Teachers and families might want to visit the Kids Zone — webpages developed by the National Center for Education Statistics, the research and data arm of the U.S. Department of Education. The site has information for various ages, including some quizzes and math skill-building links, along with data points related to students. It also has an email address for children and youth to use to recommend other activities they’d like to see on the site.

 From the Headlines

The Right Fit
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Tamara Fisher writes: "A new school year has begun, and I wanted to share with you a great moment from these early days. One of my colleagues and two of my students have been big contributors to the smile on my face this week. At the end of last year, we did some off-level assessments on a couple of my students who have repeatedly hit the ceilings on grade-level assessments. We obviously knew they were 'up there,' but we didn't know just how far. And we therefore were uncertain as to what the right placement (in their case, in mathematics) was. Off-level (or 'out-of-level') assessments are a great way to find out where these outliers really are in their learning growth and progress." More

Supporting Your Child's Gifted Teacher
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L J Conrad, a gifted education consultant to parents of newly-identified gifted children, writes: "Parents often concentrate all their time advocating for their child. Isn't that what parents should do? Sure, but I'm about to expand your job responsibilities. Listen carefully — parents of gifted children should also support their child's gifted teacher. Now I know what you're going to say — What if the teacher does not support my child? First, it IS a two-way street; but things will go better for all involved if you take the first step. And if you have tried without good results ... stop reading this post (not the blog, of course!) now. Second, for the purpose of this post, I am speaking specifically about your child's 'gifted' teacher; not the regular education classroom teacher (though it wouldn’t hurt to support them as well)." More

Identifying Gifted Children Before Preschool
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Marisella mastered tasks that most kindergarteners can't do before her second birthday. By 18 months, she was reading. When she was 2 years old, she had mastered numbers. Now, at 4-years-old, Marisella cannot put a book down. Her parents are concerned about keeping her challenged, but now there is an option. With a score of 90 percent or higher on an IQ test, a young child can be enrolled in what's believed to be the first and only public gifted preschool program in Arizona. More

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Meet Wes Rowbinski, a straight-laced, well-mannered, former teacher turned superindendent for the Upshot County School District. He’s continually challenged to bring order to an often chaotic school board. He's part of School & Board, a new comedic Web series premiering Sept. 11. Season One of the series finds Rowbinski dealing with a high school principal scandal, low district test scores and a school board that needs the utmost guidance in dealing with the issues. MORE


Studies Find More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No Exception
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Studies of student behavior and attitudes show that a majority of students violate standards of academic integrity to some degree, and that high achievers are just as likely to do it as others. Moreover, there is evidence that the problem has worsened over the last few decades. Experts say the reasons are relatively simple: Cheating has become easier and more widely tolerated, and both schools and parents have failed to give students strong, repetitive messages about what is allowed and what is prohibited. More

Bullying And The Gifted: Welcome Back To School?
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By now, most of us have packed our kids off to school for the start of the new academic year. The tedium of political and medical ads on television are bookended by those encouraging us to spend our back-to-school money at the nearest big chain office supply store. You've purchased notebooks, folders, pencils, boxes of tissues, composition (a.k.a. "cow") books, glue sticks, markers, ... all the common objects that make up the teacher's list of essentials. More

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