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Drive Action with Data

Advance your career with a Master of Science in Data Science from Saint Mary’s College. Our mathematically focused curriculum provides graduates with data analysis strategies based on theoretical principles, as well as the ability to analyze large sets of complex data in the context of real-world business problems. The Data Science program at Saint Mary’s provides students with the opportunity to directly experience the work of a data scientist or data analytics professional through the practicum project.

Masa Gumiro, a 2019 graduate of the Data Science program, used his practicum project to help solve transportation issues in third world countries. Due to economic challenges, many business in third world countries like Zimbabwe, where Masa is originally from, operate older vehicles that lack the latest diagnostic tools for monitoring overall vehicle health. Masa worked with Toyota Motor North America to provide a custom solution using IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to monitor tire pressure and provide notifications in real time.

Other practicum projects include predicting what grocery items people are most likely to purchase, creating an interactive and scalable database of US Air Force aircraft information, and predicting the outcome of the NCAA basketball tournament. Application deadline is June 15. Apply today!



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