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Three new members join SLAS Board of Directors
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Welcome Alastair Binnie, vice president research IT and automation, Bristol-Myers Squibb; Richard M. Eglen, vice president and general manager, Corning Life Sciences; and Michael Snowden, vice president discovery sciences in Innovative Medicines and Early Development, AstraZeneca, to the SLAS Board of Directors. Each began a three-year term on Jan. 1, 2014. Binnie, Eglen and Snowden fill vacancies created as Dave Dorsett, Jeff Paslay and Mary Jo Wildey completed their terms. More


SLAS ELN reports: Come Transform Research — The 2013 SLAS Annual Report
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2013 was another year of momentum and milestones for SLAS. Our successes were many; our disappointments were few. As our global horizons expanded, we flexed to fit the priorities of our members. Read the highlights in the 2013 SLAS Annual Report in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine. More

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SLAS Webinars available 365/24/7 for free!
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A series of three SLAS Webinars presented originally in spring 2013 addressed scientific topics related to Effectively Managing Collaborative Science. Last fall, another series of three focused on Phenotypic Drug Discovery issues (sponsored by Cellular Dynamics International). All six webinars were highly rated by participants and are available for free, on-demand viewing — another benefit to dues-paying SLAS members. More


2013 SLAS president bids farewell
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Jeff Paslay concludes his term as SLAS president with heartfelt thanks to fellow leaders and all SLAS members. "Without a doubt, the key to our strength and success are our members. They are smart, successful, ahead-of-the-curve, and they are actively engaged with our scientific community. Some are engaged more than others and it is with these inspiring volunteers that I've been privileged to serve," he says in From the SLAS President in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine. More

Multispan: Your Drug Discovery Partner

Let Multispan be your one-stop shop partner from cell line and assay development to screening, lead optimization and profiling - reduce your cycle time to IND. More>> Email:
Chemistry Services for Drug Discovery
Life Chemicals specializes in organic synthesis for Drug Discovery. We provide compound libraries for HTS, collections of fragments, targeted libraries, building blocks and custom synthesis services.

Cun-Yu Wang joins JALA as scientific advisor
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JALA's prestigious panel of scientific advisors welcomes Cun-Yu Wang, D.D.S., Ph.D., associate dean for graduate studies, No-Hee Park Endowed Professor and Chair, Division of Oral Biology and Medicine, School of Dentistry, University of California, Los Angeles. Like JALA Scientific Advisors Chad Mirkin, Leroy Hood, Edward McCabe and Michael Phelps, Wang also is a member of the Institute of Medicine. More

Gravimetric Sample Preparation from METTLER TOLEDO
Weigh the substance AND the solvent using Quantos automated dispensing systems from METTLER TOLEDO. Preparing accurate concentrations using gravimetric dosing complies with the latest USP guidelines <841>. It offers the benefits of improved quality of results; enhanced user safety; guaranteed process security; and minimized substance and solvent consumption. MORE
Real-Time Monitoring Cardiomyocyte Beating
The xCELLigence RTCA Cardio System monitors cardiomyocyte beating functions in a 96-well format under physiological conditions, using a noninvasive label-free impedance-based technology. Rule out both acute and long-term cardiotoxicity in a single experiment. For more information, please visit
Add-and-Read Plate Reader
Get results fast with Hamamatsu’s FDSS µCELL, an imaging-based microplate reader. This affordable, simple-to-use reader accommodates 96- or 384-well microplates for kinetic cell-based assays such as GPCR, ion channel, prolyl isomerase, transporter, and light-activated receptor or channel assays. Click here for more info.

SLAS endowed fellowship researcher highlights advances in nanotechnology's fight against cancer
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A new research review co-authored by SLAS's Dean Ho and Edward Chow provides one of the most comprehensive assessments to date of research on nanomedicine-based approaches to treating cancer and offers insight into how researchers can best position nanomedicine-based cancer treatments for FDA approval. Ho is a member of the SLAS Board of Directors, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Laboratory Automation, and leader of the SLAS endowed fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles. Chow is the deputy editor-in-chief of JALA. More


SLAS2014 reminder: Jan. 6 poster abstract deadline
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A few days remain to submit a scientific abstract for consideration as a poster presentation at SLAS2014, Jan. 18-22. Submit your abstract by Monday, Jan. 6, to be reviewed by the SLAS2014 Program Committee. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your research and gain meaningful insight from your colleagues. View the SLAS2014 Poster Gallery to see posters already selected for presentation in San Diego. More



New study brings scientists closer to the origin of RNA
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One of the biggest questions in science is how life arose from the chemical soup that existed on early Earth. One theory is that RNA, a close relative of DNA, was the first genetic molecule to arise around 4 billion years ago, but in a primitive form that later evolved into the RNA and DNA molecules that we have in life today. New research shows one way this chain of events might have started. Today, genetic information is stored in DNA. RNA is created from DNA to put that information into action. RNA can direct the creation of proteins and perform other essential functions of life that DNA can't do. More

Predictive in vitro assay trend grows
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Lack of safety or efficacy continues to impact the failure rate for compounds entering clinic trials, implying that the current preclinical decision-making paradigm is not sustainable. Animal models and commonly used in vitro assays are simply not predictive of human response. More life-like cell-based models are emerging, and will gain in complexity as developments in microfluidics, miniaturization, and high-throughput screening technologies evolve. More

Scigilian Software, Inc.
Scigilian is a software company specializing in offering solutions to the problems encountered in pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, and contract research. Trusted, from large pharma to small CRO.
Dualsystems Biotech AG
Dualsystems Biotech is a provider of custom screening services for industry and academia, specializing in yeast two-hybrid, CaptiVate AP/MS-MS and cDNA library construction.

Chemists find more efficient total synthesis route to ingenol
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From 37 steps down to just 14. Chemists have found a streamlined way to synthesize ingenol, a plant-derived member of a medicinally vital family of compounds—terpenes. A Danish pharmaceutical firm is applying the new synthesis to what may become a more efficient, scalable production of Picato (ingenol mebutate), which is FDA approved to treat actinic keratosis. This skin condition affects 250 million people worldwide and if left untreated can lead to skin cancer. More

Potential therapeutic target for rare cancer identified
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A deadly, rare type of soft-tissue cancer may be completely eradicated simply by inhibiting a key protein involved in its growth, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers report. In the study, published online in Cell Reports, scientists found that inhibiting the action of a protein called BRD4 caused cancer cells to die in a mouse model of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. "This study identifies a potential new therapeutic target to combat MPNST, an incurable type of cancer that is typically fatal," said Lu Le, senior author of the study. More


Subsituting bone with synthetic materials
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When Lucia Téllez Jurado and her research team at the National Polytechnic Institute were working in the synthesis of diverse materials, they realized that the Hydroxylapatite, medullar component of the bone, when obtained synthetically and "giving" it some characteristics, could be used as a bone substitute. Téllez Jurado indicates that the material has been synthetized and small powder has been obtained (nanometrics); with it molds would be made that could turn out fragile, for which it would be necessary to add other substances giving them mechanical resistance. More

Molecule's carbon chain length affects oxygen's departure in key reaction for building bio-fuels    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
In a maze of blindingly complex reactions that snap oxygen atoms off cellulose or other bio-sources to create energy-dense fuel, the starting molecule's size has a curious effect. If the oxygen-rich molecule is too short to comfortably stretch to a catalyst's active site, oxygen atoms are split from its hydrocarbon chain instead of staying together as happens when the molecule can reach across, according to scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Baylor University. More

Insulin pill may soon be a reality
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Daily jabs of insulin are a painful reality for many with diabetes. That may change if researchers who have successfully tested oral insulin in rats are able to replicate those results in humans. Nearly 350 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes and that number is predicted to grow to more than 500 million by 2030. While the more common form, type-2 diabetes, does not always need insulin treatment, nearly a quarter of all diabetes patients depend on insulin jabs. More

Mix of hepatitis and pollen blows hay fever away
New Scientist    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Here's something not to be sneezed at. A vaccine against grass pollen, which can cause hay fever, has been shown as safe and effective in a trial of 180 patients. If larger trials are a success, a vaccine could be available within four years. Hay fever is caused by the immune system's immunoglobulin E antibodies reacting excessively to pollen. Therapy to prevent this reaction typically builds up immunity by injecting regular small doses of pollen over several years. More

BMG LABTECH Introduces The CLARIOstar
BMG LABTECH is releasing its newest instrument, the CLARIOstar, a high performance microplate reader with advanced monochromators, spectrometer, and filters. With this cutting-edge, hybrid technology, the CLARIOstar offers clear superiority with unparalleled flexibility and sensitivity.

Anything is possible with BMG LABTECH’s CLARIOstar. Any wavelength. Any bandwidth. Any assay.
KMC360 Rapid Medical Product Development
Partner with KMC Systems to leverage over 30 years of medical manufacturing and engineering expertise. We specialize in bringing laboratory automation products to market. Visit us at Booth #1140 to learn more about the KMC360 Rapid Product Development Program. Click here to schedule a meeting.
Prestwick Chemical Library 1,280
The Prestwick Chemical Library moves into its 14th year of leading the industry with its collection of 1,280 approved drugs available in multiple formats. Applications range from assay development and calibration to single substance and combination screens. Prestwick also provides follow-up chemistry services for lead discovery and optimization.


Assistant Professor Position in Bioengineering
University of Michigan-Dearborn
US – MI – Dearborn

Director of Molecular Diagnostics
US – NM – Albuquerque

Post Doctoral Scholar
University of California San Diego
US – CA – La Jolla

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