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SLAS reviews epigenetics
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Read the new SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood state-of-the-science report on this booming area of drug discovery. Then, dig deeper into the topic in the JBS special issue on epigenetic-targeted drug discovery. And coming soon: a podcast on the topic by The Lab Man. More


SLAS speaker wins Taylor Prize
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SLAS 2011 Stem Cell Global Symposium speaker Rudolph Jaenisch, The Whitehead Institute, presents "Stem Cells and the Promise for Personalized Medicine" at the Robarts Research Institute's Taylor Symposium. Jaenisch is the winner of the 2011 Taylor Prize. More

Small automated pipettors perform big
SOLO & SOLOPlus Automated Pipettors are the perfect choice for automating repetitive and time consuming applications. Available in single channel, 8-channel and 12- channel configurations the SOLO handles serial dilutions, kinase assays and next-gen sequencing prep with ease. Multiple deck configurations, accessories and robotics are available. See more at Email

4 weeks until SLAS2012!
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The calendar has turned to the new year, and SLAS2012, Feb. 4-8 in San Diego, is just about here! Excitement is high for this SLAS First Annual Conference and Exhibition — engage in the biggest and boldest event of the year for those shaping the field of laboratory science and technology. Jan. 19 is the final day to submit poster abstracts. More


Bradley wins trip to SLAS2012
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Congratulations to Jenifer Bradley of Pfizer, who wins a trip to SLAS2012 in San Diego (including registration, airfare and hotel). Bradley's name was picked randomly from those completing the SLAS membership survey by Dec. 15. More

Screen Your Compounds at Multispan

In human and ortholog GPCR stable cell lines in Calcium, cAMP, IP-1, GTPγS, ligand-binding and internalization assays, offering the fastest turnaround, highest quality and most diversity. More>>

Welcome new corporate member Tecan
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Tecan, also an SLAS2012 exhibitor and diamond sponsor, joins a distinguished list of businesses and organizations participating in SLAS as corporate members. More
Fifteen Minute
ELISA Assays
Do less and get more from your ELISAs

• Quantitate 96 protein samples in 15 minutes, not hours
• Take advantage of a 4-log dynamic range and dilute less
• Analyze crude samples with less prep
• Get information-rich direct binding data, not end-point results
• Develop new assays in a few hours, not weeks

Octet Systems with Dip and Read assays. No hassle, label-free ELISAs.

Contact us to learn more.
Introducing the BIND® SCANNER from SRU Biosystems
SRU Biosystems has introduced the first and only high resolution, optical, label-free plate reader. Capable of measuring functional responses in individual cells, the SCANNER represents a new paradigm in drug discovery enabling the use of primary cells earlier in drug discovery process. Contact us to learn more.
MaxCyte Excels in Difficult-to-Transfect Cells

CHO, HEK, Jurkat, insect cells, primary cells…The MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System transiently transfects even the most Difficult-to-Transfect Cells with ease! Transfect up to 1E10 cells in less than 30 minutes! The STX produces the quality transfected cells you need for screening and antibody production. Find out more about MaxCyte Transfection.


Genetic predisposition to disease common in 2 supercentenarians
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The first-ever published whole-genome sequences of not just one, but two supercentenarians, aged more than 114 years, reveal that both unusual and common genetic phenomena contribute to the genetic background of extreme human longevity. Data from the study will be available to researchers around the world at the NIH data repository. More


Genetic analysis revises treatment recommendations related to thyroid cancer
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Cleveland Clinic researchers have discovered three genes that increase the risk of thyroid cancer, which has the largest incidence increase in cancers among both men and women. Research led by Charis Eng, M.D., Ph.D., included nearly 3,000 patients with Cowden syndrome or CS-like disease, which is related to an increased risk of breast and thyroid cancer. More

NIMBUS Personalized Pipetting Workstation

MICROLAB® NIMBUS, first in a new class of personalized pipetting workstations, offering speed, flexibility, performance and affordability, all in a compact, space-efficient footprint.

A yeast functional screen predicts new candidate ALS disease genes
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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a devastating and universally fatal neurodegenerative disease. Mutations in two related RNA-binding proteins, TDP-43 and FUS, that harbor prion-like domains, cause some forms of ALS. There are at least 213 human proteins harboring RNA recognition motifs, including FUS and TDP-43, raising the possibility that additional RNA-binding proteins might contribute to ALS pathogenesis. More

Track Cell Behavior Kinetically

Track cell behavior kinetically and reduce assay time with quantitative, reproducible data from within your incubator! Explore the IncuCyte and CellPlayer Kinetic Assays.
GO! >>>

Conductance-based chemical sensing in metallic nanowires and metal-semiconductor nanostructures
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Conductance-based chemical sensing in metal-semiconductor nanostructures and all-metal nanowires of atomic dimensions is garnering increased interest. Adsorbed gas molecules can migrate to a metal-semiconductor junction, thereby shifting the magnitude of the Schottky barrier and altering electrical impedance, whereas atomic scale metal junctions can sensitively report the presence of adsorbates through their impact on ballistic electron transport. More


SCINOMIX’S SCI-PRINT VX2 is a small footprint multifunction vial handling system. The SCI- PRINT MP2+ is a high throughput fully automated barcode label printer for microtiter plates and deep well blocks. Click here to see product videos and more!

Targeted therapy extends progression-free survival of patients with advanced ovarian cancer
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Targeted drugs, which block or disrupt particular molecules involved in the growth of tumors, have been shown to be effective treatments against many types of cancer. A new phase 3 clinical trial conducted by the Gynecologic Oncology Group showed that a targeted therapy called bevacizumab effectively delayed the progression of advanced ovarian cancer. More


hERGCentral: A large database to store, retrieve and analyze compound-human Ether-a-go-go related gene channel interactions
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The unintended and often promiscous inhibition of the cardiac human Ether-a-go-go related gene potassium channel is a common cause for either delay or removal of therapeutic compounds from development and withdrawal of marketed drugs. The clinical manifestion is prolongation of the duration between QRS complex and T-wave measured by surface electrocardiogram — hence Long QT Syndrome. More

Corning® Epic® Discovery Services

Leverage the power of Corning Epic Label-free Technology to Enable a Better Understanding of biological activities of compounds during drug discovery and development. Epic Discovery Services helps accurately identify compound pharmacology, pathways, interactions and off-target activities, providing more biologically relevant data to make better decisions sooner.

6 ways we kill innovation without even trying
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Why do some great ideas fail and others succeed? The innovations pioneered by someone like Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have less to do with "out of the box" creativity than with mastering — and overcoming — a set of fundamental constraints that span everything from technology to society to group dynamics. More

Method of the year for 2011
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Perhaps the most reliable way to learn about the function of a gene or protein is to specifically perturb it and monitor what happens. This reverse genetic approach is routinely applied in many species, but, with a few exceptions, it is challenging or even impossible to make targeted changes at endogenous genomic loci, arguably the most elegant method of genetic perturbation. More

Powerful painkiller worries abuse experts
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Drug companies are working to develop a pure, more powerful version of the nation's second most-abused medicine, which has addiction experts worried that it could spur a new wave of abuse. The pills contain the highly addictive painkiller hydrocodone, packing up to 10 times the amount of the drug as existing medications such as Vicodin. More

New year brings new attacks on evolution in schools
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The new year is bringing new controversy over teaching evolution in public schools, with two bills in New Hampshire seeking to require teachers to teach the theory more as philosophy than science. Meanwhile, an Indiana state senator has introduced a bill that would allow school boards to require the teaching of creationism. More

DNA Extraction WorkStation

Thermo Scientific Orbitor KingFisher Flex Extraction Workstation allows users to extract more nucleic acids/proteins in less time. The small, easy-to-use solution provides unattended walk-away time, better control of processes and greater sample consistency combined with an audit trails of all operations performed (time-stamped, stored records). Contact us to learn more.
Standardisation in Lab Automation - infoteam knows how
With SiLA (Standardisation in Lab Automation), we offer a standardised software foundation that enables easy integration of complex, automated systems. Modular systems controlled by the process management system can easily be replaced, separately tested and validated. Plug and play. We know how to connect you.
Tecan brings you HP Direct Digital Titration
Walk-up and use convenience for your drug discovery titrations.

Direct digital titration enables the fast delivery of picoliter to microliter sample volumes enabling a shorter titration process while at the same time providing results you can trust.

See how the HP Digital Titration Device can change your life.


Lead Software Development Engineer
Pointwise, Inc.
USA – TX – Fort Worth

Tenure Track Position Environmental Technology Management — Environmental Chemistry
Arizona State University Polytechnic
USA – AZ – Mesa

Staff Packaging Engineer
Edwards Lifesciences
USA – CA – Irvine

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Submicron Motion Control & More

Hardware for sub-micron micropositioning & microscopy. Products include XYZ stages, Piezo stages, Optics, Microscopy, & Turnkey systems built to user specifications. We utilize long life components for demanding OEM applications.


Discovery is our mission...

Venenum BioDesign specializes in HTS of 5.5 million compounds including new libraries for protein-protein interactions.


Precision System Science Latest Innovations

Announcing geneLead® Fully Automated Real Time PCR system and Next Gen Sequencing size selection and chemical shearing reagents on the 8G Compact.

Expert Advice/Stimulating Conversation

Discussions and musings focused on the engaging field of laboratory science and technology.

Ultimate Online Product Directory

The SLAS Market Place offers access to new and existing technology products and services for your laboratory.

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