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Five Posters Advance in SLAS2016 Student Poster Competition
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Congratulations to the five scientists whose work moves forward in the quest to earn a $500 cash award as winners of the annual Student Poster Competition:

Jungho Ahn, Seoul National University
Reconstituting three dimensional tumor microenvironment in vitro on a microfluidic chip (Poster #2019)

John Bassett, The University of QLD Australia
Development of an MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell line expressing a GCaMP6 genetically encoded calcium sensor for high content imaging-based assessment of calcium signaling: novel opportunities for high throughput screening (Poster #4001)

Joohung Kang, Wyss Institute/Harvard University
Rapid enumeration and identification of rare food contaminant using a magnetic microfluidic device and FcMBL-conjugated magnetic particles (Poster #7015)

Carrie Lovitt, Griffith University Australia
Automated evaluation of anti-cancer activity in advanced tumor models (Poster #2003)

Matsurah Bte Mohd Abdul Rashid, National University of Singapore
Synergistic Combinations Against Bortezomib-Resistant Multiple Myeloma Derived via Phenotypic Personalized Medicine (PPM) (Poster #5005)

Posters can be viewed Monday and Tuesday during Exhibition hours. Students are present for discussion from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Monday, Jan. 25.


JBS Free Access: New DAG and cAMP Sensors Optimized for Live-Cell Assays in Automated Laboratories
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NEW and FREE at JBS Online — this Montana Molecular/Scintillon Institute paper reports the development of two live-cell assays that are robust (Z′ > 0.7) and easily deployed on standard fluorescence plate readers.

Discussion details the parameters that were critical for optimization in the hopes that the lessons learned can be generalized to the development of new biosensor-based assays. This is a SAGE Choice article, allowing all readers immediate free access to the full manuscript.

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There is Still Time to Pre-Register for SLAS2016
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Save time in San Diego by pre-registering online today! Less time in the registration area means more time to:
  • Attend podium presentations (136) featuring breakthrough research
  • Explore 315 companies in the 62,500 sq. ft. Exhibition
  • Take advantage of free career services
  • Participate in an Exhibitor Tutorial or Special Interest Group session
  • Make your way to the SLAS2016 Corner Bars for continued networking!
Need help making the boss understand why you should attend SLAS2016, Jan. 23-27, San Diego? SLAS shows you how to make your business case.


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SLAS ELN Reports: Melissa Crisp — A Guide to the Science and Technology Career Trail
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Melissa Crisp doesn't hesitate when it comes to surveying new frontiers on the career trail. She organized and networked her way through her academic career and early job searches and now guides others along their paths to success.

"Most people want to know how to get a job," says Crisp, a research scientist in automation at Eli Lilly and Company's research and development site in San Diego, CA, and a member of the SLAS Student and Early Career Professionals Advisory Committee. "You're not going to know how to find a job the right way, network properly or how to position yourself in your career without some help." Read more in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine.


Plan Your SLAS2016 Schedule Using these Handy Tools
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Browse the schedule of events or search by topic, title, track and more as you build your personalized schedule from a bustling SLAS2016 lineup of activities.

The SLAS2016 Event Scheduler synchs with the SLAS2016 Conference App, available this week for Apple, Android and Kindle devices, to offer an easy way to navigate SLAS2016, Jan. 23-27, San Diego. Scan the QR code at right to download app for your device.

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A Rising Tide Lifts All Shipshape Boats
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SLAS2016 keynote speaker Michael Gottesman discusses the omnibus budget bill signed by President Obama on Dec. 18, 2015, which included a $2 billion increase for the NIH.

"This largest increase in the NIH budget in 12 years signals bipartisan support for the overall biomedical-research effort and a growing trust in NIH leadership and NIH-supported scientists to manage these funds effectively and efficiently," says NIH Deputy Director Gottesman in The NIH Catalyst. Gottesman's SLAS2016 address is Monday morning, Jan. 25.

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Job Seekers and Employers Connect via SLAS Career Connections
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With SLAS2016 just around the corner, this online, targeted SLAS employment exchange is featuring a host of new job listings. Job seekers can post resumes and browse job openings for free.

Employers can find prospective employees by reviewing posted resumes for free and attract interested applicants by posting job openings for a fee (SLAS Corporate Members receive a 50% discount). Attending SLAS2016? Take advantage of the expanded Career Connections services available in the SLAS Member Center at SLAS2016.


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Stir No More: Scientists Show That Draining Speeds Up Bioassays
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For many research scientists, idle time has long been an unwelcome feature of the discovery process. Advances in cellular biology have yielded popular and powerful tools to detect cellular proteins and DNA — largely by exploiting the unique and intricate interactions between these microscopic molecules. Scientists use these tools to advance research and diagnose diseases. But these come at a cost in time — from hours to days — before they yield accurate answers. More


New Method Allows Gene Expression Tracking over Generations of Cells
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MIT researchers engineered a microfluidic device that traces detailed family histories for several generations of cells descended from one "ancestor." Scientists at MIT said they can now trace detailed family histories for several generations of cells descended from one ancestor after combining RNA sequencing with a novel device that isolates single cells and their progeny. More

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Happy Accident Leads to Faster Synthesis
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When a power outage hit the labs of biochemist Tilman M. Hackeng of the University of Maastricht, his colleague Stijn M. Agten rushed to remove some samples from their ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry machine. Agten was monitoring the progress of an oxime ligation reaction, and to give himself time to reboot the machine, he froze his samples to minus-20 degrees Celsius, expecting to slow the reaction rates and allow him to salvage something from his efforts. More

Orthogonal Recognition Processes Drive the Assembly and Replication of a [2]Rotaxane
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Within a small, interconnected reaction network, orthogonal recognition processes drive the assembly and replication of a [2]rotaxane. Rotaxane formation is governed by a central, hydrogen-bonding-mediated binding equilibrium between a macrocycle and a linear component, which associate to give a reactive pseudorotaxane. Both the pseudorotaxane and the linear component undergo irreversible, recognition-mediated 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions with a stoppering maleimide group, forming rotaxane and thread, respectively. More

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Two-in-One Packaging May Increase Drug Efficacy and Reduce Side Effects    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Chemotherapy often comes with powerful side effects, and one of the reasons for this is that the drugs used to kill cancer cells can also damage other fast-growing cells in the body, like hair follicles. But one possibility for reducing these side effects may be if the chemotherapy drugs only become toxic when they reach the tumor. The search for such targeted drug delivery options for chemotherapy and other treatments inspired a team of researchers to develop a new way to package two or more ingredients into a single capsule. More

Cas9 Further Refined
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Cas9 has several binding steps to help it home in on the right section of DNA when it's assigned a gene to edit, but no system is perfect — the nuclease still occasionally binds to the wrong stretch of nucleotides. In an effort to eliminate these mistakes, researchers from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital have engineered a Cas9 mutant with a reduced ability to bind to the DNA's phosphate backbone. More


A 'Printing Press' for Nanoparticles
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Gold nanoparticles have unusual properties, which scientists are seeking to put to use in a range of technologies. Some of the most interesting properties emerge when nanoparticles are brought close together. But a major challenge has been finding ways to assemble these bits of gold while controlling the three-dimensional shape of their arrangement. In a new article, researchers outline a new technique. More

Scientist Identifies Energy Sensor as Potential Target for Cancer Drugs
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An international research team formed by a University of Cincinnati cancer researcher has shown for the first time that a specific enzyme is responsible for sensing the available supply of GTP, an energy source that fuels the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. The research underscores the enzyme's potential to become a therapeutic target for future cancer drugs. More



Sr. R&D Manager – Mechanical Engineering
Labcyte Inc.
US – CA – Sunnyvale

Scientist I/II
US – MA – Waltham

Rosetta Commons REU Intership
Johns Hopkins University Institute for Nanobiotechnology
US – MD – Baltimore

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