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SLAS ELN Reports: SLAS Journals Celebrate 20 Years of Scientific Innovation
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By year-end, the searchable online archives of the Journal of Biomolecular Screening (JBS) and the Journal of Laboratory Automation (JALA) will offer more than 23,000 published pages of original scientific reports that have been cited by other qualified journals more than 15,000 times.

Throughout 2015, the JALA and JBS archives will be visited nearly two million times by readers from more than 150 countries, and they will download nearly a half million full-text articles.

Read about the energetic and inventive scientists who 20+ years ago recognized the need for publications to serve the scientific specialty of laboratory science and technology in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine feature article.


Fill 'er Up at the SLAS Blast Off at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
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Connect with fellow scientific professionals at the SLAS2015 Tuesday Night Celebration Feb. 10 and explore the world's largest and most significant collection of aviation and space artifacts, including the 1903 Wright Flyer, Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis and the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia.

Experience interstellar travel in a flight simulator. Enjoy chimichurri prawns, hibachi steak, heirloom tomato tartlettes, Tuscan grilled beef, Chesapeake crab cakes, basil-scented chicken, wild mushroom risotto, vegetable chop salad, roasted tomato and goat cheese tart, vegetable dim sum, zucchini-onion flatbread, four cheese penne pasta, kiwi lime tart, baked Alaska brownie stix, blueberry cheesecake bars and more!

Continuous shuttle bus service is complimentary between the Marriott Marquis and the Museum from 6:45 to 10:15 p.m. (10 minute travel time). Sponsored by Hamilton Company.

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Congratulations to The 2015 JALA Ten
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"The JALA Ten have and continue to make incredible breakthroughs in their fields that will have far-reaching impact in our everyday lives, from how we detect and treat diseases to how we manipulate and observe the world around us," says Edward Kai-Hua Chow, JALA editor-in-chief.

This year's honorees range from Chad Mirkin and his work with spherical nucleic acid nanoparticles capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier to Dharmendra Modha's work on bio-inspired computing.

Other SLAS member honorees include SLAS President Dean Ho's nanodiamond drug delivery research, Terry Kenakin’s biased receptor signaling advances and Amy Herr's single-cell Western blot realized in a microarray-like planar form factor.

It's All About Your Data
During SLAS, visit CDD (Booth 1155) to see how you can effortlessly store, analyze, & mine your biological study data & chemical structures with CDD Vault®. Finally, a modern approach to drug research informatics. Click here!

Maximize your SLAS2015 Experience: Add a Short Course
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Completely revised for SLAS2015, these one- and two-day programs take place Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 7-8, immediately prior to the core scientific program on Feb. 9-11.

Led by noted subject matter experts and renowned instructors, SLAS Short Courses dive deep into a broad array of topics relevant to laboratory technology professionals.

Many courses include hands-on instruction and all attendees receive program materials for post-course reference.


February Issues of JALA and JBS Available Online
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NEW issues of the two SLAS peer-reviewed, MEDLINE-indexed scientific journals published last week to JALA Online and JBS Online. While complete issue content is available only to SLAS section members and subscribers, each February journal issue has one open access article.

In JALA, all can view "Miniaturized Plate Readers for Low-Cost, High-Throughput Phenotypic Screening" by a collaborative team from three universities.

In JBS, all can access "Quantification of Histone H3 Lys27 Trimethylation (H3K27me3) by High-Throughput Microscopy Enables Cellular Large-Scale Screening for Small-Molecule EZH2 Inhibitors" from Bayer Pharma in Berlin, Germany.

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SLAS Conference on Compound Management in Industry and Academia
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In partnership with the European Lead Factory, the March 24-25 program in Dortmund, Germany addresses the effective management of compound collections for successful early discovery efforts of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agri-science industries, as well as academic organizations with comprehensive compound management infrastructures.

The program includes speakers from Actelion, AstraZeneca, Bayer CropScience, Bio Ascent, Evotec, Fraunhofer IME – ScreeningPort, Novartis, Pivot Park Screening Centre, Taros Chemicals and Vipergen.

Photo credit: Alyce Nehme, 2014 JALA & JBS Art of Science Contest finalist.

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    SLAS2015 Exhibition Only Attendance is FREE
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    The exhibition at SLAS2015 features more than 300 leading multinational providers of laboratory technology and related products and services and is structured to facilitate friendly, professional interaction among providers and product/technology users.

    If you are unable to attend the full scientific conference, register for a free exhibition only badge to gain valuable insight into state-of-the-art technologies and access to product developers and product experts. Register online now. The exhibition is open Sunday, Feb. 8, from 4:30-7:00 p.m.; Monday, Feb. 9, from 10:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; and Tuesday, Feb. 10, from 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.


    To Tweet or Not to Tweet?
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    Active Twitter users know to follow @SLAS_Org and watch #SLAS2015 for news, deadlines and insight from the community.

    If you have been thinking of adding Twitter to your communication toolbox, now would be a great time.

    SLAS tweets actively during SLAS2015 and, most importantly, your peers do as well, offering insight on SLAS2015 scientific programming.

    Follow @SLAS_Org today, and become a part of the conversation.


    3-D Enzyme Model Provides New Tool for Anti-Inflammatory Drug Development    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzymes are known to play a role in many inflammatory diseases, including asthma, arthritis and atherosclerosis. It then stands to reason that PLA2 inhibitors could represent a new class of anti-inflammatory medication. To better understand PLA2 enzymes and help drive therapeutic drug development, researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine developed 3-D computer models that show exactly how two PLA2 enzymes extract their substrates from cellular membranes. More

    Programmable and Multiparameter DNA-Based Logic Platform For Cancer Recognition and Targeted Therapy
    Journal of the American Chemical Society
    Open Access Article
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    The specific inventory of molecules on diseased cell surfaces (e.g., cancer cells) provides clinicians an opportunity for accurate diagnosis and intervention. With the discovery of panels of cancer markers, carrying out analyses of multiple cell-surface markers is conceivable. As a trial to accomplish this, we have recently designed a DNA-based device that is capable of performing autonomous logic-based analysis of two or three cancer cell-surface markers. More

    Clear Choice for Lysate Clearance!
    Why limit recovery or capacity to clarify cellular debris from your sample? For a variety of integrated pre-filter options tailored to your research needs, visit Pall Laboratory website.
    Explore the latest innovations in motion and fluidics.
    Parker Precision Fluidics offers laboratory solutions enabling precise motion and fluidics control for instrument accuracy. RoHS compliant products optimized for stability, long life, and efficiency. For more information visit or email

    Custom Chemical Firms Answer the Call
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    "Active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing does not happen in a vacuum," points out Kate Kuhrt, senior director at the market research firm Thomson Reuters. Instead, the ingredients, known as APIs, are developed and made to order when needed by innovator and generic drug companies. The demand by drug companies for APIs is shifting as firms merge and consolidate, shut down R&D and manufacturing, and rebuild their pipelines after losing patent protection for once-large-volume products. More

    Exploiting Highly Ordered Subnanoliter Volume Microcapillaries as Microtools for the Analysis of Antibody Producing Cells
    Analytical Chemistry    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    The interrogation of highly diverse repertoires of heterogeneous cell populations on a single cell basis increases the likelihood that a cell with unique characteristics will be identified. We have developed a new single cell analysis system comprising millions of bundled subnanoliter volume bioincubation chambers for the identification and recovery of target specific antibody secreting cells (ASCs). More

    Telomere Extension Turns Back Aging Clock in Cultured Human Cells
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    A new procedure can quickly and efficiently increase the length of human telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes that are linked to aging and disease, according to scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Treated cells behave as if they are much younger than untreated cells, multiplying with abandon in the laboratory dish rather than stagnating or dying. More

    Scientists Set Quantum Speed Limit
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    The flip side of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, the energy time uncertainty principle, establishes a speed limit for transitions between two states. Physical chemists have now proved this principle for transitions between states that are not entirely distinct, allowing the calculation of speed limits for processes such as quantum computing and tunneling. The proof puts on sound footing a relationship that most physicists use daily. More

    Meet KMC Systems - SLAS Booth#1416
    As a leading provider of world-class contract manufacturing and engineering services for medical and biotechnology instrumentation, KMC Systems partners with leading and emerging medical device companies to successfully bring in-vitro diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, life science and laboratory automation products to market.

    ISO 13485 Certified. FDA Registered.

    SLAS Booth #1416.
    NEW! Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Reader
    Cytation™ 5 is a modular, upgradable multi-mode reader that combines automated digital imaging and conventional microplate detection. Cytation 5 includes both filter- and monochromator-based detection; the imaging module provides up to 60x magnification in fluorescence, brightfield, H&E and phase contrast. Incubation to 65 °C, shaking and Gen5 software are standard.
    Sample Screening from your Compound

    The comPOUND system comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialized delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any compound management or screening system.


    Chair Professor, Junior Faculty Positions
    Frontier Institute of Science and Technology (FIST), Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU)
    China – Shaanxi Province, Xi’an

    Liquid Handling Associate
    Frontier Scientific, Inc.
    US – DE – Newark

    Director, Cell Assay Development
    US – MN – Minnesota

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