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2012 SLAS Innovation Award winner named
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Dan Dongeun Huh of Harvard University took home the $10,000 prize for his presentation, "A Human Breathing Lung-on-a-Chip for Drug Screening and Nanotoxicology Applications." Huh was selected from nine finalists for extraordinary vision, originality, seminal technology, applications and strategies, as well as the impact on laboratory science and technology, originality and creativity, quality of the science and oral presentation. Read the recent ELN feature on this topic, and learn a bit more about Huh in this informative video. More


Revisit 2 important SLAS2012 presentations
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"Bridging the Valley of Death: How Can Academia and Pharma Best Work Together" and "Advances in High-Throughput Screening Technologies," two popular SLAS2012 sessions, are available free for a limited time. More

Small automated pipettors perform big
SOLO & SOLOPlus Automated Pipettors are the perfect choice for automating repetitive and time consuming applications. Available in single channel, 8-channel and 12- channel configurations the SOLO handles serial dilutions, kinase assays and next-gen sequencing prep with ease. Multiple deck configurations, accessories and robotics are available. See more at Email

JBS March available online
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"A High-Throughput Screening Method for Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Aberrant Mutant SOD1 and Dynein Complex Interaction" is among the manuscripts in the March issue of JBS now available at JBS Online. More

Long-Term Storage (LTS) per Study

Starfruit Software/Database Service - LTS per Study. You can control who to use a sample. Visit Store – Starfruit Library to see "Starfruit Sample Locator BIMS"

4 exhibitors celebrated for new product introductions at SLAS2012
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SLAS presented the SLAS New Product Award Designation to four companies with the top new products showcased on the exhibit floor. This year's NPA winners are Dynamic Devices (96VVP Liquid Handling Robotic Head), Fluidix (Air Film), Siloam Biosciences (OptiMax Microplates) and Tecan (HP D300 Digital Dispenser). More


SLAS2012 attendance tops 5,800
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Enthusiastic attendees flocked to San Diego for the First Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition — and were rewarded with 130 world-class scientific podium presentations from the laboratory science and technology field, 22 short courses, 378 poster presentations, 59 industry-sponsored tutorials and workshops, the latest technologies showcased by more than 325 companies and outstanding networking. More

Mark your calendar: 2012 SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition
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The program is building and exhibit and sponsor sales are in progress for the 19-21 June event at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. Themed "Advances in Drug and Life Sciences R&D through Laboratory Technology," keynote speakers are Xiaodong Wang, Ph.D., director, National Institute of Biological Science, China; and Mahendra Rao, M.D., Ph.D., director, NIH Center for Regenerative Medicine, USA. More
Nexar® HTP, In-line Liquid Handler
Transform uHT Screening: Replace microplates with Nexar’s in-line sample processing in Array Tape - a continuous plastic strip, serially embossed with reaction wells
Increase Throughput:
Efficient, parallel processing within customized modules
Save Reagents:
Accurate, nanoliter dispense into miniaturized reaction wells (1µL)
Simplify Workflow:
Process integration without robotic or manual microplate handling
MaxCyte® VLX™ Large Scale Transfection System
The MaxCyte® VLX™ Large Scale Transfection System is specifically designed for extremely large volume transfection and is able to transfect up to 2E11 cells in less than 30 minutes with high cell viability and transfection efficiencies. This system is ideal for rapid, gram scale production of proteins and monoclonal antibodies.
Protect Your Automation with Alpillo® from ALPAQUA®
Alpillo® microplate cushions from ALPAQUA® are designed to enhance automated precision pipetting. Integrated spring technology allows for touch-off dispensing and complete aspiration of every microliter of precious samples and reagents from SBS standard microplates. Protect your instruments & consumables and eliminate troublesome tip crashes & head contamination - all while improving pipetting consistency.


Cancer drug reverses Alzheimer's in mice
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What a quick turnaround: a drug used to treat cancer can reverse Alzheimer's disease in mice — and it takes just 72 hours to work its magic. It remains to be seen if the drug has the same effect in people with Alzheimer's, though. More

Get Connected to Laboratory Science at Pittcon 2012
If you are a scientist or researcher looking for the latest innovations in laboratory equipment–then Pittcon 2012, the world’s largest annual conference and expo for lab science, is a must attend event. Register now at

Fabrication of nanopeapods: Scrolling of niobate nanosheets for magnetic nanoparticle chain encapsulation
Journal of the American Chemical Society    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Scrolling of niobate nanosheets in the presence of magnetic nanoparticle chains can lead to peapodlike structures. Surface functional groups on both the NSs and NPs are important in directing the assembly and subsequent NS convolution. The dimensions of the peapods are typically dictated by the diameters of the NPs and the length of the NP chains. More


Tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase inhibitors. 3-(2-(Pyridyl)ethenyl)indoles as potential anticancer immunomodulators
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Tryptophan catabolism mediated by indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase is an important mechanism of peripheral immune tolerance contributing to tumoral immune resistance. IDO inhibition is thus an active area of research in drug development. Recently, our group has shown that tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase, an unrelated hepatic enzyme also catalyzing the first step of tryptophan degradation, is also expressed in many tumors and that this expression prevents tumor rejection by locally depleting tryptophan. More

Genomics key to new $130 million Alzheimer's initiative
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Research into Alzheimer's disease will get a $130 million shot in the arm over the next two years under a new Obama Administration plan, and DNA sequencing-based studies will be a core part of the new efforts. Under the plan, the National Institutes of Health will immediately pump an additional $50 million into Alzheimer's studies this year. More

Innovation³ from TTP Labtech

3 innovative products launched at SLAS Booth 914:

• arktic: compact automated biobanking
• aequus: non-contact liquid level monitoring
• mosquito HV: cost-saving serial dilutions.

In vivo studies show CD137 mAb agonist boosts anticancer activity of trastuzumab
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Investigators say use of a CD137 agonist mAb significantly boosts the anticancer effects of the tumor-targeting antibody trastuzumab (Genentech's Herceptin) and may represent a promising strategy for increasing the effectiveness of other anticancer antibodies, including rituximab and cetuximab. A Stanford University-led team showed that anticancer treatment with trastuzumab followed by the CD137 agonist mAb boosted the ability of natural killer cells to destroy trastuzumab-coated tumor cells. More

Fully automated lead discovery experiment
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The company Cyclofluidic has announced the completion of the first fully automated "screen and test" lead discovery experiment. Scientists used the company's proprietary microfluidic system to design, make and screen potential drug molecules active against thrombin, a target associated with stroke. The Cyclofluidic Integrated Discovery Platform uses microfluidic flow chemistry, on-line biochemical assays and automated drug design algorithms to make and screen potential drug molecules. More


FDA outlines path for lower-priced biotech drugs
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The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to review the first lower-cost versions of biotech drugs, expensive medications which have never before faced generic competition. The guidelines issued by the FDA are the final step in a decades-long effort to lower the price of biotech drugs, high-tech injectable medications that cost the nation billions of dollars each year. More

Study shows dramatic improvements but persistent challenges for women ecologists
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The underrepresentation of women in science has received significant attention. However, there have been few studies in which longitudinal data were used to assess changes over time. Here, we surveyed the Organization for Tropical Studies graduate database, because this database was also surveyed in 1988, to determine the challenges still faced by women ecologists. More

Flexible, Reliable Lab Automation Solutions

Whether your lab is manual, semi-automated or fully automated, FlexLink has flexible conveyor systems and solutions that fit perfectly where space is limited and close machine interface is required.

Secrets of ancient Chinese remedy revealed
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For roughly 2,000 years, Chinese herbalists have treated malaria using a root extract, commonly known as chang shan, from a type of hydrangea that grows in Tibet and Nepal. More recent studies suggest that halofuginone, a compound derived from this extract's bioactive ingredient, could be used to treat many autoimmune disorders as well. Now, researchers have discovered the molecular secrets behind this herbal extract's power. More

Analytical measurements of atmospheric urban aerosol
Analytical Chemistry    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Understanding the complex nature of atmospheric urban aerosol mandates the utilization of analytical technology. In this feature article, we provide a glimpse of several analytical techniques that are most commonly used for urban atmospheric aerosol measurements, with an emphasis on particle mass spectrometry methods. More


Sensing self and non-self: New research into immune tolerance
Science Daily    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
At the most basic level, the immune system must distinguish self from non-self, that is, it must discriminate between the molecular signatures of invading pathogens (non-self antigens) and cellular constituents that usually pose no risk to health (self-antigens). The system is far from foolproof. Cancer cells can undergo unchecked proliferation, producing self-antigens that are tolerated by the immune system, rather than being targeted for destruction. More

Found: The oldest animal ever on planet Earth
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Our earliest evolutionary ancestor may have been found in the form of microscopic sponge-like organisms recently discovered inside extremely ancient African rocks. If that turns out to be so, it would displace animal life's previous earliest known ancestor (unremarkably, another sponge-like "metazoan") by predating it by perhaps 100 million years. More

RapidFire High-throughput Mass Spectrometry Systems

Agilent Technologies’ RapidFire is an SPE-based solution that enables detection of native compounds by mass spec. Requiring no labels or surrogates, it enables the screening of intractable or challenging targets which are not amenable to fluorescence or luminescence. Sample throughput is 10x faster than conventional MS screening methods. MORE
Choose the new Standard in Lab Automation - SiLA
How do you like straightforward integration and adaptation of systems at lower costs? Using SiLA the replacement cost of existing integrated devices is significantly reduced. System integrators have greater independence in the choice of devices and compatibility problems with device drivers are a thing of the past. infoteam knows how.

You want to know more? Contact infoteam Software! Visit us at LabAutomation in San Diego, Feb4-8, expo hall, Booth no. 232.
Labcyte- Echo®
liquid handler and Access™ workstation
Learn about the latest applications of the Echo® liquid handler and Access™ workstation in qPCR and biochemical assays. With the Echo liquid handler and Access workstation you can eliminate tip costs and increase the throughput of miniaturized assays. The future of science is sound. MORE


Sr. Automation Engineer
Pioneer Hi-Bred
USA – IA – Johnston

Robotics/Automation Specialist
USA – MD – Gaithersburg

Technical Application Specialist
LGC Genomics
United States

More jobs at SLAS Career Connections

FSSI: Advanced Compound Management Services
Focused on Outsourced Materials Management and Sample Preparation Services, FSSI supports Compound Management, Research and Discovery Screening, and Chemistry. FSSI performs Sample Reformatting and Full Repository Services with on-demand 24-48 hour delivery. FSSI offers diversity screening libraries, pre-weighed building blocks in custom aliquots, full preparative purification, and high-throughput analysis.
EasyHandling: Cut Engineering Time, Costs
EasyHandling makes Mechatronics easier and faster than ever, with high-performance mechanical technologies and our new EasyWizard programming tool. Cut engineering time, effort & cost by up to 80%. EasyHandling is perfect for Lab applications—ranging from test tube pick-and-place and medical product packaging to hands-off inspection of hazardous materials.
Get your free automation consultation
Astech Projects launch new turnkey approach to automation at SLAS! Composed of four key steps – consultation & proposal, concept design study, proof of concept, and detailed design, manufacture and testing – Astech currently offers the initial consultation & proposal free of charge. Apply for yours today.







Providing clean, uninterrupted electrical power.

Certified UPS’s to protect your laboratory’s critical instrumentation and resolve current and potential power issues.


A Solution That's Beyond LIMs

UNIConnect adapts to your processes and delivers a comprehensive system that empowers and supports innovation.


Industry-renowned sample management software

13 of 20 top pharma/biotech companies have chosen Titian’s modular Mosaic™ software to control their sample storage/preparation. Find out why.

The SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood

It's new. It's newsy. And it's available now. Check out this e-zine, and enter the contest.

Totally automated. Highly interactive.

Boost your career or find the perfect candidate. SLAS Career Connections offers both online and in-person career services.

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