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SLAS Journals: Special Issue Calls for Papers Now in Progress
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Special issues published by SLAS's two MEDLINE-indexed scientific journals (JALA and JBS) are always widely read and highly rated. Manuscript proposals for four upcoming special issues are now being accepted. More


SLAS Endowed Fellowship Makes Headlines
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A new report from the SLAS-endowed research group led by Dr. Dean Ho, professor of oral biology and medicine and co-director of the Jane and Jerry Weintraub Center for Reconstructive Biotechnology at the UCLA School of Dentistry, reveals what could be a significant step toward improving the management of glaucoma — nanodiamond-embedded contact lenses.

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SLAS ELN Reports: How Can You Get a Job? Meet Some People with Jobs!
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"Sometimes, it is not who you know but who knows about you," says Joanne Kamens, executive director of Addgene and SLAS2014 career counselor. This is why you must constantly seek connections outside your existing network before you begin looking for a new job.

Kamens led the popular "Not Networking 101 — Building Relationships for Success" at SLAS2014 and shares tips from that workshop and from her one-on-one career coaching sessions at SLAS2014 in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine. Read about what you can do today to make your future job search go smoothly.

JALA Podcast Series: A Conversation with JALA Editors about the 2014 JALA Ten
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The JALA Ten annually showcases the top 10 technological breakthroughs across a spectrum of fields that demonstrate the progress that can be realized when top scientists and engineers combine forces with translationally minded clinicians and entrepreneurs.

JALA Editor-in-Chief Dean Ho, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, and JALA Deputy Editor-in-Chief Edward Chow, Ph.D., National University of Singapore, discuss the breakthroughs with JALA Podcast Editor David Pechter, MSME.


SLAS2015 Keynote Speaker Devises Method to Measure the Push and Pull of Cells as Embryonic Tissue Develops
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The new research method involves injecting tiny oil droplets with a special coating within lab-grown 3-D aggregates of mouse mammary tumor cells and within living 3-D tissues from embryonic mouse jaws. By measuring droplet deformation, team members can calculate the forces within the living tissues. "Now that we can quantitate cellular forces, we can find entirely new ways to diagnose the extraordinarily wide range of diseases that alter cell contractility and tissue stiffness," said Donald Ingber, founding director of the Wyss Institute, professor of bioengineering at SEAS, and senior author of the study. "Just as important, we can answer crucial questions about developments that have lain dormant for decades." Ingber is one of three keynote speakers at SLAS2015, Feb. 7-11 in Washington, D.C. More

SLAS2014 SLAStronomy Video: Watch the Chefs in Action
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Chef Carissa Seward Giacalone and Chef Patrick Dahms battled one another in cooking — and with words — while preparing tasty dessert crepes for the hungry SLAS2014 crowd. Chef Carissa won the kudos by a small margin of votes.

Learn about each chef's secret ingredients and special touches in these videos shared by the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. Short and long versions are available.

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SLAS2014 Daily News
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The SLAS2014 Daily News e-newsletter was published daily Jan. 19-22 during SLAS2014, providing highlights, photos and videos of the upcoming day's events.

If you are looking for a quick scan of conference and exhibition activities, take a few minutes to review these issues.


Genome of Harmless Oral Microbe Sheds Light on Its Gum-Destroying Cousins
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Many oral microbes, whether harmless or pathogenic, frustrate scientists because they refuse to grow in the laboratory. Such microbes, which include more than 60 percent of bacteria in the human mouth, have even been referred to as "biological dark matter." Though these obscure species have never been cultivated, they are known to exist, but only because of DNA sequencing. More

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Peptides are an intriguing class of drugs. They are made of amino acids, just as humans are, and because of their intimate relationship with our own biological molecules, they have the potential to fight some of the most intractable diseases, including cancer. But they can be difficult and expensive to make. A year's worth of the anti-HIV peptide drug enfuvirtide costs $25,000. More

Controversial Organometallics Paper Cleared Of Falsification Charge
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The ACS journal Organometallics has found no evidence of malfeasance in an article that last summer sparked misconduct allegations from chemists. ACS is the publisher of C&EN. "There was no evidence in any of the materials (we) received that indicated falsified analyses," Organometallics Editor-in-Chief John A. Gladysz and Associate Editor Lanny S. Liebeskind write in a comment that accompanies the journal's correction. More


Microbes Take Charge
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Aided by modern sequencing techniques, scientists are discovering that microorganisms can exert a powerful influence over animal behavior. Across the African savannah you can find strands of grass coated with a peculiar brown goop. It's a calling card, left by hyenas that smear it from a special scent gland in a pouch under their tails. Many people don't like its smell — rather like fermenting mulch — but the hyenas clearly find it fragrant and interesting. More

Advanced Techniques Yield New Insights into Ribosome Self-Assembly
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Ribosomes, the cellular machines that build proteins, are themselves made up of dozens of proteins and a few looping strands of RNA. A new study, reported in the journal Nature, offers new clues about how the ribosome, the master assembler of proteins, also assembles itself. "The ribosome has more than 50 different parts — it has the complexity of a sewing machine in terms of the number of parts," said University of Illinois physics professor Taekjip Ha. More

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Two New Weapons in the Battle Against Bacteria
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Proteases are vital proteins that serve for order within cells. They break apart other proteins, ensuring that these are properly synthesized and decomposed. Proteases are also responsible for the pathogenic effects of many kinds of bacteria. Now chemists at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen have discovered two hitherto unknown mechanisms of action that can be used to permanently disarm an important bacterial protease. More

30 Years Later: Are We Any Closer to a Cure for AIDS?
By Dorothy L. Tengler    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Human immunodeficiency virus was first discovered in 1983. In 1984, HIV was definitively linked to acquired immune deficiency syndrome patients and to groups whose members were at high risk for developing AIDS. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 1.1 million persons aged 13 years and older are living with HIV infection. Over the past decade, the number of people living with HIV has increased, while the annual number of new HIV infections has remained relatively stable. But are researchers any closer to finding a cure now than when the HIV/AIDS connection was established 30 years ago? More

Gas-Phase Ion Isomer Analysis Reveals the Mechanism of Peptide Sequence Scrambling
Analytical Chemistry    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Peptide sequence scrambling during mass spectrometry-based gas-phase fragmentation analysis causes misidentification of peptides and proteins. Thus, there is a need to develop an efficient approach to probing the gas-phase fragment ion isomers related to sequence scrambling and the underlying fragmentation mechanism, which will facilitate the development of bioinformatics algorithm for proteomics research. More

Tiny Gold Motors You Can Drive Inside Cells
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A team of scientists has built nano-size motors, partly out of gold, that they then coaxed into cells and drove around. In the future, engineers hope such motors will deliver medicines into cells in the body. They might also target and kill troublesome cells, such as cancer cells. For now, however, this field of study is still in its early stages. More

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