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The Lab Man Interviews SLAS2015 New Product Award Winners
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Representatives from four companies winning New Product Award designations at the SLAS2015 Exhibition in Washington, DC, talk with The Lab Man about their innovations.

Learn about BlueCatBio (BlueWasher); regenHU (3DDiscovery BioSafety Cabinet); ReSyn Biosciences (MagReSyn); and Sony Corporation (Sony SI8000 Cell Motion Imaging System).

Pictured here is Frank Feist of BlueCatBio with The Lab Man.


JBS March Issue Now at JBS Online for Members and Subscribers
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"A New System for Profiling Drug-Induced Calcium Signal Perturbation in Human Embryonic Stem Cell–Derived Cardiomyocytes" (open access), "Tetracycline-Based System for Controlled Inducible Expression of Group III Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors," "Open Access to High-Content Clonogenic Analysis," and "Using the BioAssay Ontology for Analyzing High-Throughput Screening Data" are among the original research articles in the March issue.

SLAS Biomolecular Sciences Section members and JBS subscribers can view the issue online now.

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10 Podium Presentations from SLAS2015 Now Available to SLAS Members
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10 podium presentations recorded at SLAS2015 are available to dues-paying SLAS members for on demand access.

Included among this high-profile collection is the 2015 SLAS Innovation Award winning presentation, “Novel Acoustic Loading of a Mass Spectrometer - Towards Next Generation High Throughput MS Screening,” presented by Jonathan Wingfield of AstraZeneca.

See all the on demand presentations from SLAS2015. Not a dues-paying member? Become one today and enjoy immediate access to these and all other paid-member benefits.

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  • SLAS Conference on Compound Management in Industry and Academia
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    Learn how to provide the right compound, at the right time in the best condition at the SLAS Conference on Compound Management in Industry and Academia, March 24-25, Dortmund, Germany.

    Drug discovery-focused scientists and specialists in agri-science and biotechnology discuss challenges of compound management in these areas. Share your latest discoveries with the community by submitting your poster by March 15.

    The European Lead Factory hosts a free satellite meeting March 25 featuring a panel discussion on its model of public-private innovation. Register today.

    NEW at JALA Online
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    "A Nonlinear Size-Dependent Equivalent Circuit Model for Single-Cell Electroporation on Microfluidic Chips" by Hooman Shagoshtasbi et al., of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Wuhan Institute of Technology in People's Republic of China now is available to SLAS Laboratory Automation Section members and JALA subscribers.

    "The proposed model can successfully predict the time responses of transmembrane voltage, pore diameter, and pore density at four different stages of permeabilization. These stages are categorized based on electromechanical changes of the lipid membrane. The current-voltage characteristic curve of the cell membrane during EP is also investigated at different EP stages in detail. The model can precisely predict the electric breakdown of different cell lines at a specific critical cell membrane voltage of the target cell lines."

    mosquito® solves a sticky issue
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    Best Fragments Moving Forward?
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    Get reliable affinity and kinetic data directly from primary screens using Pioneer FE with hit-selection software from SensiQ. Pioneer FE optimizes workflows by providing the fastest time to first results available on any SPR biosensor.

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    Meet KMC Systems
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    SLAS Webinar: HELM — Setting the Standard for Biomolecular Data Exchange
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    Tianhong Zhang, Ph.D., manager, Research Business Technology at Pfizer, leads the March 31 SLAS Webinar. HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) allows biotherapeutics researchers to define complex biologic entities without ambiguity, the same way as chemists have long been able to do for small molecules.

    Zhang, technical lead for the Pistoia Alliance HELM project, presents the HELM open standard and the reference implementation, its origin and use at Pfizer and the emerging HELM ecosystem.

    SLAS Webinars are free to dues-paid SLAS members. Not yet a member? Join today.

    SLAS2016 Keynote Speaker Steltzner Helped Determine 2015 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Science in Film
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    Adam Diedrich Steltzner, engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, served on the jury for the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Science in Film at the recently concluded 2015 Sundance Film Festival, Jan. 22-Feb. 1, in Park City, Utah.

    He and his co-jurists selected The Stanford Prison Experiment, a film resulting from the summer of 1971 study of the psychology of imprisonment.

    Steltzner and National Cancer Institute Chief of Laboratory and Cell Biology Michael Gottesman are scheduled to keynote SLAS2016, Jan. 23-27, 2016, San Diego, CA.



    Pharmaceutical Outsourcing: Chemistry Still Key to Drug Industry's Fortunes
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    Those concerned about chemistry's future in the pharmaceutical industry were undoubtedly alarmed when the French giant Sanofi bragged recently that 72 percent of its drug discovery and development projects these days are in biologics. Biologics are hot. Sales are growing at close to 10 percent per year, and biologics represent nine of the top 20 pharmaceuticals by sales, according to the market research firm EvaluatePharma. More

    Submicrometer Particles and Slip Flow in Liquid Chromatography
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    Smaller particles have progressively led to higher efficiency in liquid chromatography, particularly for proteins, due to smaller diffusion distances. Particle diameter has recently entered the submicrometer region, with the back-pressure requirements alleviated by slip flow. More

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    Controlling Lipid Micelle Stability Using Oligonucleotide Headgroups
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    Lipid-based micelles provide an attractive option for therapeutic and diagnostic applications because of their small size (<20 nm) and ability to self-assemble and improve the solubility of both hydrophobic drugs and dyes. Their use, however, has been challenged by the fact that these particles are inherently unstable in serum becaue of interactions with protein components, which drives the micelle equilibrium to the monomeric state. More

    Researchers Develop Promising Method to Treat Sickle Cell Disease
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    UCLA stem cell researchers have shown that a novel stem cell gene therapy method could lead to a one-time, lasting treatment for sickle cell disease — the nation's most common inherited blood disorder. Published March 2 in the journal Blood, the study outlines a method that corrects the mutated gene that causes sickle cell disease and shows, for the first time, that the gene correction method leads to the production of normal red blood cells. More


    Novel Sequencing Technique Developed for Mitochondria
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    The cells energy production organelle is often taken for granted on a daily basis, supplying the cell with a pool of chemical energy molecules critical for normal metabolic function. However, this unique organelle plays major roles in signaling, differentiation, and cell death. Moreover, since it contains its own DNA, it has been frequently linked to an individuals inherited risk for diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. More

    Patented Process Builds Better Semiconductors, Improves Electronic Devices
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    Through a surprise research discovery, a Kansas State University chemical engineer has found the icing on the cake for electronic devices. Jim Edgar, university distinguished professor of chemical engineering, has received a patent for his invention "Off-axis silicon carbide substrates," which is a process for building better semiconductors. More

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    Go Meta: New Technique Expands Possibilities for Molecular Designers    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute have developed a broadly useful technique for building new drug molecules and other chemical products. The technique, reported March 9 as an Advance Online paper by the journal Nature, is an improved, easier method for "meta-C-H activation," the attachment of a desired group of atoms to a particularly hard-to-reach position on the carbon backbone of an organic molecule. More

    HIV's Hiding Places at Last Revealed by Simple Scan
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    It's like using heat cameras to catch criminals on the run, but it finds HIV instead. A novel scanning technique is enabling researchers to pinpoint where in the body HIV is lurking. "This could really help with the research for a functional cure," says Alan Winston of Imperial College London, who was not involved in the study. More


    Laboratory Automation Engineer
    New York Stem Cell Foundation
    US – NY – New York

    Therapeutic Biologics Scientist
    Belgium – Flanders

    Manager, Engineering
    US – CA – Oceanside

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