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SLAS awards $10,000 cash prize

The SLAS Innovation Award recognizes the work behind that one unique and special presentation at SLAS2016.




April 10 SLAS Webinar: Improving Success Rates in Drug Discovery
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Webinar speaker Edward Scolnick, chief scientist and founding director of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research and core faculty member at the Broad Institute, works closely with principal investigators at the Broad, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to identify risk genes for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. He uses that information to develop novel therapeutics or diagnostics.

Scolnick says, "Invest in as many projects as there is genetic evidence that links the target and pathway to the actual pathophysiology of a disease. Have the discipline to create a high quality molecule, a biologic or a chemical, to perturb this single target and its pathway so that the dose of the potential therapeutic is limited solely by the consequences of perturbation of this target and not off target activity of the molecule. We are in a time where there are, and will be, more such targets than at any time in our history."


SLAS ELN Reports/From the SLAS President — JALA & JBS: Celebrating 20 Years of Scientific Innovation
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Three special issues of SLAS's official journals have already been published this year, and three more are slated for 2015 release. In addition, SLAS currently is accepting manuscript proposals for: "Special issues are excellent opportunities for you to have your achievements showcased as original research articles, reviews or technical notes," says Dean Ho. "If you or someone you know has a meaningful story to tell about one of these topics, I strongly encourage you to submit a manuscript proposal for publication consideration." More

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SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition: April 9-10, Shanghai
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Just added! Institut Pasteur Korea CEO Hakim Djaballah presents "Technology Innovation in Drug Discovery to Fight Global Disease." Djaballah joins a lineup that includes Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner K. Barry Sharpless of The Scripps Research Institute; George Fu Gao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention; and Xiaodong Wang of the National Institute of Biological Sciences.

The conference is organized around four scientific sessions — Leading Science for Small Molecules Drug Discovery; Natural Product Drug Discovery & Synthetic Biology; The Scientific Frontier of Biological Discovery; and From Technology, Process, Discovery to Development — and includes exhibits, posters, exhibitor tutorials and networking. Also, SLAS joins with WuXi AppTec to offer the free pre-conference workshop, "Developing an Open Platform for Compound Management and In Vitro Screening."

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  • JALA Podcast: Microengineered Cell- and Tissue-Based Assays for Drug Screening and Toxicology Applications
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    JALA Editor-in-chief Edward Kai-Hua Chow of the National University of Singapore discusses JALA's 20th year of publication and the significance of this first special issue of the year (organized by guest editors Dan Dongeun Huh of the University of Pennsylvania and Deok-Ho Kim of the University of Washington).

    "This issue is a great example of how JALA is staying current with the cutting edge technology," Chow says. He highlights a few of the issue's manuscripts and cites the Kimura paper for demonstrating "how we can automate some of the toxicity issues that exist in drug development and learn a great deal about these drugs before going into more expensive in vivo experiments."

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    SLAS2016 Scientific Tracks Frame Conference Program
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    The SLAS2016 Scientific Program Committee identified the following seven tracks to organize scientific sessions leveraging the power of technology to achieve scientific objectives:
    • Advances in Bioanalytics, Biomarkers and Diagnostics
    • Assay Development and Screening
    • Automation and High Throughput Technologies
    • Cellular Technologies
    • Drug Target Strategies
    • Informatics
    • Micro/Nano Technologies
    An open call for podium abstracts runs until Aug. 3, 2015. Indicate interest in the $10,000 SLAS Innovation Award and Tony B. Academic Travel Award Program as appropriate.

    Five Reasons to Visit JALA and JBS Online Today
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    JALA and JBS Online offer essential ways to navigate the ever-increasing volume of peer-reviewed research for life sciences R&D professionals. Visit these rich resources regularly to:
    1. Find answers, ideas and inspiration by searching the scientific archives of JALA, JBS and other SAGE journals with keywords and author names. Save searches and/or sign up to receive custom search alerts via e-mail.
    2. Sign up for citation tracking alerts.
    3. Sign up to be alerted when new reports publish online ahead-of-print.
    4. See what's trending in the Most Read and Most Cited monitors (located at the bottom/right on the homepages).
    5. Get to know the people behind the science by listening to JALA podcasts.
    More JALA / More JBS



    Shape-Shifting Probe May Revolutionize Biology and Clinical Diagnostics
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    Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the NIH say they have developed a shape-shifting probe, which is capable of sensitive, high-resolution remote biological sensing that is not possible with current technology. If eventually put into widespread use, the probe, about one-hundredth as wide as a human hair, could have a major impact on research in medicine, chemistry and biology and might be used in clinical diagnostics, according to the scientists. More

    Cholesterol-Lowering PCSK9 Inhibitors Near Market Entry
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    For those who play the high-stakes game of drug discovery, cholesterol-lowering PCSK9 inhibitors don't seem anything like a sure bet. Patients will need to inject the drugs. They're likely to be expensive. There are already inexpensive statins on the market to treat patients with high cholesterol. And yet these biologics, the first two of which are likely to receive approval from the Food & Drug Administration this summer, are probably the most anticipated drugs of the year. More

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    'Google Maps' for the Body: A Biomedical Revolution
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    A world-first University of New South Wales collaboration that uses previously top-secret technology to zoom through the human body down to the level of a single cell could be a game-changer for medicine, an international research conference in the United States has been told. The imaging technology, developed by high-tech German optical and industrial measurement manufacturer Zeiss, was originally developed to scan silicon wafers for defects. More

    Enzymatic Synthesis of Periodic DNA Nanoribbons for Intracellular pH Sensing and Gene Silencing
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    We report the construction of periodic DNA nanoribbons (DNRs) by a modified DNA origami method. Unlike the conventional DNA origami, the DNR scaffold is a long, single-stranded DNA of tandem repeats, originating from the rolling circular amplification (RCA). Consequently, the number of folding staple strands tremendously decreases from hundreds to a few, which makes the DNR production scalable and cost-effective, thus potentially removing the barrier for practical applications of DNA nanostructures. More


    If the Drugs Don't Work on the Cancer, Transform It
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    Rather than designing drugs to target hard-to-treat cancers, what if such cancers could be made susceptible to existing treatments? That is the intriguing possibility raised by the discovery of a genetic switch that may be able to turn the most troublesome breast cancer into one of the easiest to tackle. The finding could also apply to stubborn ovarian cancers. More

    Bacterial Protein Called UmuD May Prevent Antibiotic Resistance    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    The widespread and indiscriminate use of antibiotics has prompted many bacteria to mutate, an adaptation that often renders the drugs useless. The increasing threat of resistance worries infectious disease experts who fear that the era of public health successes brought by the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s is seriously eroding, or soon even may be at an end. More

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    Chemists Make New Silicon-Based Nanomaterials
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    Chemists from Brown University have found a way to make new 2-D, graphene-like semiconducting nanomaterials using an old standby of the semiconductor world: silicon. In a paper published in the journal Nanoletters, the researchers describe methods for making nanoribbons and nanoplates from a compound called silicon telluride. The materials are pure, p-type semiconductors (positive charge carriers) that could be used in a variety of electronic and optical devices. More

    Imaging Complex Protein Metabolism in Live Organisms by Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy with Isotope Labeling
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    Protein metabolism, consisting of both synthesis and degradation, is highly complex, playing an indispensable regulatory role throughout physiological and pathological processes. Over recent decades, extensive efforts, using approaches such as autoradiography, mass spectrometry, and fluorescence microscopy, have been devoted to the study of protein metabolism. However, noninvasive and global visualization of protein metabolism has proven to be highly challenging, especially in live systems. More

    Precision Medicine Shaping the Future of Cancer Research
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    Nearly 50 years after the "war on cancer" was declared in the United States, precision medicine presages an era of increased understanding of the molecular basis of cancer and of the ability to design treatments tailored to a patient's own genetic profile, a panel of experts said at a briefing sponsored by Columbia University. More


    Regulatory Affairs Specialist
    STEMCELL Technologies
    Canada – BC – Vancouver

    Chair Professor, Junior Faculty Positions
    Frontier Institute of Science and Technology (FIST), Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU)
    China – Shaanxi Province, Xi’an

    Research Technician IV
    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
    US – PA – Philadelphia

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