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Providing clean, uninterrupted electrical power.

Certified UPS’s to protect your laboratory’s critical instrumentation and resolve current and potential power issues.

An Online Scientific Wiki

A collaborative compilation of the world's laboratory technology knowledge grown and updated by an online community.

Travel Awards Enable SLAS2014 Participation

Students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates and junior faculty may apply for travel awards. 45 awarded last year.




SLAS LinkedIn tops 5,000 members
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Laboratory science and technology professionals seeking information and round-the-clock opportunities to discuss trends, explore ideas and connect with colleagues worldwide have found a home on the SLAS LinkedIn social networking site. Not yet involved? Join today for instant access to thousands of peers who face similar day-to-day work challenges. SLAS also has 18 LinkedIn subgroups offering further connection by specialty area, such as phenotypic drug discovery, sample management and automation quality control. More


The Top Five Behind-the-Scenes Benefits of SLAS Membership
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Everybody knows SLAS presents an excellent conference and exhibition and publishes two outstanding scientific journals, but not everybody knows about the many other rich resources that are available to members 24/7/365. SLAS President Jeff Paslay, Ph.D., encourages all to take advantage of the information, ideas and answers SLAS resources offer in his latest “From the SLAS President” column in SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood. More

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Students and early career professionals — Need help to attend SLAS2014?
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Applications are now being accepted for the SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Awards — a program that provides full financial support so those newest to laboratory science and technology can join today's leaders at the annual conference. Submit an abstract to present a paper or poster at SLAS2014 by Aug. 5; if accepted, SLAS provides airfare, shared hotel accommodations and registration for SLAS2014, Jan. 18-22, San Diego, Calif. More


Jonathan Connick named closing speaker for 2013 SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition
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Connick will reprise "Lessons Learned in Pharma — CRO Collaboration in Discovery Research," a popular session from the Spring 2013 SLAS Webinar Series, at the Asia conference on June 7. He will detail strategic implementation techniques for successful work with contract research organizations. The 2013 SLAS Asia Conference and Exhibition runs June 5-7 in Shanghai and includes 25 scientific sessions, three optional short courses and an exhibition featuring 40 multinational companies. Registration is open. More

Shipping or Receiving Laboratory Samples?

Transport Regulations Impact You.

Saf-T-Pak provides certified shipping systems and compliance training to help ensure public safety in the transportation of Class 6.2 Infectious Substances and related materials. Contact us today!
Explore the latest innovations in motion and fluidics.
Parker Precision Fluidics offers laboratory solutions enabling precise motion and fluidics control for instrument accuracy. RoHS compliant products optimized for stability, long life, and efficiency. For more information visit or email

Andy Zaayenga reviews Exploding the Phone from the LabAutopedia Book List
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"If you have ever looked at your iPhone, cable box or latest gee-whiz software and wondered just how it works inside, then you should read this book." Exploding the Phone: The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws who Hacked Ma Bell by Phil Lapsley talks about the history of the telephone, growth of AT&T and its eventual dismantling and the numerous hackers, or phone phreaks, who did their best to exploit flaws in the system. More

SLAS members enjoy exclusive access to all journal content
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JALA Online and JBS Online provide instant online access to more than 17 years worth of laboratory-focused insight and ideas. Peer-reviewed, highly rated and widely cited, JALA and JBS provide an ongoing, informational support system for SLAS members and subscribers 24/7/365. More



Chemical method that makes tissue transparent could lead to brain wiring diagram
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After more than a century of study, neuroscientists have yet to unlock the secrets of how people learn and form thoughts. Some researchers think having a "connectome," or brain wiring diagram showing how the billions of neurons there interface, will help solve the mystery. But to assemble this diagram, researchers have had to image the brain one ultrathin slice at a time. They painstakingly add series of images together to eventually render a three-dimensional picture of brain circuitry. More

Bioengineers develop world's first microfluidic device for rapid separation and detection of non-spherical bioparticles    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A bioengineering research team from the National University of Singapore has developed a novel microfluidic device for efficient, rapid separation and detection of non-spherical bioparticles. Microfluidic devices deal with the behavior, precise control and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to sub-millimeter scale. This new device can potentially be used for rapid medical diagnostics and treatment. More

Add-and-Read Plate Reader
Get results fast with Hamamatsu’s FDSS µCELL, an imaging-based microplate reader. This affordable, simple-to-use reader accommodates 96- or 384-well microplates for kinetic cell-based assays such as GPCR, ion channel, prolyl isomerase, transporter, and light-activated receptor or channel assays. Click here for more info.
New Biohit Picus Electronic Pipette

Sartorius Biohit presents the Picus, the smallest and lightest electronic pipette that eases your workload and provides accurate and precise results. This unique pipette design features patented electronic tip ejection and an intuitive user interface. The Picus has been presented with the 2012 “Red Dot” design award.

Discover Picus at
Labels fit for purpose
We customize labels for your lab, whether you’re identifying vials, tubes, slides, micro well plates, or something else. We can pre-print labels for you to apply, provide printer and label stock for print-on-demand, or even custom label your lab ware to your specifications to save staff time and reduce labor costs.

Next-gen sequencing finds brain tumor mutations
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The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project, has identified mutations responsible for more than half of a subtype of childhood brain tumor that takes a high toll on patients. Researchers also found evidence the tumors are susceptible to drugs already in development. The study focused on a family of brain tumors known as low-grade gliomas. These slow-growing cancers are found in about 700 children annually in the U.S. More

Human Genome Project marks 10th anniversary
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This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the Human Genome Project, a 13-year international effort to determine the sequence of the 3 billion "letters" in a human being's DNA. The $3 billion project, led by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health, began in 1990 and was completed on April 14, 2003. In the decade since then, scientists have achieved many important milestones in using genomic discoveries to advance medical knowledge. More

Light at the end of the tunnel: A potential biomarker for a rare form of kidney cancer
By Dr. Kim Blenman    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Renal medullary carcinoma is a rare kidney cancer found primarily in individuals with sickle cell disease or the sickle cell trait. It is a highly aggressive cancer predominately presenting in young males with an average age of onset in the mid-20s. Our current medical and scientific understanding of the disease is still quite limited, which results in ineffective therapeutic options. However, recent research may have shed some light on the pathogenesis of the disease. More

Should companies be able to patent genes?
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The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case Monday that may sound a bit like old news. The highest court in the land considered whether genes are patentable. You've probably heard of these arguments — and even of the genes in question, BRCA1 and BRCA2 — before. That's because a large group, including doctors, researchers and patient advocacy organizations, have been taking this issue to the courts since 2009. More

Reaction rates of second key atmospheric component measured
ScienceDaily    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories' Combustion Research Facility, the University of Manchester, Bristol University, University of Southampton and Hong Kong Polytechnic have successfully measured reaction rates of a second Criegee intermediate, CH3CHOO, and proven that the reactivity of the atmospheric chemical depends strongly on which way the molecule is twisted. The measurements will provide further insight into hydrocarbon combustion and atmospheric chemistry. More

Automate your micro-sample DNA/RNA/Protein quantification
DropSense96® from Trinean performs high-speed 96well quantification of undiluted bio-samples (2µl). Unique microfluidic sample preservation allows easy robotic integration. Accurate, dye-free quantification by cDrop™ spectral content profiling.
Dualsystems Biotech AG
Dualsystems Biotech is a provider of custom screening services for industry and academia, specializing in yeast two-hybrid, CaptiVate AP/MS-MS and cDNA library construction.

New guide on salt determination in food
METTLER TOLEDO     Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Salt is one of the key ingredients for almost any food product. Determining the right salt content makes or breaks the quality of food products. To assist those working with food, METTLER TOLEDO has recently created an extensive free guide for salt determination in food. This comprehensive guidebook encompasses a wide range of topics. Methods discussed include argentometric titration of salt, determination of salt content with ion selective electrodes, as well as salt content determination based on density and ash content. More

CRYO2013 invitation to submit abstracts
CRYO2013     Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Society for Cryobiology will hold its 50th annual meeting, CRYO2013, July 28-31 at the Marriott North Bethesda Conference Center in Bethesda, Md. Topics cover all aspects of low temperature science; symposia include biobanking in conjunction with ISBER, and GMP cryopreservation in collaboration with the International Society for Cellular Therapy. The deadline for abstract submission is April 30. Exhibitors and sponsors are especially welcome. More

Mouse hepatitis virus may help end chimp research
New Scientist    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A newly discovered rodent virus that resembles hepatitis C could give research chimps a break. The U.S. National Institutes of Health is expected to make a decision imminently on how many of its 360 research chimps should be retired on the grounds that most studies can be done in other animals. One exception, however, is research on the hepatitis C virus: chimps are the only species whose immune systems respond to HCV — which primarily affects the liver — in the same way as humans. More

BMG LABTECH Introduces The CLARIOstar
BMG LABTECH is releasing its newest instrument, the CLARIOstar, a high performance microplate reader with advanced monochromators, spectrometer, and filters. With this cutting-edge, hybrid technology, the CLARIOstar offers clear superiority with unparalleled flexibility and sensitivity.

Anything is possible with BMG LABTECH’s CLARIOstar. Any wavelength. Any bandwidth. Any assay.
30 Seconds Can Save You 90% on Pipette Tips
IONFIELD SYSTEMS TipCharger™ system uses high-efficiency plasma technology to renew pipette tips. Organic contaminants such as DNA, RNA and compounds are ionized in seconds, allowing disposable tips to be used over and over again! Watch TipCharger Animation Video and see how 30 seconds can save your lab $250,000 per year.
Sample Screening from your Compound
The comPOUND system comprises a high-density sample storage unit and an additional suite of specialized delivery and processing modules to enable easy integration into any compound management or screening system.


Senior Software Engineer-Robotics/Lab Automation
HighRes Biosolutions
USA – MA – Boston

Transgenic Genotyping Services Manager
The Jackson Laboratory
USA – ME – Bar Harbor

Lab Information Systems (LIS) Manager
Continuum Health Partners
USA – NY – Manhattan

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