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SLAS ELN Reports: SLAS2014 Student Poster Winners Launch into Science
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One small step: entering a poster contest. One giant leap: exposure to thousands of new contacts to advance research and accelerate careers.

Garrett Mosley, Timothy Ruckh and Kris Wilson talk about their young careers before — and after — winning the SLAS2014 Student Poster Competition.

They encourage other students, graduate students, post-doctoral associates and junior faculty to enter the SLAS2015 Student Poster Competition to reap the many benefits of participation in the annual SLAS conference and exhibition.


SLAS2015 Abstracts Now Being Accepted
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Check key dates, requirements, track descriptions, general instructions, sample abstract and abstract submission form as you prepare your podium and/or poster submission.

Scientific podium abstract submissions are due July 28, 2014. Poster abstracts are due Oct. 13 (to be eligible for the Student Poster Competition) or Jan. 26, 2015 (final submission deadline).

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Congratulations Liudmila Belenki, University of Freiburg!
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Belenki, pictured here from SLAS2013, is an SLAS Laboratory Automation Section member and JALA author.

Her name was selected at random from those who responded to the recent SLAS Open Access Publishing Survey to win a full registration to SLAS2015, Feb. 7-11, Washington, D.C.

Twenty-five other survey participants each won a $10 Amazon gift card.

Two Days Until JBS Therapeutic Antibodies Deadline
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Submit your manuscript proposal (abstract) by Friday, April 25, for the JBS special issue on Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development.

The JBS guest editors are looking for high quality, short or full length, data-driven research papers, reviews and perspective articles related to all aspects of the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies, with an emphasis on biochemical, cell-based and analytical assays.

Additional JALA and JBS special issue information is available on


Miss Last Week's SLAS Webinar?
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Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions as an Anticancer Strategy featuring Haian Fu of Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center (ECBDC) is available now on demand to dues-paid SLAS members.

"Protein-protein interactions act as communication centers that integrate, propagate and transmit biological signals in cellular networks; thus, they encode the functional dimension of the genome," Fu states. "The ECBDC has established specialized expertise in targeting PPIs to develop chemical probes for understanding cellular signaling pathways and to identify therapeutic targeting opportunities.”

You also can read more about the SLAS Webinar series in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine feature article.

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Are You on Twitter?
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Follow @SLAS_Org on Twitter to stay up-to-date with Society news, announcements and critical dates. More


Detection of Viral Pathogens in High Grade Gliomas From Unmapped Next-Generation Sequencing Data
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A group of researchers that includes Eric Duncavage has implicated viral pathogens in the development of certain cancers including human papillomavirus in squamous cell carcinoma and Epstein-Barr virus in Burkitt's lymphoma. The significance of viral pathogens in brain tumors is controversial, and human cytomegalovirus has been associated with glioblastoma in some but not all studies, making the role of HCMV unclear. More

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With an industry-leading number of detection modes, SpectraMax i3 not only meets your application needs today, it also adapts to your changing requirements tomorrow. Read about the latest microplate reader applications like StainFree Cell Detection and ScanLater Western Blot in the Novel Microplate Reader Applications eBook. Download here >>
Multiplexed Capture of Secreted Proteins for Screening
New in 2014! MultiCyt™ QBeads enable multiplexed assays for secreted proteins, including cytokines and growth factors, at the pace and price of screening. Choose up to 30 analytes, assemble with a no-wash protocol, and read a 384-well plate in < 15 minutes using IntelliCyt's iQue™ Screener. Learn More
Real-Time Monitoring Cardiomyocyte Beating
The xCELLigence RTCA Cardio System monitors cardiomyocyte beating functions in a 96-well format under physiological conditions, using a noninvasive label-free impedance-based technology. Rule out both acute and long-term cardiotoxicity in a single experiment. For more information, please visit

Finding the Switch: Researchers Create Roadmap for Gene Expression
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Pinpointing the genetic causes of common diseases is not easy, as multiple genes may be involved with a disease. Moreover, disease-causing variants in DNA often do not act directly, but by activating nearby genes. To add to the complexity, genetic activation is not like a simple on/off switch on a light, but behaves more like a "dimmer switch" — some people may have a particular gene turned all the way up, while others have it only turned halfway on, completely off, or somewhere in between. More

Chiral Breathing: Electrically Controlled Polymer Changes its Optical Properties
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Electrically controlled glasses with continuously adjustable transparency, new polarization filters, and even chemosensors capable of detecting single molecules of specific chemicals could be fabricated thanks to a new polymer unprecedentedly combining optical and electrical properties. An international team of chemists from Italy, Germany, and Poland developed a polymer with unique optical and electric properties. More


World-to-Digital-Microfluidic Interface Enabling Extraction and Purification of RNA from Human Whole Blood
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Digital microfluidics is a powerful technique for simple and precise manipulation of microscale droplets of fluid. This technique enables processing and analysis of a wide variety of samples and reagents and has proven useful in a broad range of chemical, biological, and medical applications. Handling of "real-world" samples has been a challenge, however, because typically their volumes are greater than those easily accommodated by DMF devices and contain analytes of interest at low concentration. More

Genetic Weak Points Found from Sequencing of Deadly Human Fungus
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Scientists at Duke University say they have sequenced the entire genome and all the RNA products of the most important pathogenic lineage of Cryptococcus neoformans, a strain called H99. Their study ("Analysis of the Genome and Transcriptome of Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii Reveals Complex RNA Expression and Microevolution Leading to Virulence Attenuation"), which appears in PLOS Genetics, also described a number of genetic changes that can occur after laboratory handling of H99 that make it more susceptible to stress, hamper its ability to sexually reproduce, and render it less virulent. More

High Throughput Handling Systems
The EXCM is a new Cartesian robot employing parallel kinematics to make flat, ultra compact sample handling systems; the latest in a wide variety of innovative handling products by Festo. MORE
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Breakthrough Points to New Drugs From Nature    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Researchers at Griffith University's Eskitis Institute have developed a new technique for discovering natural compounds which could form the basis of novel therapeutic drugs. The corresponding author, Professor Ronald Quinn AM, said testing the new process on a marine sponge had delivered not only confirmation that the system is effective, but also a potential lead in the fight against Parkinson's disease. More

Cancer Stem Cells Linked to Drug Resistance
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Most drugs used to treat lung, breast and pancreatic cancers also promote drug-resistance and ultimately spur tumor growth. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have discovered a molecule, or biomarker, called CD61 on the surface of drug-resistant tumors that appears responsible for inducing tumor metastasis by enhancing the stem cell-like properties of cancer cells. More

Excluding Drug Companies From Drug Information Dissemination
By Mike Wokasch    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
For the past couple of decades, the healthcare market has gradually made it more difficult for drug companies to market their products. As a result, drug company marketing has tried to reach prescribers, formulary decision-makers and even patients with a variety of nonsales rep tactics, including Internet advertising, social media and television ads. So why is all this important? Don't doctors know how to prescribe drugs? Aren't there prescribing guidelines and best practices? More importantly, shouldn't doctors know how to treat patients without pharmaceutical company influence? More

Chemical Firms That Make Dietary Nutrients are Investing in Research and Better Formulations
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A meta-analysis of health studies concluded last month that saturated fat consumption is not linked to a higher incidence of adverse coronary events, such as heart attacks and strokes — a finding contrary to most dietary guidelines published since the 1960s. When the surprising news hit the media, it was hailed by meat lovers and pilloried by many nutrition experts. But the news stories omitted another key finding. More

Compact High-Throughput Nucleic Acid Isolation
The revolutionary compact chemagic 360 (80 x 65 x 90 cm L/W/H) purifies nucleic acids from 10 µl - 10 ml sample volume by managing 1 96 samples/run. An integrated dispenser for automated buffer filling, QA software and barcode reading allow unique flexibility in sample processing and throughput needs.
SyncroPatch384 PE - Patch clamp goes HTS!
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