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SLAS Journals Video: Author Support and Satisfaction
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"The SLAS journals are a wonderful place to publish your best work," says SLAS Technology Scientific Advisor and former SLAS President Dean Ho, Ph.D., of the University of California, Los Angeles. "Ninety-nine percent of the authors report high satisfaction."

Learn more from Ho in this two-minute video and see how publishing your research in the SLAS journals can benefit you and your organization.

SLAS2017 Ultra-High-Throughput Screening SIG Meeting Presentation Now Online
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Timothy Dawes of Genentech and Elliot Hui of the University of California, Irvine share their well-received SLAS2017 Special Interest Group meeting presentation. The researchers focus the discussion on improvements necessary to make a paradigm shift in drug discovery, including those approaches and technologies that hold the promise of achieving next-generation HTS.

View the presentation at SLASshare and offer your input through the SLAS Ultra-High-Throughput Screening SIG LinkedIn forum.

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Service and Support Ensures Success for SLAS Journal Authors
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"Our journals are firmly established, rigorously peer-reviewed, well read, actively cited and backed by the world-class education standards of SLAS," says SLAS President Scott Atkin in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine.

"The SLAS publishing team is committed to working constructively with prospective authors at all levels. We understand how important publishing one's professional work is, and our publishing team works very hard to ensure that prospective SLAS journal authors receive the best possible assistance to simplify the process and get maximum benefit for their efforts!"

SLAS2017 On Demand: High-Throughput Acoustic Mass Spectrometry — Development and Delivery of a Biochemical Screen
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Jonathan Wingfield, AstraZeneca, is one of seven selected SLAS2017 presenters whose work was recorded and is now available free-of-charge to SLAS members (always) and to non-members until April 30.

"In the two years since receiving the 2015 SLAS Innovation Award, our acoustic mass spectrometry project has made significant progress towards a commercial instrument," Wingfield says. "To deliver high-throughput screening capability, we use a modified Echo acoustic dispenser to eject and electrically charge a droplet mist directly from an assay plate into a Waters mass spectrometer via a custom transfer interface. This Echo-MS system can run at sampling speeds of three samples per second and allows for label-free, high-throughput screening of biochemical assays."

Accelerate your NGS Success

Fast, accurate sequencing begins with automated NGS Sample Prep from Agilent.

2017 SLAS Discovery and SLAS Technology Art of Science Contest Finalists to be Announced May 1
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Visit next week to see the scientific images vying for the grand prize of a $500 Amazon gift card.

Then it will be up to you — the life sciences discovery and technology community — to vote for your favorite.

Voting ends at 5 p.m. U.S. Eastern time on May 19.

Have You Visited the Neighborhood Lately?
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If you haven't been to the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine lately, here's what you've been missing:
  • Beyond the Bench: Translating Life Sciences Innovation
  • Liquid Biopsy: New Technology Uses a Microfluidic Vortex to Isolate Circulating Tumor Cells from Blood Samples
  • Cancer Metabolism: It's a Brave New World
  • How to Use SLAS to Find People Who Can Help You
  • Redefining Drug Development with Digital Health and Nanomedicine
  • And, about 200 additional articles on SLAS people and their science



Billion-Dollar Project Would Synthesize Hundreds of Thousands of Molecules in Search of New Medicines
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Martin Burke is a tad envious. A chemist at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Burke has watched funding agencies back major research initiatives in other fields. Biologists pulled in billions of dollars to decipher the human genome, and physicists persuaded governments to fund the gargantuan Large Hadron Collider, which discovered the Higgs boson. Meanwhile chemists, divided among dozens of research areas, often wind up fighting for existing funds. More

As DNA Tests Become More Common, Researchers Rapidly Add Equipment to Keep Up
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Unless your career wardrobe consists of multiple white lab coats and your office has a cache of test tubes, you probably don't remember where you were when it was announced that the human genome had been sequenced. But, if you know that you can now dish out $100 to map your ancestral migration through history, the term "DNA" may roll off the tongue like the ABCs. The surge in genetic research and its increasing acceptance in the general public bodes well for health, agriculture and natural resources discoveries. More

Automate your nucleic acid analysis

Take your automated nucleic acid QC to the next level with Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. and Tecan Group Ltd. The Fragment Analyzer INFINITY Automated CE System seamlessly integrates with the robotic arm of the Freedom EVO line from Tecan, providing you with continuous, reproducible and reliable QC analysis.

Extending the Reach of Covalent Drugs
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The ability of covalent drugs to form strong bonds to protein targets tends to give them the advantage of long-lasting action. So far, covalent drug discovery has almost exclusively involved electrophilic small molecules that react with cysteine thiol groups (–SH) on proteins. The approved anticancer drug afatinib, for instance, is an electrophile that bonds covalently to a cysteine in epidermal growth factor receptor. A new study could help expand the reach of covalent drugs to nucleophiles. More

Next-Generation Microscopy
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Our immune system consists of a great variety of cell types fulfilling diverse tasks in monitoring tissue homeostasis to protect against pathogens and to remove damaged cells. To ensure the smooth and controlled functioning of this highly complex system, a fine-tuned coordination is necessary that requires sophisticated communication. For that purpose, immune cells use a wide range of biochemical signaling pathways, activated by soluble proteins or direct cell-cell contacts. More


Using CRISPR to Reverse Retinitis Pigmentosa and Restore Visual Function
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Using the gene-editing tool CRISPR/Cas9, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Shiley Eye Institute at UC San Diego Health, with colleagues in China, have reprogrammed mutated rod photoreceptors to become functioning cone photoreceptors, reversing cellular degeneration and restoring visual function in two mouse models of retinitis pigmentosa. The findings are published in the April 21 advance online issue of Cell Research. More

Stem Cells Primed to Be on Alert to Repair Tissue Damage
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Scientists report in a paper ("HGFA Is an Injury-Regulated Systemic Factor that Induces the Transition of Stem Cells into GAlert") in Cell Reports about a new approach to speed recovery from a wide variety of injuries. "Our research shows that by priming the body before an injury, you can speed the process of tissue repair and recovery, similar to how a vaccine prepares the body to a fight infection," said lead author Joseph T. Rodgers, Ph.D. More

Simple Technique Produces Stronger Polymers    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Plastic, rubber and many other useful materials are made of polymers — long chains arranged in a cross-linked network. At the molecular level, these polymer networks contain structural flaws that weaken them. Several years ago, MIT researchers were the first to measure certain types of these defects, called "loops," which are caused when a chain in the polymer network binds to itself instead of another chain. Now, the same researchers have found a simple way to reduce the number of loops in a polymer network and thus strengthen materials made from polymers. More

Engineering a Catalytically Efficient Recombinant Protein Ligase
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Breaking and forming peptidyl bonds are fundamental biochemical reactions in protein chemistry. Unlike proteases that are abundantly available, fast-acting ligases are rare. OaAEP1 is an enzyme isolated from the cyclotide-producing plant oldenlandia affinis that displayed weak peptide cyclase activity, despite having a similar structural fold with other asparaginyl endopeptidases (AEP). Here we report the first atomic structure of OaAEP1, at a resolution of 2.56 Å, in its preactivation form. More


Senior Center of Excellence Medical Specialist
Spark Therapeutics
US – PA – Philadelphia

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
Science 37
US – CA – Playa Vista

Business Development Manager
Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department, UIUC
US – IL – Urbana

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