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SLAS ELN Reports: SLAS2015 Student Poster Winners — Transformed by Science
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More than 60 undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students participated in the SLAS2015 Student Poster Competition, a transforming experience for the next generation of scientists. Kathryn Champ, Samantha Grist and Juwina Wijaya took home top three poster honors and $500 cash award each.

Learn more about the young researchers in the SLAS Electronic Laboratory Neighborhood e-zine. Poster abstracts for the SLAS2016 student poster competition are due Oct. 12.


JBS Open Access: A Multiplexed Cell-Based Assay for the Identification of Modulators of Pre-Membrane Processing as a Target against Dengue Virus
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A team at San Diego State University established a cell-based platform to monitor pre-membrane protein (prM) processing that relies on an engineered two-tag scaffold that travels to the cell surface through the secretory pathway. The assay discriminates between a single cell-surface tag when prM is cleaved and two tags when it is not, as detected through fluorescent-coupled antibodies by flow cytometry.

The assay, miniaturized into a 96-well plate format, was multiplexed with the HIV-1 envelope boundary, also cleaved in the same pathway. A pilot screen against 1280 compounds was executed, leading to the identification of a potential active and corroborating the robustness of our assay for large-scale screening. This article is one of ten original research reports in the June issue of JBS.

SLAS2016 Podium Abstracts Due Aug. 3
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SLAS2016 offers participants a world-class scientific program that showcases the top laboratory science and technology podium presentations from pioneering researchers from around the world. Each podium presentation is carefully selected by the SLAS2016 Annual Conference Program Committee from hundreds of abstract submissions.

Presentations offer SLAS2016 participants compelling content and new perspectives on emerging laboratory technologies from life science R&D across many disciplines and organizations.

Submit an abstract today for an opportunity to showcase your work on a global stage next January in San Diego, CA.


SLAS and SAGE Hold Author Workshop in Singapore
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JALA Editorial Board Members Sierin Lim and Xiaodong Chen at Nanyang Technological University (Interdisciplinary Graduate School Student Seminar Series) hosted the JALA & JBS Author Workshop in Singapore on May 22. Prof. Bo Liedberg, dean of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School, sponsored the reception. SLAS President Dean Ho and JALA Editor-in-Chief Ed Chow were special guests.

"Students came prepared with questions and had a great time," said Ho. This is one of several author workshops being held throughout Asia in 2015. View photos from the workshop on Facebook.

SLAS Asia Host Successful Seminar: Antibody Discovery (from Library to Screening)
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SLAS Asia and ShanghaiTech University welcomed nearly 100 delegates to a half-day seminar in Shanghai on May 26, featuring:
  • A De Novo Antibody Fab Library Using Phage pIX Display by Lei Shi, senior director, Antibody Discovery, RuiYi
  • HTS for Early Stage Antibody Discovery by Daniel Wu, investigator, Institute for Biomedical Research, Novartis
  • Bioanalytical Concerns of Antibody Therapeutics in Preclinical and Clinical Development by Yongmin Yang, senior director, Immunochemistry Bioanalytical Services, WuXi AppTec
View photos from the seminar on Facebook.

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Share the SLAS Story
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Do you have a colleague who may be interested in the opportunities offered by SLAS membership?

Tell them why you belong and then invite them to become a part of this valuable network.

Share this link to stories from 13 SLAS members talking about the impact SLAS has had on their careers and personal lives.


New U.S. Cancer Study Matches Current Drugs with Actionable Mutations
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Clinical investigators from the National Cancer Institute announced at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology that they will begin open patient enrollment in July for the much anticipated Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice precision medicine trial. The Phase II study will seek to determine if targeted drug therapies for cancers with specific mutational backgrounds will be effective, regardless of the specific cancer type. More


Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy: A Versatile Technique for Structural and Dynamic Analysis of Solid-Phase Systems
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Magic Angle Spinning NMR spectroscopy is a powerful method for analysis of a broad range of systems, including inorganic materials, pharmaceuticals and biomacromolecules. The recent developments in MAS NMR instrumentation and methodologies opened new vistas to atomic-level characterization of a plethora of chemical environments previously inaccessible to analysis, with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. More

Autism Linked to Genetic Mutation — and Researchers Say They Can Undo it
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The genetic roots of autism have been investigated for more than a decade, as DNA sequencing has continued to improve. A new study points to a particular mutation in mice causing autistic-like behavior, adding to a list of potential causes. But the scientists also say they've tracked the chemical trail from the genetic anomaly — and they have found a way to reverse the entire process, adding a new wrinkle to the research. More

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A Single-Molecule Diode That Works
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Forty years ago, scientists theorized that a single molecule could function as a diode — an electronic circuit element that allows current to flow in one direction but not the other. Now, a team led by Latha Venkataraman and Luis M. Campos of Columbia University and Jeffrey B. Neaton of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has demonstrated a simple way to make low-voltage, single-molecule diodes that perform extremely well. More

Vulnerability Found in Some Drug-Resistant Bacteria
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In an article in PLOS ONE, University of North Carolina at Charlotte senior biology major Jenna R. Brown and her faculty mentor, UNC Charlotte professor of bioinformatics and genomics Dennis R. Livesay, present an analysis of the four currently known protein structures of the class C beta-lactamase enzymes — molecular machines that have evolved to allow bacteria to dismantle a variety of antibiotic molecules, including third generation cephalosporins. More

Quantitative 3D Fluorescence Imaging of Single Catalytic Turnovers Reveals Spatiotemporal Gradients in Reactivity of Zeolite H-ZSM-5 Crystals upon Steaming
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Optimizing the number, distribution and accessibility of Brønsted acid sites in zeolite-based catalysts is of a paramount importance to further improve their catalytic performance. However, it remains challenging to measure real-time changes in reactivity of single zeolite catalyst particles by ensemble-averaging characterization methods. More

All Shook Up for Greener Chemistry    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Solvent-free chemistry, more common in Europe and Asia, is gaining notice among American manufacturers due to environmental concerns and rising costs in reducing toxic waste. Research out of the University of Cincinnati finds that this sustainable approach to chemistry, while noisier, can be just as reliable for chemical reactions without the drawbacks. Plus, its recycling ability cuts costs on investing in expensive reagents. More

Study: Like Sleeping Beauty, Some Research Lies Dormant for Decades
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A new study explores "sleeping beauties," research papers that remain dormant for years and then suddenly explode with great impact upon the scientific community. A prime example is a seminal paper by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen that laid out the "EPR Paradox," a major puzzle in quantum entanglement theory in which particles with past interaction remain linked in their behavior no matter their distance, including across a galaxy. More


Senior Manager Engineering and Validation
US – FL – Gainesville

Research Lab Specialist – Developmental Neurobiology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
US – TN – Memphis

Associate Director, Large Molecule Bioanalytical Group
US – WA – Everett

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